Thursday, May 20, 2010

Death on our Roads!

A single day will not pass in Ghana without the authorities recording accidents on our roads. These are not just simple accidents. At least six deaths would be recorded and several people would be left with severe injuries.

I get scared when traveling. Not traveling alone, the truth is that, as soon as I sit in a vehicle going to work, I realize all my intestines have been taken away from my abdomen – I get scare seriously.

The police say about 80 percent of the accidents in the country is caused by human error – wrong overtaking, over loading, disregard for road regulations and signs, drunkenness and tiredness among others.

Simply put, this is sheer indiscipline exhibit by drivers on the roads. Also the authorities must be blamed for failing to execute the law.

We can’t go on this way without somebody taking responsibility for this or that thing. It seems we are in an animal kingdom – I learnt there is even some order there of late – were nobody is ready to take instruction from the other. The authorities are well known for shunning their responsibilities; the drivers take advantage to do their own thing.

When they decide to be a little bit responsible, they get corrupted by this and that tips. I am been kind here even. They take bribes and allow the culprit to go free.
Yes. They go free, but not to go and sin no more....

Until our drivers learn to be careful and the authorities becoming more responsible, we shall continue dying on the roads!!!

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