Tuesday, September 18, 2012


In our tradition and customs, do we cover persons who are alive (and sick or ill) with white cloth (alico)? The bodyguards thus lied about the state of the patient and his identity. They informed the medical officer on duty that they had brought a government official for medical attention.

Why could they not confide in the medical officer that it was our late Commander-in-Chief and President of the Republic of Ghana whose facilities and installations included the 37 Military Hospital.

By the time the medical officer got to the vehicle, it had automatically locked itself. The confused bodyguards managed to open the vehicle to enable the doctor have access to the “patient” in the vehicle. The doctor held the hand of the lifeless patient. There was no pulse and the body was cold as expected of a “lifeless person”.
Sensing danger, the doctor advised that the “lifeless body” should be sent to the Intensive Care Unit. The confused bodyguards drove through the mortuary gate in front of the hospital’s administration block to the nim tree area of the Maternity Block, Children’s Ward and the former dental Department.

By that time, telephone calls had been made to the Commander 37 Military Hospital, the CDS and the Defence Minister. The Commander was at his coffee break and was therefore very close to the ‘location’ of President Mills in the vehicle. The Commander rushed to the vehicle on receiving the call without excusing himself from the officers, doctors and members of staff with whom he was enjoying the coffee break.

Naturally, those persons in the Coffee Room and around the three Departments had become suspicious and concerned with the sudden movements to and from the Accident and Emergency Ward, the Administration Block and Anoff Ward (Officers Ward) by unfamiliar visitors and VIPs. The CDS appeared and was in haste to compete with the medical staff in the pushing of the trolley (mobile stretcher) from the stationed vehicle to the Intensive Care Unit. 
At the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), the doctors and staff were convinced beyond all reasonable doubts that our former President and Commander-in-Chief had given up his ghost before his beloved 2012 December elections. 

It was obvious that those around, by and with the former President had been negligent in the performance of their duties in terms of providing him with safety, security and protection and above all seeing to his well being and welfare needs.

These facts and points came to the fore when Mrs. Naadu Mills surfaced at the ICU. She was taken aback and completely devastated. She however mustered courage and asked one of the bodyguards repeatedly; “when did we get to this stage? When did it get to this state? 

It became obvious that Mrs. Mills felt disappointed and let down by close associates of the President who had conspired with all kinds of characters to do the Former President in to smooth the progress of His Excellency JM’s ascension to the highest throne of Ghana.

My sources continued that when it was time to break the sad news of the death of President Mills to the wife, Mrs. Mills, the CDS sacked all the officers and doctors including those of the ICU and those holding very high and sensitive appointment at the 37 Military Hospital, from the Conference/Waiting Room and played the role of a “messenger” to the Defence Minister and the family of the late Professor John Mills. It was “Eye Service Galore” and Generals were competing and jostling for roles to play at the eleventh hour of President Mills’ journey on earth.

Ei, comrades, are you aware of the latest spin and propaganda that the NDC as a party, the Presidency and the government want to put on the death of our beloved late President and Commander-in-Chief?
Instead of dealing with President Mills’ demise scientifically, these bunch of liars are now saying that it was one of the gods in the Volta Region that hit Professor JEA Mills at the back of the neck and head as punishment for complicity in the “scandal”!

According to this new theory, narrated by a very respected Togbe who is a staunch member of the NDC and is a real insider of the happenings in the NDC, a certain man worships this particular god. According to the belief, it is this god that had been protecting this man spiritually, assisting him financially and in all his business and that explains why in spite of his own admission that he had no contractual agreement with Ama Ghana; he managed to dribble everybody to receive a huge amount.

The gods, I was told, are for fairness and justice. Our late Commander-in-Chief knew of payments to this man and indeed benefitted from the payments. Since our late Commander-in-Chief and some of his government officials knew of the payments and ‘enjoyed” some of the booty, it was morally wrong and against fairness and justice for the same late Commander-in-Chief to authorize the prosecution of this ‘big man’.

This man was alleged to have remarked at the Police Headquarters to the hearing of very senior Police Officers that “these people have betrayed me’. Literally he meant that our late Commander-in-Chief and his government had forsaken him by causing his arrest and prosecution when in fact they all benefitted from him.
This man am told still visits the shrine to fortify himself and has been assured that case against him will come to naught. With our late Commander-in-Chief gone and as it stands, all the other members of the NDC government from the former Vice President and now President to the lowest functionary have their hands tainted with various proportions and types of corruption of gargantuan and unprecedented levels.
The only Mr. Right was identified by the god very early in the development of the case and was removed from government to ensure that the Prosecution would not be able to succeed in its case against this very ‘big man’.

Heheheheheheheh, comrades, the theory continues that the CDS has also received his fair share of the ‘punishments of the gods”. According to the Togbe, for personally “dealing” with the blood soaked body of the late President by sight at the last stages when in fact the CDS was supposed to coordinate and ensure our late Commander-in-Chief’s safety, security and welfare through his ADC (an appointee or a member of this community), General Blay was to suffer some illiness to see how it “tastes”. 

Consequently, soon after the hurriedly organized funeral of our late Commander-in-Chief, the CDS fell seriously ill. Even though, the CDS had been experiencing this sickness over the years and had been receiving treatment abroad, this time he was very scared.

The result was that the CDS, his ADC, wife and personal doctor at the 37 Military Hospital had to fly out of this community sneakily to seek treatment (or for routine check up a la Mills) in the land of Arabs in the Middle East (Pearl of the Middle East).

Ei, do you know what the ripples of the CDS’ medical evacuation have been? Yes, it has ignited the debate on unfairness and injustice in our community. My sources at the 37 Military Hospital and the Medical Corps have hinted that some soldiers and their dependents need just $1,000 or less for essential drugs to survive and the authorities will not approve them and yet the All Inclusive Allowance (AIA) paid to the wife and ADC of the CDS alone can fly some of those poor soldiers out of Ghana for better treatment.

The sources said the alacrity with which the CDS and his team left Ghana was very astonishing. But the sources continued that with the poor soldiers, there is so much bureaucracy in the system and in most cases approvals will not be given. Yes, that is injustice and unfairness in our community.

Accusing fingers were pointed at Defence Minister, General JH Smith, in this whole John Mills’ final moments before entry into the morgue and the medical evacuation of soldiers. I was hinted that the Defence Minister is a major hindrance in the command and control of the Ghana Armed Forces. The Defence Minister is alleged to be blocking so many good things bordering on the administration of the Ghana Armed Forces.

I will visit the corruption at the Ministry of Defence very soon and we shall all see selfishness, greed and political considerations and why the welfare of soldiers is of secondary importance to our Minister.

The construction of the official residence of the CDS at Roman Ridge (No1 Roman Ridge) and the Airforce Commander is going to be a test case. Initial figures filtering in to me are very astonishing. Several millions of dollars (not Ghana cedis) are being pumped into the construction of these two buildings only while several young officers and soldiers have no accommodation at all or are grouped together in small hostel like accommodation as students.

Soldiers do not receive their uniforms either at all, or not in the right qualities or several months behind schedule. I pity the young female officer (Lieutenant) who was robbed of all her money and possessions in one of the make shift accommodations for young officers in a building originally meant for occupation by students as hostel.

Good day Comrades!!!!