Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Security Concerns (Part 2)

Coming events, the wise, intelligent and experienced persons say, cast their shadows. If this saying, pregnant with wisdom, is anything to go by and guide reasonably prudent persons for the future, taking cognizance of the past and present, then the New Patriotic Party (NPP), its leadership, rank and file and indeed all peace-loving Ghanaians had better taken the “Red Alert” warning by President Mills very serious.

For the President to have said that he has alerted and activated his security plans as the Commander-In –Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces on no less occasion than the State of the Nations Address to Parliament on Thursday 17th February 2011, meant that the NPP in particular and all members of the opposition in general should gird their loins for series of battles and war of survival.

Another wise saying modified slightly to suit the real purpose and intention of our great ancestors in proverbs is that when a blind person says he will throw a stone at an opponent or a perceived attacker in self defence or in an offensive operation, then that blind person already has a stone in his hands and not just under his foot.

Certainly, the President has ‘stones’ in his hands already and is more than ready to unleash ‘terror’ on the NPP in particular notwithstanding the “All Die Be Die” slogan of the party which is imbuing the members with the Enhanced Syndrome Of Resisting Oppressors’ Rule (ESOROR) and Bold To Defend Forever The Cause of Freedom (BOLDEFOCOF) as demanded of all reasonable Ghanaians by the National Anthem and Dr. Ephraim Amu’s “Yen ara Yaasaase Nie”.

By putting the “All Die Be Die” statement of Nana Addo in context and using proper interpretive skills within Ghana’s laws, including certain provisions of the Criminal Code, Act 29, NPP members were or are exhorted to avoid both over apprehension and over confidence in engaging the NDC and its hooligans, thugs, terrorist and accomplices as they demonstrated in Akwatia, Chereponi and Atiwa parliamentary elections with impunity.

There are abundant pieces of evidences by the actions and omissions of the President that he has indeed already prepared for atrocities, brutalities, harassment, intimidation and victimization of NPP and the opposition before Nana Addo’s call on party supporters to sacrifice for the party and the nation in order to develop, deepen and enhance Ghana’s democracy, freedom, justice, liberty and the rule of law.
The training of NDC foot-soldiers and members at Asutsuare Military Camp, in the general area of Bawku, some selected locations in the Greater Accra Region, Volta Region and at the Achiase Jungle Warfare School commenced in 2009 and has continued to date.

Some of these persons have already been smuggled into the Security Services notably the Ghana Immigration Service, Ghana Armed Forces and the Ghana Prisons Service while others are standing by to join.

For instance, when Major I Awuni (GH/3020) was reported to have led NDC thugs to the general area of Atiwa and the Director of the Ghana Armed Forces Public Relations Colonel Atintande denied it vehemently in the Daily Guide that the officer was working under him at his Directorate and not National Security where Office Complexes’ are built for Editors of newspapers, it took the publication of incontrovertible evidence for the GAF to be put to shame. Subsequent events showed that Major Awuni is in charge of special operations including Anti-Smuggling under the auspices of the National Security Coordinator.

There is ample evidence to support the allegation that Major Awuni is in the thick of affairs as far as the alleged training of NDC activists and conduct of offensive operations against NPP supporters are concerned.

The most important ‘stone’ already in the hands of the President is Strategic and Tactical appointments that he has made in the Security apparatus of the country since January 2009.

For the avoidance of any doubt, here are some of the key Strategic and Tactical appointments made by the President:

National Security Coordinator-Lt. Col AK Gbevo Lartey (Volta Region), Deputy National Security Coordinator-Mr. Kwashivi (Volta Region), Director BNI-Yaw Donkor (Volta Region), Deputy Director BNI- John Dogba (Volta Region),Director General CID of Ghana Police –Mr. Prosper Ablor (Volta Region),Deputy Director General CID of Ghana Police- Mr. Joshua Dogbeda (Volta Region), Director General Operations of Ghana Police- DCOP Kudalar(Volta Region), Director General Joint Operations GAF- 1 Star DK Mishio (Volta Region), Director Army Operations-Col SK Adeti(Volta Region), Chief of Staff (GAF)-Commodore GM Biekro (Volta Region),GOC Southern Command (GAF)- Brigadier Genera MK G Ahiaglo (Volta Region), Director General, Department of Communications and Information Systems GAF- Brigadier JCA Searyoh (Volta Region).

The rest are Commanding Officer 2Bn, Takoradi- Lt Col Ak Dawohoso (Volta Region), Commanding Officer 3Bn, Sunyani-Lt Col CK Lithur (Volta Region), Commanding Officer 4Bn, Kumasi –LT COL SWK Parbey (Volta Region), Commanding Officer 5Bn, Burma Camp-Lt Col LK Gbetanu (Volta Region), Commanding Officer Recce Regt- Lt Col Akou-Adjei (Volta Region), Commanding Officer48 Engineer Regt- Lt Col M Mustaha (Volta Region),Second In Command of 64 Infantry Regt- (taking over soon from the CO)- Major RK Mensah (Volta Region), CO Base Supply Depot-Lt Col S Gagakuma (Volta Region), CO Forces Pay Office- Lt Col AK Dziisi (Volta Region), CO Defence Signal Regt-Lt Col A Ntem (Volta Region), Commander 37 Military Hospital-Brig General PY Kponyoh (Volta Region), Commissioner of CEPS Division of Revenue Authority- Major General CS Modey (Volta Region) and Director General Prisons Services-Mr. Bansah (Volta Region).

An analysis of these appointments, leaving out the numerous Voltarians as Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Chief Executive, Directors of MDAS, Heads of State Financial Institutions and Quasi-state Institutions, would reveal that the appointment were well thought of, planned, executed with finesse with the knowledge and awareness at all levels and phases of the President.

As an illustration, the intelligence and operational set-ups of the Police, the Ghana Armed Forces and all the other major security services and state institutions are in the hands of Voltarians with 100% loyalty to the NDC and not necessarily the state.
The Police CID and the BNI are all choked with officials from the Volta Region from National through Regional to District levels all over the Country. Similarly, the operational set-ups in the Police and BNI are mainly in the hands of officers from the Volta Region to the exclusion of Akans especially those from Ashanti, Brong Ahafo and Eastern Regions. Only officers from the three Northern Regions proven to be NDC members are permitted to join the Voltarians.

The story is the same in the Ghana Armed Forces and the National Security Secretariat and network in the country. It is not by accident that the Chief of Staff (who coordinates activities of the three services-Army, Navy and Airforce), the Director General Joint Operations, the Director Army Operations, the GOC Southern Command responsible for Accra and the entire coastline of Ghana and 11 Commanding Officers of the very strategic units are all in the hands of Voltarians.
Very reliable sources have it that the intelligence Departments of National Security, BNI and Police CID are used to arrest NPP supporters on trumped charges to be put in remand custody either with the Police or the Prisons service which are all controlled by officers from the Volta Region.

These are part of the gamut of strategies to be used by NDC, the President and his security Capos to unleash atrocities, harassment, brutalities, intimidation and victimization of the NPP into submission in order to steal the verdict of the people in 2012 (Another stolen verdict in Ghana addition to 1992?).

Only time will tell but surely the President has the advantage and has already seized the initiative.NPP Beware!!!