Wednesday, May 19, 2010

General Anyidoho Should Shut Up.

His son studied Drama and Theatre at Legon and is the author of ‘Thoughts of Uncle JB and Okyeame on the Beat’ in two toilet newspapers aligned to the NDC and comes on this forum as Nana Biakoye.

He is a glutton, stole ration especially tubers of yams and fouls to feed his family and fought Other Ranks (ORs) over food. He was the most tribalistic Officer in the Ghana Armed Forces at that time and was ‘kokofully’ promoted by Jerry Rawlings to the rank of Major General when he did not deserve.

He actively participated in NDC campaigning at a point in time in the Northern sector of the country. Indeed he stood on several political platforms with Rawlings and Atta Mills.

He had been promised that he would be made the Army Commander if the then NDC Presidential Candidate; John Atta Mills had won the 2000 Presidential Elections.

Based on the promise of being elevated from the appointment of General Officer Commanding (GOC) Northern Command of the Ghana Army to Army Commander, he set out to rain mayhem in Kumasi in particular and Ashanti Region in general in the 2000 General Elections.

With the support, in terms of personnel and equipment, of the 64 Infantry Regiment, then commanded by Lt. Col Gbevlo- Lartey, he conducted all sorts of operations, clandestine and overt, to reduce NPP votes in Ashanti Region, Brong Ahafo and the three regions up north to ensure victory for the NDC.

He and General Smith, who was also Army Commander at the time, teamed up to terrorize, intimidate and brutalized NPP supporters especially in the Ashanti region to minimize NPP votes hoping to ensure NDC victory but they failed.

When Kufuor won, he wished to be the Army Commander but that was not to be, hence his son’s distaste for Kufuor.

This shameless and unprofessional officer mounts a platform in our country and says that the army should not sit down for politicians to destroy it, ridiculous isn’t it?

This shameless fat clown with no gumption like his son is Major-General Henry Kwami Anyidoho.

Gen Anyidoho would have done Ghana’s military history a lot of good had he been blunt and honest in his discourse.

To put it bluntly, the one-time overseer of the Northern Command of the Ghana Armed Forces was in the boat of the military when it started heading for the rocks as he held his command, pretending that nothing was amiss.

Today, the recklessness of those days and thereafter have left us with a polarized Armed Forces and Gen Anyidoho opens his mouth widely to tell us that the situation is bad as though he has no hands in the genesis of the mature challenge.

He should not waste our time with such cheap and infantile discourses because we have outgrown them.

I rest my case!

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