Monday, January 16, 2017



1.      I hereby state that I served as the General Officer Commanding (GOC) Southern Command from 21 Jul 2013 till 15 20 Jan 2016. Before assumption of Command, there was on-going military support to various organisations/authorities such as the Bank of Ghana (BOG) (OP SAFE), the Forestry Department (OP HALT), Tema Development Company (OP HALT), Ministry of Transport (OP FLYOVER) and regional/metropolitan/municipal/district assemblies (OP CALM LIFE). These authorized activities generated some income for training, administration and troops’ welfare. I continued to authorize same levels of operational deployments and assistance to these civil authorities and organisations because of its benefits to the HQ, units which provided the troops and also the individuals themselves through receipt of per diem.

2.      With specific reference to BOG, I visited the Bank’s HQ in Accra several times and all the branches in the Volta and Western Regions where troops were posted on OP SAFE. I changed the operational focus of the deployment and helped redesign the security infrastructure at these vital installations. These developments endeared me to the Management of BOG for our continued support and especially for my personal engagement. Unfortunately, due to lack of access to some of the correspondence on the subject, and by virtue of the fact it has been a year, my memories of specific dates and exact details are a bit hazy.

3.      Requests for assistance during units’ WASSA have become a permanent and common feature of most units in the Armed Forces. Thus, as part of preparations for 2013 and 2014 WASSA, HQ South Comd wrote to several organisations, especially friends such as BOG, NIB, TDC and individuals for support, either in cash or kind; (copies of such correspondence can be obtained from HQ South Comd)

4.      After sometime, HQ S Comd was informed that BOG does not provide financial support for WASSA. However, it (BOG) advised that a new request is submitted for more ‘tangible’ support. After discussions with some officials whom my staff and I had been dealing with, a new request for pick-ups for ‘Special Duties’ by the Office of the GOC was submitted. I had almost forgotten the request when suddenly, after more than 6 months, I received a special postal delivery, addressed to me, indicating that our application had been approved. Some BOG officials whom I had been communicating with suggested that in order not for the donation to be given very wide publicity because of ‘public opinion’ and because I had indicated it would be used mostly for ‘Special Duties’, I was to arrange for collection at its warehouse. Subsequently, the vehicle was collected from the BOG warehouse at Spintex Road. The documents for the formal transfer was done exclusively by officials and delivered to the HQ after a couple of weeks (copy attached)

5.      Contrary to the allegations that are being peddled and given credence, the registration number and all details remain unchanged. It is therefore untrue that the vehicle has been registered in my name. The use of my details was a precedent to execute the transfer of ownership which was done by the transferring authorities. The vehicle continues to be used for some overall military ‘special operational, security, intelligence and liaison Duties’, when there is need, in a Pool in the Office of the Chief of Staff. It is also used for conveying guards to and from my residence after the Service HQ directed the withdrawal of all guards from Southern Command who had been performing duties in my residence.

6.      It has to be noted that when you assist an organisation appreciably, perhaps, exceeding their expectations, they are more likely to acquiesce to you requests without explicitly insisting on conventions, rules and regulations. It is important and significant to state that the request and subsequent delivery of the vehicle took place several months ago and not on the verge of relinquishing my duties and responsibilities as GOC. Any tacit agreement I had with officials from BOG over the pick-up was a ‘gentleman’s agreement’; I misunderstood the arrangement.

7.      The investigations ostensibly, following the Daily Guide publication, are part of the ‘grand design’ especially over the few months, to malign and discredit me. There is also a strong suspicion, as indicated by the Daily Guide reporter whom most people consider ‘bounty hunters’ and would publish anything to discredit people, that the initial allegation was leveled by GOC Southern Command. His motives for doing so must be examined especially in the face of several military issues and concerns being put in the domain of social media.

8.      Undoubtedly, the publication and misconceptions are intended to discredit me especially after my tenure as GOC. My colleagues must be careful not to disparage and show outright malice against me, through covert interactions and disclosures to the media, even if they perceive me as an ‘enemy’ they must ‘eliminate’ at all cost in order to promote their own agenda.

9.      The subject matter is due to misunderstanding of the issue of the entire arrangement based upon the circumstances explained above. The vehicle has been handed to the Office of the Provost Marshall for further action pending final delivery to HQ South Comd

Brig Gen                                                                                                                17 June 2016