Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kokufu Promotions Rocks Military

The much awaited publication of the Military Secretary (MS) has finally arrived. As was expected, the MS publication of 28th January 2011 is another of the ‘Kokofu Promotions and Appointments’ of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) started in 2009.

A major interesting observation was the failure of the NDC and the Military High Command to promote any officer to the rank of Brigadier General or equivalent owing to the disagreements and tensions between the ‘Volta ‘and ‘Northern’ caucuses in the military.

Very reliable sources indicate that the promotions to the rank of Brigadier General and more Colonels and their equivalents have been postponed to June 2011 when reasonable compromises are likely to be reached between the ‘Dzelukope Mafia’ from the Volta region and the ‘Pepe Barons’ from the three Northern regions.

Consequently, Colonels Kwashie, Nibo, Sakyi, Hatse, Saagbul, Isaa-Wuni, Guyin and Kusi are to wait until June 2011. So also will Lieutenant Colonels Leba-Kamanya, Dzotefe-Mensah, Bleboo and Dafeamkpor wait until June 2011 for their rewards for various contributions?

For the avoidance of any doubts, the following are the major revelations in the MS publication of 28th January 2011. The following former Lieutenant Colonels have been promoted to the rank of Colonel with effect from 26th January 2011; DK Mensah (Gh/2179), M Dakurah (GH/2063), WO Agekum (GH/2065), FD Ogbey (GH/2152), SK Assem (GH/2237), JWK Asabre (GH/2289), F Ofori (GH/2162) NK Kporku GH/2163), SP Ebonyi (GH/2315) and SK Lawerh (GH/2167). The only Naval officer promoted from Commander to Naval Captain (equivalent of Colonel in the Army) is Captain (GN) S Angmor (GH/2383).
An analysis of the background of all the officers promoted to the rank of Colonel and equivalent makes interesting revelations.

Firstly, out of the eleven officers promoted; four (4) are from the Volta region, two (2) from the three Northern Regions (Upper West and East), three (3) from the Eastern Region (Krobos) and two (2) from the Central Region.

Secondly, the list shows that the officers all hail from areas where the NDC won in both the Presidential and Parliamentary elections. For example, Colonels DK Mensah, Ogbey, Assem and Kporku are Ewes from the Volta region; Colonels SK Lawerh and Naval Captain Angmor are Krobos from the Eastern region with Colonels F Ofori and SP Ebonyi are Fantes from the Central region.

It may also interest concerned persons to know that Colonel JWK Asabre is not from the Ashanti region as many believe in the military. He was born in the Ashanti region but hails from the Northern region and explains why in 2000 when he was the second in Command to then Lt Col HWK Agbenuzah (now Brigadier General) at the 6th Battalion of Infantry in Tamale, he worked tirelessly for the NDC to retain power but his efforts were in vain.

The promotions from Major to the ranks of Lieutenant Colonels and equivalent are also as follows: Lt Col JB Kpierel (GH/2562), Lt. Col WM Honkou (GH/2660), Lt Col NN Amegashie (GH/2662), Lt Col PK Hometowu (GH/2667), Lt Col EK Konadu (GH/2749), Lt Col RB Zubaviel (GH/2632), Lt Col GKT Sam (GH/2633), Lt Col J Vander-Pallen (GH/2645), Lt Col IK Twum-Ampofo (GH/2666) and Lt Col Y Salifu (GH/2685).

Those promoted in the Navy and Airforce to the ranks of Commander and Wing Commander respectively (equivalent of Lieutenant Colonels) are as follows; Commander BEK Atiayao (GH/2743), Commander EA Abrahams (GH/2744), Wing Commander EA Adongo (GH/2591) and Wing Commander CAN Mills (GH/2735).

It is interesting to note that the ‘value is the same’ for the promotions to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and equivalents. Most of the officers promoted are from the same strongholds of the NDC that is the Volta Region, the three Northern regions, Central region and parts of the Eastern region.

Other major revelations of the MS publication of the 28th January are worth noting. Firstly, the name of Brigadier General M Owusu –Ababio (GH/1571) was conspicuously missing. While Brigadier General HWK Agbenuzah (GH/1565) has been posted to DR Congo for duties with MONUSCO as Western Brigade Commander to replace Brigadier General Owusu-Ababio, the latter has not been posted anyway.

Rumors are rife that the ‘powers that be’ want the immediate retirement of General Owusu-Ababio and Brigadier General GK Adjei. The intended release of General is part of the victimization of Akan officers from Ashanti, Brong Ahafo and Eastern regions.
Officers concerned are wondering why General Owusu-Ababio who is yet to reach his compulsory retiring age would be retired while General Hope who has already passed his compulsory retiring age is going on United Nations operations for one year. In order to clear any doubts find below the dates of birth of the two Generals.

a. Brig Gen M Owusu Ababio: 03/12/51
b. Brig Gen HWK Agbenuzah:03/01/51

Furthermore, while plans are underway to promote NDC favorites to the rank of Brigadier General and equivalents, Ashanti, Akyem and other Akans suspected to be sympathizers of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) are being marginalized.

For instance, while Colonel DJ Sakyi is Acting Director General (IPSO), Naval Captains SK Darbo and BF Asante have been appointed Deputy Director Generals of Plans and Developments and Logistics respectively.

Group Captain E Asare Yeboah has been made Deputy Director General Training for over two years and is very significant to note that Colonel Issa Wuni (GH/1835) has been appointed as the Acting Principal General Staff Officer to the Minister of Defence.

Until the MS of 28th January, General DK Frimong was holding that appointment and as was predicted last year that DK Frimpong was going to take over from General Hope this year as the Deputy Commandant of GAFCSC, we are vindicated.