Tuesday, November 13, 2012


The Electoral Commission (EC) of Ghana is gradually and incrementally pushing Ama Ghana towards danger and conditions that make the realization and sustenance of peace in Ghana precarious. 

The EC, with Dr. Kwadwo Afari Gyan, Sarfo-Kantanka and others in charge, is bent on doing everything humanly possible for the NDC to steal the verdict of Ghanaians. Several meetings, actions, inactions, omissions, deliberate orchestrations have either taken place or have been allowed to occur and exist between the EC and the NDC since 2009.

Very credible sources have confirmed that just as Dr Afari Gyan hinted that the NPP would be surprised in 2008, the EC through its organs, agents and officials have been in bed with the NDC, initially to facilitate the God-destined one term President, late Professor JEA Mills to win a second term mandate and now the undeserving incumbent President “Baloney” and “father for several children” because of his zip to win the December 2012 elections for the NDC.

Dr. Afari Gyan is alleged to have pledged his support to his former colleague at the University of Ghana, John Mills to also have a second term as President by whatever means, power and authority vested in him by the 1992 Constitution and other legislations and statutory instruments. That was why Professor Mills, a mortal human being, was able to say confidently that he would hand over power peacefully in January 2017 and not January 2013.

Fortunately, God in His Own Wisdom has given HIS VERDICT. God has decreed that Professor Mills does not deserve even the full length of the only single term mandate magnanimously given to him. God Almighty, Allah the merciful and ever gracious, has spoken loudly. God allowed the “killing’ of Professor Mills to save Ghana from imminent danger and catastrophe.

The incumbent President, the undeserving beneficiary of his own wrong doing against public policy, facilitator of the “killing” of Professor Mills is not taking any lessons from the decree of Providence and Almighty God.
The incumbent President wrongly believes and thinks that he deserves the mandate of Ghanaians in his own right so that he may rule Ghana for the next four years. The President has forgotten and is refusing to accept God’s plans and verdict for Ghana. The message is clear and the President, the EC, the Security Services, the NDC (criminally minded rank and file) and indeed all stakeholders in Ghana’s elections must accept it from God.

God gave the two giant Johns (Jerry Rawlings and John Kufuor) two terms each for a purpose. God says that JEA Mills deserved only one term and even that with a caveat-that he would be only a Moses and not either John the Baptist or Jesus Christ.

The EC was identified by the NDC right from 2008 to be a major player in the NDC’s quest for power to loot all the resources of Ghana, especially the oil that God made available to Ghana in the honour of John Kufuor.

The NDC has looted and misappropriated more than enough funds from the state coffers to prosecute its agenda of stealing the verdict of Ghanaians with the help of the Security Services, the hooligans and murderers in the NDC. The murderous foot-soldiers (for whose sake a criminally minded fund has been created in the scheme of events of Yaw Boateng Gyan and others) in the NDC and all their friendly forces in the society including the Security Services, have been trained in a special purpose manner, armed, indoctrinated and strategically and tactically positioned to bring mayhem, violence and confusion in the elections to enable the NDC retain power.

So far the EC, the Security Services and other State Institutions have been cooperating, coordinating and operating to make the Baloney President win the Presidential elections while the NDC as a party wins majority seats in Parliament so that (in their estimation) if the NPP should win power (Presidential elections the NDC would control the Legislature) to sabotage the good manifesto and other plans of the able team of Nana Adoo and Dr. Bawumia.

If elections in Ghana were based on issues, truth, fairness at all levels of the of the electoral process, with transparency and freedom from all hindrances and electoral malpractices; how could a team of John Mahama and Amissah Arthur dream or think of winning the forth-coming elections? As a team, and individually, the NPP is far ahead of the NDC ticket of Mahama/Arthur just as the Atta/Mahama one. Only God knows why he allowed the late Professor Mills, whose only dream was to become the President of Ghana even if it was for just a day, to be declared the winner of the 2008 elections. Do not forget that Professor Mills DID NOT WIN the 2008 elections; the NPP agreed for him to be declared the winner. The EC knows what it did with its institutions, agents and officials (permanent and non permanent) in 2008 to enable Professor Mills and the NDC to be declared winners. The evil that men do lives after them!!!
Professor Mills was not allowed by own party, the NDC, to complete the four year mandate. Those who ‘killed’ him to take over power and the resources of Ghana think everything is rosy and steadily moving towards the realization of their over-ambition. At the right and appropriate time, the LORD will speak or act. When the time comes, Ghanaians and the whole world would know the whole truth and circumstances surrounding the death of Professor Mills. It is not the day that you throw a stone across the Volta river that you start feeling pains in the ribs. The pains would come at a later and right time!!!

Those who are enjoying today and wrongly believing that the doctored post-mortem report had exonerated them should not forget that the judgment day is awaiting them. If you gain the whole world and lose your soul in eternity, what shall it profit you? The incumbent and all the others whose actions, inactions, omissions, irresponsible and reckless conduct and disregard for human life led to the ‘SHAMEFUL’ death of a constitutionally elected President should answer the question or allow the question to engage their attention.  
Dr. Afari Gyan and the entire EC should know that there is judgment while we are alive and even after death. So far Dr. Afari Gyan, has forgotten the reputation that he has built for himself and enhanced for the EC between 1996 and 2008. The behavior of Dr. Afari Gyan is surprising several millions of Ghanaians inside and outside Ghana. No reasonable person would understand why a person nearing his 70th birthday, having obtained a PHD, lectured and lived a fairly reasonable fulfilling life, attracting international commendation, should suddenly change his conduct in order to reward those (the NDC) who appointed him to the EC to enable him take over from Nana Oduro (the Esumajahene) as the chairman of the EC.

As a retirement legacy, Dr Afari Gyan wants to ensure the NDC wins and retains power. What Dr Afari Gyan and his EC have forgotten is that their actions and inactions could lead Ghana into danger to take away the relative peace that Ghanaians are enjoying in the sub-region.

The numerous allegations flying against Dr Afari Gyan and the EC are very serious albeit unfortunate. The allegation of helping the NDC to win at ALL COST as Dr Afari Gyan reportedly confided in INEC officials of Nigeria are disturbing and pointing towards chaos, confusion and disturbances in Ghana during and after the 2012 elections.

Several researches and contacts made with persons very close to Dr Afari Gyan have also uncovered and discovered equally very disturbing pieces of news and I pray that the Almighty God touches the hearts and minds of the EC, its organs, agents, officials and employees to do just what is right, proper, fair, equitable, transparency and correct.

Any departure from this clarion call could lead to catastrophic consequences-intended and unintended. Every person entrusted with any responsibility in the elections must do what is right, proper, fair and equitable and not anything that will destroy Ghana. 

I would like Dr Afari Gyan to hear and respond to the following issues:

  1. Have members of your extended family spoken to you about the need for you to maintain your dignity, sincerity and integrity?
  2. Specifically, has your family head, Dr Addai (Chief Engineer) cautioned you about the dangerous path you have been threading?
  3. Did your wife walk out of a meeting that concerned members of your extended family organized to try to persuade you from the NDC path you have taken?
  4.  What about your daughter, the lawyer, who together with your wife are full-fledged NDC members and close friends/associates of Mr. Owusu Acheampong (Brong Ahafo’s Representative on the Council State), Aseidu Nketiah, Yaw Boateng Gyan and Kwadwo Nyamekye-Marfo (Brong Ahafo Region)?
  5. Is it true that you remarked that you would not be fooled for the second time as the NPP under President Kufuor did not ‘cater’ for you so you would be wiser now to ‘reap’ before your retirement?
  6. Is it true that you remarked that if a certain member of your extended family has not learnt a bitter lesson from what happened during the Kufuor regime, as for you, you would not be ‘foolish’ for the second time to retire in poverty?
  7. Is it true that you have been confiding in relatives in Berekum, Nsapor and elsewhere in the Brong Ahafo Region in particular and Accra in general that no matter what the NPP does or say, you would ensure that NDC wins to have a second term in succession as all the two ‘God-blessed’ Johns had?
  8. Is it true that you have held and have been holding several meetings with NDC officials directly and through Agents or Trustees including a certain journalist? Is it true that the NDC has promised to give you a very handsome retirement package ‘in reciprocation of’ your avowed aim and objective to declare the NDC winners of the Presidential and Parliamentary elections?   
  9. Is it true that you agreed upon conditions that your safety and security as well as those of your families-nuclear and extended- are guaranteed. That you are determined to declare the NDC winners no matter the political, social, economic and legal cost?
  10. Is it true that you have agreed  or knowingly allowed the EC and its Agents to use illegal or partial registration exercise, transfer of votes, proxy votes, special voting and other forms of electoral opportunities and  malpractices to facilitate the rigging by the NDC for eventual declaration as winners in the December 2012 elections?
  11. Is it true that the idea that soldiers and other security personnel on peace support operations should submit their Voters’ ID Cards to the appropriate authorities for the special voting or proxy in a manner that will favour only the NDC was discussed with you, the EC, its Agents and officials? Is it true that only the lists compiled would be used and no means of verification or authentication would be allowed?
  12. Is it also true that in spite of the compilation of the list of special voters, the ID cards of known NDC members and sympathizers only would be released to their respective owners sneakily so that they may be allowed to vote at various centres of their duties on the election date?