Friday, September 2, 2011

Letter To General Nuuno Mensah!

The much awaited second major postings/appointments and promotions of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) for the year 2011 finally berthed on Friday 22nd July at about 9:30 pm.

The postings/appointments and promotions had been heralded by tension, trade-offs, compromises, assurances, consultations, lobbying, counter-arguments and to some extend selfishness and greed by and between the major protagonists.

Authentic sources revealed that as far back as May 2011, the Defence Staff Committee of the Military High Command met and considered the proposals for appointments and promotions which had been handed down the throat of the Military High Command by the powers brokers in the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) in and around Castle, Blue-gate and Party Executives at various levels.

The proposals, this BLOG gathered went forth and backwards several times with the Armed Forces Council engulfed in a tango extremely high in proportions yet to be witnessed in the GAF.

Indeed, the scheming, ethnic and political dominance in the meetings have been unprecedented and amply attest to the fact the GAF have been unnecessarily and excessively politised and tribalised under the Mills/Mahama Administration.

So when the Armed Forces Council finally met and recommended the over-bloated ‘Kokofu Promotions’ published by the office of the Military Secretary at the General Headquarters on Friday 22nd July 2011, the major protagonists triumphed over the fading representation over a certain group in the GAF.

Sources disclosed that right from mid-night Friday/Saturday 22/23 July 2011, the members and especially beneficiaries of the promotions started their jubilations, kudos and ecstasy as a demonstration of their well-being, guaranteed interest, perpetuation of their hegemony in the GAF and the roles they would be assigned or claim for themselves before, during and after the 2012 Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

Every posting/appointment and promotion had been planned and executed to fit into the NDC 2012 ‘diabolical’ agenda.

This BLOG promise to publish the major highlights of the postings/appointments and promotions with an in depth analysis of each and everyone of them for the whole nation to see ‘the canker that General JH Smith is superintending over’ as written by Mr. Emmanuel H Kornyoh and the destruction that is taking place in the GAF in terms of national cohesion as demanded by the Directive Principles of State Policy in the 1992 4th Republican Constitution.

Annex A TO GHQ/18023/MS dated 22 July 2011 gave the major promotions and postings/appointments as follows:

A. Brigadier Generals and Equivalent
Brigadier General BF Kusi- Sector Commander, Ivory Coast, Brigadier General JBE Guyiri- Chief Fire Officer, Brigadier General Saagbul- Director General (PA), Brigadier General DJ Sakyi- Commander Army Combat Training School (MATS), Brigadier General K Oppong- Otchere- Inspector General (GHQ IGD), Brigadier General S Yanyi-Akofur- Director General (IPSO), Brigadier General AL Wuni-Principal General Staff Officer to Minister of Defence, Brigadier General E Tetteh- Akunor- Chief Staff Officer, Army Headquarters, Brigadier General J Kwankye- Director General (DCIS), Brigadier General HWA Tagoe- Director General (DID), Commodore SK Darbo- Director General (Training), Commodore BF Asante- Attached to the Office of Chief Staff Officer (Naval Headquarters), Commodore MK Addison – Office of DA London, Commodore K Osei-Sarfo- DA Abidjan, Air Commodore EE Ahadome- Air Officer Logistics (AOL), AFB Accra and Air Commodore FB Ayamgha- Attached to Office of Chief Staff Officer (Airforce Headquarters)

B. Colonels and Equivalents
Colonel PK Leba-Kamanya- Airport Security Coordinator and Masters Programme Student at University of Ghana, Colonel WKC Bleboo- Director Discipline (GHQ PA), Colonel CK Gyasensir- ECOWAS Secretariat, Colonel MM Aryee- Director Land Operations, Colonel M Oppong –Peprah- Director Strategic Analysis (DSA)- GHQ(DI), Colonel JP Osei- Wusu- Director Procurement, Colonel IN Aryeetey- Chief Instructor (GAFCSC Jnr. Division), Colonel CK AA Awitty- Director Plans (GHQ PxD), Colonel PN Andoh-Assistant Chief of Staff (Operations and Training), Colonel EW Kotia- Chief Instructor (KAIPTC), Colonel AK Adu- Director Conflict Resolution (DCR) GHQ (IPSO), Colonel A Issahaku- Director Accomodation (GHQ Log), Colonel FK Vowotor- Director Ops and Training (GHQ DCIS), Colonel GS Yakubu-Deputy Commander MATS (ACTS), Colonel ST Osabutey-Director Lands (GHQ Log), Captain (GN) E Adu- Co, Ghana Navy Ship, Achimota, Group Captain AK Mensah –Director Research and Development (GHQ PxD), Group Captain RMK Datsa – ACOS (Defence Staff Committee) and Group Captain JEK Ankrah- GAFCSC, CI Air Faculty

C. Lieutenant Colonels and Equivalents
Lieutenant Colonel SK Agordekpe- GSOI (PM), Lt. Col J Sarfo-DDLS (GHQ Legal), Lt. Col R Mensah- PMO Military Hospital, Lt. Col F Govina- Public Health Specialist, Military Hospital, Lt. Col F Anemana-CO MATS HQ, Lt. Col S Salifu- GSOI Sp Svcs Bde HQ, Lt. Col LK Atror- Deputy Director Land Ops, Lt. Col AB Akanbong- Deputy Director Army Operations, Army HQ, Lt. Col LK Ahlie-Deputy Director Training and Doctrine (GHQ Training), Commander A Kamal-Deen- Director Legal, Naval HQ., Commander W Nyasembi- Deputy Director Technical Division, Naval HQ, Group Captain AA Appiah- Air Secretary Airforce HQ, Group Captain TN Okai- DS, Snr Div, Group Captain FK Kudoh-AFB Tamale, OC Admin Wing.

D. Other Major/Key Postings and Appointments
Brigadier General JD Prah-GAFCSC Assistant Commandant (Junior Division), Brigadier General R Opoku-Adusei- General Officer Commanding, Northern Command, Colonel MI Tetteh- Director of Studies, Colonel EMK Yeboah-Deputy Director General (PA), Colonel CK Debrah-Deputy Commander, GMA, Colonel JF Manu- Deputy Director General Logistics, Lt. Col J Hagan –Commanding Officer 6Bn, Lt. Col JFK Glawu- Chief Operations Officer (Coo) HQ, Southern Command, Lt. Col JB Kpierele- Chief Logistics Officer, HQ Southern Command, Lt. Col RB Zubariel- CO Jungle Warfare School, Capt (GN) SVA Coomson- Deputy Director General (Plans and Development), Capt (GN) OJ Kontoh- Director Naval Training, Cdr IA Yakubu- Acting CI, Naval Faculty and Wing Commander FK Kudoh- Officer Commanding Administrative Wing, Airforce Base Tamale.

These are the bare facts in the form of raw data and this BLOG shall serialize its analysis of the postings, appointments and promotions to throw more light on the ‘Kokofu’ nature and character that they bear.

This BLOG can say on authority that the main factors that influenced the posting /appointments are ‘ethnic and political considerations’. Most of the senior offices who had the promotion were rewarded for their loyalty to P/NDC and their ‘ethnic background’ while others had to be factored into it in order to give them some face-saving character.

This BLOG shall provide the names of those who benefited from their political connections and loyalty to P/NDC and give the roles they played in the P/NDC and the 2008 general elections.

This BLOG shall also show why some officers have been and are being denied promotion.
For instance, why have the Mills/ Mahama Administration refused to promote Lieutenant Colonels A Adjaye-Gaisie, P Opoku-Frimpong and RA Salifu? Why do the authorities want to retire them and yet have promoted their junior on two occasions? What at all has Major EW Tandoh (GH/2656) done such that his mates and juniors have been promoted over and above him on two occasions?

Yet, Major Tandoh to date is the only qualified Hospital Administrator with Masters Degree and who has completed all military courses in addition to his academic qualifications at the 37 Military Hospital or it is true that some ‘faces’ hate him so much to hide in terms of financial and other malpractices (Contracts)?

Why have the authorities investigated and re-investigated the non existing service offences against Lt. Col A Adjaye-Gaisie and attached him to Southern Command Headquarters on ‘disciplinary grounds’ just to justify the indefensible refusal to promote him.

The worst thing that has happened to the Gaisie family is that his brother who is qualified in all respects to be Chief Fire Officer as a professional fire-fighter has been denied the appointment for the post to be given to a ‘Buga Buga’ military officer.

NB: Grandfather cum my fellow Fanti, is the system fair or is it because those cooking the books for this administration claims so hence you are advising Uncle Atta to do same.

I hope this time you won’t be annoyed and get the ‘dogs’ to come after me, we are building a better Ghana.