Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Letter To Kwesi Biney

Dear Kwesi Biney

I read your piece that appeared in the Daily Guide of 30th October, 2009 tiled, “Stop the Ethnocentric Hatred toward Kufuor,” which touched so many issues right in the middle of the head.

You concluded and I quote, “Or is it because the Ewes have still not forgiven the late Victor Owusu for what he is alleged to have said about Ewes?”

Along memory lane, let me inform you that my checks indicate that Victor Owusu did not just get up to describe the Ewes as inward-looking.

It was the late Dr. Agama who, thanks to Rawlings, started as Board Chairman of Bank of Ghana who later, like a chameleon, turned into Governor at the Bank of Ghana who initially described the PP Government as a tribal one.

It was in the heat of the debate that the late Victor Owusu described the Ewes as inward-looking. Please, try to procure a copy of the Hansard of that period may be from my mentor, Uncle Malik Baako in order to appreciate what occurred.

Am told that two of the principal characters in the 1972 coup were Agbo, then Commander of the Army at Tema and Selomey, who was in charge of the Recce Regiment in Accra.

And yet, a Brong like Major Kwame Baah who was from Dormaa –Ahenkro in the Brong-Ahafo region helped the Ewes - Agbo and Selomey plus Acheampong to oust Busia.

Thus your statement, “If Kufuor had been an Ewe, no matter how bad he might have been, the Ewes would have allied behind him.” In 1972, Agbo and Selomey would never have allied with a Brong like Major Kwame Baah to overthrow Gbedema.

Significantly, if Acheampong were to be an Ewe, the Ewes would have seen Union Government as smooth as silk. And yet, the late Acheampong received the greatest opposition to that fraudulent concept in Kumasi am told.

Also, am told that at one football match in Kumasi, an international one with red carpet for Acheampong, he was heavily booed at.

Be that as it may, the PNDC came in. All the juicy positions in the country went to Ewes. Diplomats by convention were supposed to serve at duty station for four years.

But then, for about fourteen years, Kofi Awonor, now Chairman of the Council of State was our envoy to Brazil and the United Nations. It was during this period that he managed to secure part of the Atomic Energy land at Kwabenya to put up his Japanese type house. Try and get his book, read it and you will find “YEBRO” work.

During the PNDC era, the PNDC had/held legislative and executive powers. At a point in time, the PNDC consisted of Rawlings, Kojo Tsikata, General Arnold Quainoo, Ebo Tawiah, Enin, Alhaji Iddrisu Mahama and late Madam Alhassan.

Note that Rawlings, Tsikata and Quainoo are Ewes and out of population of about 15 million, three Ewes from the Southern Park of the Volta Region wielded executive and legislative powers out of seven hand-picked rulers.

With regard to Koku Anyidoho who studied Drama and Theatre at Legon, his father was Northern Army Brigade Commander in Kumasi from about 1996 to 2000.

Then Brigadier Anyidoho actively participated in NDC campaigning at that point in time in the Northern sector of the country. Indeed Brigadier Anyidoho stood on several political platforms with Rawlings and Atta Mills.

When Kufuor won, I am reliably informed that Brigadier Anyidoho wished to be the Army Commander but that was not to be hence his son’s dis-taste for Kufuor I can guess so.

I was listening to Oman fm and the host of the show, Fiifi Boafo asked what Koku did when Kufuor visited the castle when the President of Ivory Coast was in Ghana…hmmm!

During the campaign for political office last year, bastard Rawlings and no apologizes because I see no reason why he called some noble men around our President as ‘greedy bastards’ went to Peki and declared that the NPP government had sacked all military personnel from the Volta Region in the Ghana Armed Forces.

The Public Relations Unit of the Ghana Armed Forces headed by my good friend Col Nibo came out with a statement that indeed for officer crops and the men in the Air Force, Army and Navy, the people from the Volta Region exceeded any other region.

It was this in-balance in the Forces recruitment that Col Damoah from the Brong Ahafo Region tried to cure and I won’t go into it because I have received a lot of bashing and various death-threatening messages and calls.

Are we principled at all, the NPP did it some time ago and so it should continue when we are building a better Ghana? Should this system continue like that?

NPP is to Gbevlo Lartey and NDC is to Col Damoah in the Ghana Armed Forces, many Okaines are popping out like maggots and they will hurt the NDC like how the NPP suffered.

Today, the National Security headed by Gbevlo Lartey who was a victim of the NPP has another Ewe as his deputy, 5 of the DG appointments in the Ghana Armed Forces have gone to Ewes, the police have its Director of Operations as an Ewe and faceless coward Yaw Donkor of the BNI, an Ewe has another Ewe as his deputy.

Information has it that Akans recruited into the NSC and the BNI have either been fired or forced to retire voluntarily.

I wish to continue but I will want to end here now and may be write back later.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

President Mills, Should We Shut Up?

President John Evans Atta Mills is reported to have said at Donkorkrom at Afram Plains in the Eastern region some weeks ago that his political opponents who had destroyed the nation over the past eight years should shut up and allow him to repair the economy; I saw it in the Daily Democrat and the Ghanaian Chronicle.

For a man who has built his entire political career on his so-called love for peace and tolerance, I am surprised at the comments coming out of our President. It seems to me that he has started down the long and slippery road that many a leader has trod on, that of making unnecessary and controversial public pronouncements.

The words of a President are supposed to be worth something, and I do not think that the President should indulge in fruitless inanities. Indeed, he knows or he should know that nothing in the world would make his opponents to shut up, particularly since he is messing up so fabulously.
So, Professor John Evans Atta Mills, we are not going to shut up, not today, and not tomorrow.

Fortunately or unfortunately, in making his call for all of us to shut up so that he alone can be the King Kong of Ghana, President Atta Mills also made other comments which to me are nasty indeed. For instance, he told the bemused people of Donkorkrom that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has destroyed the economy of Ghana in eight years and he was busy repairing the damage.

Sometimes, when some people speak, one begins to wonder whether they have the ability to remember their own history. Between 1997 to January 2001, President Atta Mills was the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana. In that period, he presided over an economy that could best be described as collapsed. So bad was the economy that a few months after the NPP took over from him we were forced to declare this nation as poor and highly indebted in order to benefit from favorable debt write-offs.

Why did he campaign anyway, did he and his party not say that our economy was in a mess? Or may be because it was time for campaigning he spoke freely like the way many of his ministers did within the period.

I want to borrow the words of the man I believed could have done well for this country and not Mills, Nana Akufo Addo who said “if you say the Economy is Broke, Fix It”
Buoyed with that fillip, the NPP, in eight years, built an economy that became the toast of the world. Indeed, the size of the GDP quadrupled, and so did our revenue mobilization targets. The statistics, in as far as the economy was concerned, are amazing to say the least.

Indeed, Professor Atta Mills has a daunting task meeting a quarter of the achievements of the NPP in as far as managing the economy is concerned, and it would be sad for him to go about saying that the economy he inherited is a destroyed one that needs to be fixed.

I am praying that he does not destroy the economy, and I personally have very little hope that he is going to be able to pull any miracles. He lacks the ability and he lacks the personnel to wreak any miracles. If it wasn’t so sad, I would have said that our President has a very good sense of humor. According to him there was no money in the coffers of Ghana when he took over. Ha ha ha!

Nothing could be further from the truth. This year, it has been budgeted that Ghana would spend over twenty billion dollars on various programs, and every single pesewa has been accounted for and the budget line identified. That was why he and his men were able to blow 1.6 billion old Ghana cedis on tea, the huge amount spent on painting the castle, the money spent on just welcoming the US President who was here for less than 24 hours, an expenditure which was not budgeted for, but which came to pass. So Mills should stop insulting our intelligence about there being no money to spend!

It seems that Mills is also a person who likes passing the buck. In his Manifesto for a Better Ghana, he set out six clear objectives that he expected to deliver within a hundred days. When the hundred days came to pass without even one of the objectives being met, we were told that that was because the government was still too young.

Eleven months have come to pass yet his government is still leisurely about. Now Mills has started telling the people that he won a mandate of four years and people should stop pushing him to deliver.

For me, he is seeking an excuse and he is passing the buck. The fact of the matter is that in eleven months, there should have been clear achievements under his belt. The fact that there is none to speak off should be a worrying indicator to him and to the rest of the country.

In any case, why should he go to Donkorkrom to ask them what the NPP did for them? What is he, John Evans Atta Mills, President of Ghana, going to do for the people of Donkorkrom? That is what the people of Donkorkrom expected from him, and not a litany of complaints against an old government.

In any case, why is our President such a liar? Why does he keep on saying that he is going to be a President for all and not only his cronies? The fact of the matter is that since he assumed office, many competent people have been kicked out of sensitive public and civil positions to be replaced by his friends, associates and cronies, and there seems to be no sign that this phenomenon is about to end.

Mills did not come to power because of us. He came to power because of his friends, associates and cronies and family members that founder Efo Rawlings calls greedy bastards and he should stop fooling himself that he came for the masses of us.

As for justifying our confidence in him, I can assure him that he has his work cut out for him, and so far, the signs are not encouraging. And in the face of such poor signals, I do not think that it would be wise to call upon us to shut up, because we won’t.

Atta do something before you die because the dullness is too much.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Re: Mills In Massive Abuse Of Office

RE: Eric Ametor- Ouarmyne’s Rejoinder

I write in response to a rejoinder captioned “Re: Mills In Massive Abuse Of Office” written by one Mr. Eric Ametor- Ouarmyne formerly the Features Editor of the Ghana Palaver.

Mr. Eric Ametor- Ouarmyne rather than addressing the issues raised by myself and published in the Daily Searchlight went to town and focused his absolute attention and time going in circles.

I want to state categorically that I called Mr. Eric Ametor- Ouarmyne when I heard the information for his side and did not go to town like many of his likes in the NDC stable would have done.

Again, he never denied using the names of President Mills and Mr. Ato Ahowi as his referees and further told me that “I will add Jesus if I get the chance”.

Again, he told me that referees are on curriculum vitae to attest to one’s competence and character and also asked for a copy of the newspaper to be brought to him personally by myself when the story is out the following day.

I also want to state categorically clear that there has being nothing like Deputy Director of Corporate Affairs and Strategic Direction of the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) since its inception. Perhaps the creation of the above is an attempt to create job for the boys.

Significantly, he has never denied this and I want to ask him whether the position he is enjoying now with his so called thirty years of professional practice in communications was advertised in any media be it electronic or print or at least any of the national dallies, I mean the Daily Graphic and the Ghanaian Times.

I did not expect the advert to be placed in the “eight-page political newsletter”? I work for as he claimed but was it ever advertised for many qualified persons like himself to apply?I want to know from Ametor how many people applied for the job and how many were short listed for interviewed and how many actually had the privilege of being interview?

If only you are interviewed by a so called strong team of five (5) top Management officials of the Authority for a considerable length of time and acquitted and discharged, won’t you walk away with a job in hand?

When the famous pissing In and Out mantra came out as a fallout of the Ahowi and Spio feud, social commentators from his party went on air to state categorically that he (Ametor) as a member of the Spio campaign and others have been accordingly rewarded by President Mills, has he ever challenged this.

It is obvious that Ametor have benefited from his closeness with the presidency therefore he should stop moving from radio station to radio station screaming and disturbing our ears.

“What must really be of concern to all well meaning Ghanaians is the fact that a top official of an organization who must uphold the integrity and reputation of the institution he or she serves would stoop so low as to be such a willing tool in the hands of an unscrupulous Journalist whose only desire is to impugn the hard won reputations of others either because of envy or hatred or both”, interesting I say. When did the above occur to Mr. Eric Ametor- Ouarmyne?

I can sense it occurred to him only when he got a job at the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) and with Professor Mills as President.

As for his description of the paper I work on as an eight-page political newsletter of no merit and consequence, devoted to mischief making and political blackmailing, I want to refer him to the paper he worked on before landing his current job.

Were they trying to blackmail a well-known Chief when the Kofi Boakye tape came up and what about the supposed state of emergence President Kufuor wanted to impose when he met their own, General Odotei and the late General Ayiku who got up from the grave for that meeting only.

Does he remember the story of somebody selling off our entire official Gold Reserves reported by the paper he formerly worked for and the reward somebody whose last official employment was selling of Christian literature landed a job as a Deputy Minister of Finance for championing that falsehood?

I can cite many examples but I won’t draw that newspaper into the mud because it is also playing its part in our young democracy.

As I stated in my text to you on Saturday after our short talk, I want to state here again that I don’t hate or envy you but I will do my work diligently and if that constitutes envy or hate than it is up to you.

May God bless us all as we continue to discharge our duties for God and Country

Don’t Be A Coward Kobby Fiabge

Taking a cue from his cocoon boss Ayibgenii Koku Anyidohu, the editor of the Ghanaian Lens newspaper, Kobby Fiabge, another Ayibgenii last week embarked upon a joint attack against released Col Damoah and myself.

Surprisingly, Kobby Fiabge could not muster the courage to face me when I called him on phone just like what his boss did recently when he threatened an activist of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) on another radio station and quickly beat a hasty retreat the following day on another sister radio station. Kobby can go to town on Col Damoah wherever and whenever he wants but to decide to include me into it is something I won’t take kindly.

Again, it is funny how the desperate would just clutch at straws, after writing all the rot in his paper and sweating to defend the indefensible, he posted his article on this very forum but under a different name…Nana Biakoye (the true patriot)...funny paaaa!!!

This is Prince Prah writing, I am not a coward like Kobby and his darling boss Koku, who until recently could not even buy a bottle of Fanta and yessssss….cocoa on sale by hawkers.

They should go and ask their semi god, Raymond Archer, who claims he edits the most powerful investigative paper in Ghana today about how he went through hell on this very forum and the way he had to lie through his teeth.

Kindly tell Raymond Archer that am still waiting for the results of the Ace Ankomah imposter investigations being carried out by the outfit of another coward in the person of faceless Yaw Donkor, the director of the BNI.

Kobby is bitter because I wrote about his darling Koku’s daddy. I still stand by what I wrote and for him to say that the released soldier writes and I use my -by line as the author got me laughing side-splittingly.

If you have any evidence that the released soldier writes and I put my by-line under it, I urge you to provide the evidence if you have any and don’t keep your readers waiting…why, a Kyeiwaa in the making...ouch may be it might help you get some money since Col Damoah sells nowadays.If you want to engage me in your usual style of “I SAY YOU SAID SO” and YOU MUST PROVE IT YOURSELF”, then you are wrong because am too grown for that childish game.
Facts are facts and I want to repeat what I wrote about that glutton of a General in my first piece. “What about the man who is noted for stealing food items such as tubers of yams and fowls and also fighting with Other Ranks for food become a Major General”, Kobby and Koku can go and burn the sea if they want.If you talk of thieves, Koku’s glutton father is one and should be arrested immediately and brought to book.

I get sick anytime I hear Koku call others thieves without mentioning the name of his father… you see, he was fed with the stolen food items so you don’t expect him to complain.Coward Koku could not put forward his name when he was writing the Uncle JB column for the Ghanaian Lens newspaper when he was the so called sports editor, he calls onto a radio station to issue threats then beats a hasty retreat the following day, ha ha ha ha !!!I won’t drink locally brewed gin (apio) before going on radio stations or smoke wee…..hmmm!

I read in The Patriot newspaper that you are an alleged serial rapist…wow…!!! Not just a rapist but with an adjective too, it continued that you are a homosexual and a paedophile and that all your secrets are in the open.

Again the paper claims you are hooked on to hard drugs that dazed you and makes you write nonsense about people you cannot compare your self with….are these allegations true? Kobby, can I conclude that you were not dazed and it was the reason why you couldn’t master courage to face me…sorry boss and I pray is not true and if it is true, you get off it quickly because I don’t want to loose a friend like you though we haven’t met before.

The late Peter Tosh has a song and a line which goes like this, “if you live in a glass house don’t throw stones” and you of all people call somebody an immoral character…funny, besides Col Damoah was not sacked and if I may ask what happened to your police career…I don’t want to go there.

Koku and Lt. Col Attachie are good friends and work at the same place and you can get some education through your boss Koku from the chief thief at the castle (Attachie) about how I came into contact with him.You should ask Koku to find out from the thief at the castle the where about of a certain S-350-Benz vehicle with registration number GR 2742 Z and the GH¢1000 and the tape I have in my possession.

I still have the text messages he sent me and one thing that stands out is once a thief always a thief and his nefarious activities together with his friends namely Alex Segbefia and Carl Wilson was blown by the National Security Council as per the minutes of their Friday 28 August and 28 September 2009 meetings a copy I have.

On Lt. General Smith I still stand by what I said. He is a decorated Minister of Defence just as the Associate Professor President John Evans Atta Mills who is a decorated President while those running the show are at the background.Why is that the National Security Coordinator has to communicate everyday with Lt. Gen. Smith while Maj. Gen Blay follows sheepishly because he needs the rank of Lieutenant General suspecting that when Maj. Gen Carl Moddy returns from Liberia, he will be pushed out.

Hear Gen Smith speak when I called him onetime over an issue within his backyard. “You have painted the picture of what is happening in the Armed Forces to the whole world…I have been minister for all this while and you have never called me so why now,” he yelled and he has been running away from me ever since but can he hide is the question Lt. General Smith should ask himself.

Very soon the mother and father of all kokofu promotions and appointments are about to be announced and everything was done at Blue Gate and the Castle without his in-puts and that of the Service Commanders, imposition, yes imposition.On Major General Adinkrah, Kobby can again get some education from the Army Secretary, Col. P.K. Senchim, as to whether J.N. Adinkrah has discussed anything about promotions and appointments with him ever since he became Army Commander, this goes for all the other Services.

I dare Col. P.K. Senchim to tell Kobby to make it public whether he has never placed any call on behalf of his former boss and church elder, General Odotei, for his girlfriends to be taken even when they have failed medicals at the 37 Military Hospital.Why is the husband of the School-mistress trying very hard to get an Ayibgenii as the next Army Secretary and is it not also true that Brigadier General Owusu Ababio is penciled for Congo?

Let me sound a note of caution to the parliamentary caucus who meet at Airforce Officers’ Mess that they should be bold to come out and face me because threats and calls won’t help and to make their work easy for them; I pass in front of Burma Camp every day both to and from work.

I have spoken to Col Doamah’s lawyer and very soon a meeting would be scheduled for me to meet him in his lawyer’s chambers and when the opportune time comes, I will invite Kobby to just take one shot. As Joe Lartey always say over to you………

NB: Sorry to my cherished readers that am no more writing interesting features like “Ghana’s Cult of Corruption” and the likes but please bare with me because it won’t happen again.

Smith Nonesense (Part 1)

I have tried and don’t want to write about how the military has been politicized under Defence Minister, General Smith and his sidekicks and his role in the release of Col Damoah but he and his puddles keep providing me the opportunity and I will take a swipe at them for once.

I get sick anytime I hear Lt General Smith, in his usual rantings say the media should not politicize the military, the fact is that the military is already politicized and this is not the fault of the media.

How did he become a Lieutenant General, what about the man noted for stealing food items such as tubers of yams and fowls and also fighting over food with Other Ranks become a Major General, I mean Koku’s father. Were they not promoted kokufully by Jerry Rawlings?Does he remember what Gen Akafia’s girlfriend who is still in the service did to him in 2000 and how he virtually turned into a taxi driver picking up ‘somebody’ from lectures at the Ghana Law School and dropping the person at Police Hospital, he should remember if he has forgotten so soon.

He is a decorated Minister of Defence but those in control of the Armed Forces are the hawks in the P/NDC gravitating around ex-president Rawlings, Lt. Col. A.K Gbevlo-Lartey, General Arnold Quainoo and glutton Anyidohu.Ever since he assumed office there has been every indication that he would continue with the tradition of chasing down his ‘enemies’ real and imagined, for retribution.A typical case is that of Colonel Kwadwo Damoah, former Director, Manpower/Personnel of the Ghana Armed Forces, who has been discharged after he was told that his services would no longer be needed.

For all intents and purposes, the Army, under the political direction of the NDC government and General Smith was intent on releasing him from the Ghana Armed Forces, true to reports over several weeks that plans were afoot to get rid of him from the army.Interestingly, the exit of the nation’s most popular soldier currently has nothing to do with the bogus Board of Enquiry (BOI) that was specifically set up a few months ago ostensibly to nail him over the recruitment procedures into the Armed Forces which saw Col Musah being rewarded as our Defence Adviser to London for the dirty work he did and he could not hide his happiness when I called him the day I heard the news.Instead, the Military Command said it had decided to sacrifice him because the media had written stories about him which embarrassed the military!What is the Military Command doing to the soldiers who unleashed terror on the people of Oda and those who allowed drivers and mates to kiss dead bodies…is that one embarrassing or not?I pity Col Nibo a lot because whilst his colleagues are looking for promotion he is happy at one office when even his subordinates have moved on to better things and he says communicating with the media is an offence, he should tell that to the thief at the castle who calls panelist on radio stations to tone down their criticisms because the tortoise government of Associate Professor John Mills is young.

Who is the one calling serial callers of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) and briefing them on issues affecting the military from Col Nibo’s office?The release of Damoah, a career soldier from the Armed Forces for no specified crime, was shocking and would completely undermine the morale fiber of the Army and completely cow his fellow officers and men.Another puddle in the person of Major General Adinkra, the Army Commander, who bowed to pressure from this misfit Minister, had to release him by stating that Damoah is not advantageously employable in his present rank, ridiculous.Who called S.M Adams, the Acting Military Secretary to draft the release letter when he was sick and on his bed? Who is also behind the text messages going round?

Take a look at his sidekicks in the person of one pound Dovlo, the incompetent and worse Director of Public Relations in the person of Col Nibo, the chief thief of imported cars, Lt Col Attachie and Col PK Senchim who helped his former boss, church elder Odotei undermined Gen JB Danquah but could not get the slot of CDS because our living God is not Ewe do not march the quality of Col Damoah who is not only a chartered Accountant but also a member of the Bar. With this background what is the basis of the claim that he is not employable…Hmmm!What is the old man, Col V Gamor who is past 60 years doing in the service?

Air Vice Marshal one pound Dolvo should come out and tell the whole nation his performance at his former post and his current one.With this Damoah is gone and the powers that be would be going after other officers in the army because of their perceived political affiliation, an unacceptable situation.