Saturday, May 31, 2014

My Delilahs

With the primary aim of having a better life for myself
I took bold steps on man’s greatest paths; education and entertainment
And it was on this, that I found about myself some qualities I never knew I possessed
Of all these, the most outstanding was my art of controlling musical wires
One that produced stormy vibes to my listeners
I was happy and content
Yet little knew I t’was with this gift that I will wire unto myself Delilahs
From different background and with various traits they ensemble me
Some of whom I knew from my first steps in the orange, black and white building
And others I wired unto myself only a few weeks ago
Who am I ye wonder?
I am the disc joker money man
And I have connected through the waves my Delilahs from the brief trinity course
I am mesmerized by their distinct beauties
Could this be the story once told in the Book? I wonder
As I find myself representing in this day the strongest man of ancient times
Yet what fate beholds my current self I know not!
One thing I do know though is
I am one hell of a lucky man
But am I?
What fate beholds me?
Oh my Delilahs!