Thursday, March 14, 2013


The close of last week was mostly clouded with budget presentation by the brilliant sounding finance minister. Many either read or listened and passed their diverse opinions, mostly political in colouring, but present and unfolding events would eventually prick even compromised minds or government choristers out of cloud-cuckoo-land.

The sentiments passed by Professor Badu Akorsa, a person I so do respect and have much admiration for despite my unclear thought of his true political leaning, that the nation is becoming a hell to live in, was a good dosage of reality dawning on some apparatchik. On same note, it was more than hilarious hearing Kwesi Pratt’s presentation on the 6th March morning with Adakabre on Adom: did I hear him lament the sycophancy towards the regime or its people in power? Wonders they say, shall never end, the least said, the better.

Here we are as a nation confronted by diverse crisis with crippling effects, need I even mention them? But yet still, some think we do not have to speak up on the budget of ‘no hope’ and ‘taking us anywhere’. The latter opinion is very obviously bore by those whose bread has been and is being buttered, so to such characters, an admission by the uninspiring Head of State, whose only plus, is in delivering populist speeches of remarkable quotes. I guess with the book launch, writing skills have sharpened to the neglect of chattering a clear path of redemption and good governance. What we need as a people is reliable electricity, constant flow of water, good and sustainable healthcare delivery, sound economy, and not the bill of promises and riddle of actions we are been subjected and admonished to uphold. If you believe in change, let it glare in your leadership and dealing with issues, especially those tied to corruption and true state of affairs. Else, the only legacy I see being left is that of remarkable quotes.

To add salt to injury is a minister I don’t foresee going beyond a first proper reshuffle, coming on no other than Joy FM’s Newsfile to pathetically ridicule submissions of critical thought. Does one have to read the whole budget statement to understand issues? Why do we even have an abridged version presented in Parliament? Maybe a clear lecture on the essence of summary and highlighting would do for someone who has by far not found his feet in all his responses to issues. Though your composure is admired, your line of presentation can only be appreciated by the twisted listenership of certain media houses.

All we can do is wish the election petitioners well, now that action has been slated for the 14th March. Ironically though, the same marks the Samsung Unpacked event that would unveil the Galaxy S IV, news so refreshing and exciting than an anticipated ‘Sumaila Bilbil vs. Adamu Sakande type victory’.

‘Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away’, as said by Philip K. Dick, would dawn on us all eventually.