Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Plea to My Readers

Please Help A Child This Season 

It is my hope and prayer that all goes well with you this season and that you come out of it a better person with renewed energies for life.

May I however make a humble appeal that in your own small way, you make a concerted effort to show some love to a needy child during this season. There are several thousands of innocent children all around us who are finding life really tough and their plight is no one’s business.

There are thousands of children around in an urgent need of food, clothing and shelter.  There are thousands of brilliant children who may be going wayward mainly because they have no one to advice them and mentor their lives.

There are several brilliant orphans who are in school alright, but are still wearing their faded,  worn-out  and out-seized school uniforms and are in need of learning materials or are yet to pay for one fee or another; be it examination fees, school fees or extra classes fees.

There are many more out there who have gained admission to one school or the other but do not have even the admission fees.

There are thousands of children out there who need attention, a listening ear, encouragement, hope and someone to show them the least form of love.

Children in need of love this season are not limited to the ones in our orphanages; the majority of them are the very children we come across on a daily basis; the very ones we send on errands or chance upon dribbling soccer with their bear-foot on the hot pavements under the scorching sun.

I am also referring to children who have no choice but to sell iced-water in traffic jams just to make a living; children who drop out of school to join their parents at work.

I am thinking of the innocent children from poor homes and in need of succour but are being abused by their benefactors; I am thinking of that malnourished child that has no idea what a good piece of balanced meal means.

I am concerned about that teenage girl out there who may not have money to buy a piece of decent pad for her menses; I am worried about that teenage boy in need of money to buy an anti-per spirant for his armpit.

During this season, it would be worthwhile to put a smile on the face of a needy child. They need our help and if we can, please let us give it.

We may not necessarily need to become missionaries or turn our houses into shelter for the homeless child but we can definitely make a difference in the life of a deprived child this season. 

As we make merry this season, let us remember that several thousands of innocent children out there are struggling with the storms of life through no fault of theirs and the slightest intervention from us would be a great relief to them.

Once again I wish you the best compliments of the season as you reach out and touch a needy child to make life more meaningful and easier for him or her. 

Remain Blessed.