Tuesday, December 4, 2012


President John Dramani Mahama has found time during a busy Presidential campaign and three days before the crucial election to tell us all via the Daily Graphic “Why I wrote my book”. 

He uses the article in the state owned newspaper to officially announce the launch in Ghana of his memoire ‘My First Coup d’Etat: memories from the lost decades of Africa’ and urges us all to commit our memories to paper. 

OK, Mr. President, I have a memory and also a question for you?  I remember that you cut short your U.S. book tour and cancelled a prestigious launch event in Atlanta, Georgia at the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library & Museum set for 19th July 2012.

This seemed very strange at the time because Atlanta has a large African-American and Ghanaian population, which is exactly the demographic your US publisher would want sell your book to. So the question is; are you sure it was merely a co-incidence that your cancellation of this event came just a few days before the death of President John Evans Atta Mills?

According to your article in the Daily Graphic the late president’s untimely demise “happened a few short days after my return from the U.S launch of the book, a requirement of the contract with my U.S. based publisher that I fulfilled”.

But that statement is not true is it Mr. President? You did not fulfill all the events planned by your publisher to launch your book. In addition to the cancellation in Atlanta you also cancelled a launch event in Seattle.
According to The Carter Presidential Centre, you had to return to Ghana unexpectedly.  

What were those unexpected events and did they have anything to do with the state of health of the late president? 

As you are keen for us to have an accurate memory of the history of Ghana, I think we all deserve a factual answer.

Christina Bonsu


The peoples and citizens of the Brong Ahafo and Central Regions of Ghana will be wiser than the NDC propagandists think in the December 2012 Presidential and Parliamentary elections. The ethnocentric slogans of John Mahama that “I am one of you” and the “we Northerners are tired of being mates… we Northerners are also ripe for the Presidency and the Post of President is better for Northerners than Vice-President”.

While John Mahama was exploiting ethnocentric sentiments and geographical location of his inheritance to his advantage, he forgot that the same calls have negative boomerang effects against him.

For instance, the people of the Central Region, by John Mahama’s logic, are worse off today than before the well-planned death of the late President John Mills.

The people of Central Region had produced a President in the 2008/2009 Presidential elections. The slogan “Adze wo fie a oye’ used by both Professor JEA Mills and Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom had worked in favour of the Central Region and somehow enabled Professor JEA Mills to become the President to hail from the Central Region. The people of Central Region had realized that they also deserved better than a Vice President and therefore voted massively for their kinsman.

In fact, chiefs from the Volta Region had visited the Central Region, in 2008, in solidarity with their counterparts from the ‘Fanti Land’ to urge them on to vote for President Mills. Atta Mills had tried unsuccessfully on two previous occasions (2000 and 2004) to win the Presidential elections, losing on all those occasions to the Gentle Giant, John Kufuor. Out of sympathy, the people of the Central Region voted massively for their kinsman.

Going by the logic of John Mahama, who reaped where he had not sown, the people of the Central Region should be annoyed with John Mahama. The people of the Central Region have had more Vice Presidents than any other Region.  As an illustration, Dr De-Graft Johnson was the Vice President of Dr Hilla Limann during the PNP Administration of the Third Republic.

During the Forth Republic, the Central Region has had three Vice Presidents and only one President. The Vice Presidents of the Central Region in the 4th Republic are Mr. Kow Nkensen Arkaa (of blessed memory), Professor Evans Atta Mills (of blessed memory) and Mr. Paa Kwesi Amissah Arthur (the incumbent Vice President).  Consequently, as per the logic of John Mahama, the people of the Central Region are tired of the position of Vice President. As a matter of fact the Central Region deserves better.

Of all the Vice Presidents produced by the Central Region, only one – Paa Kwesi Amissah Arthur-has some questionable academic, sexual and professional qualifications. Dr De-Graft Johnson and Professor John Mills all had PHD academic qualifications and were outstanding in their fields (engineering and law).  Mr. Kow Nkensen had both academic and professional competence. The same cannot be said of Uncle Paa Kwesi Amissah Arthur.  Why have the people of the Central Region been denied of the services of the Arkaahs and Mills only to be imposed on with a mediocre personality?
Who caused the death of Professor Mills? Can President John Mahama swear by the Almighty God that he knew nothing about the death of Professor Mills?  Can John Mahama also swear by the local Ghanaian deities especially ANTOA of Ohene Agyekum’s egg fame that he was not an accomplice in the well-planned death of Professor Mills?

Did President John Mahama not tell his people in the North during the 2008 Presidential campaign that they should vote for President Mills who was sick and would die for him (John Mahama) to take over as the President? Has that evil-intention not come to pass? Who is the current President of Ghana?  Is it not John Mahama? How did he become President? Was it not through the killing of President Mills?

Is that how best a Vice President who claimed to be the luckiest in the whole world could treat his boss? Did John Mahama not shed crocodile tears at Cape Coast on Saturday 28th July 2012 by praising Atta Mills as the best mentor, father, brother and friend and yet was responsible for his death. Did John Mahama not leave Atta Mills in Ghana to go to USA, Canada and UK to launch his book, “My first Coup d’├ętat” at a time that Professor Mills had just returned to Ghana from USA after a thorough medical examination (or is it medical treatment). Would John Mahama treat his father or brother that way? Was John Mahama not extremely callous and insensitive to the plight of his benefactor who had given him more space and freedom to operate as a Vice President and de facto President than any Vice President in the whole world?

Was it not Professor Mills’ magnanimity that enabled John Mahama to amass all the ill-gotten wealth that he is splashing about in this year’s electioneering campaign? Where did John Mahama get all the millions of dollars, euros and pound sterling not forgetting the Ghanaian cedis?

Is that the best gratitude to Professor Mills and the people of the Central Region? Why could John Mahama not wait until the Almighty God, at His own time, take the life of Professor Mills?
Why was John Mahama in his early 50’s in a hurry to ‘kill’ Professor Mills to become President?
 Why did John Mahama deny the people of Central Region even the full only-one term- presidency of Professor Mills?  Is it not wickedness, greed, avarice, over-ambition and hypocrisy that took the better part of John Mahama to commit this heinous crime of “pushing out” Professor Mills to become the President?  If the current President, Vice President for 3 years 6 months is “tired of” being a Vice President, what about the people of the Central Region?  Are the people of the Central Region also not tired of having Vice Presidents?  Voters in the Central Region will be wiser than John Mahama and his bunch of criminally – minded evil dwarfs in the NDC think.

Voters in the Central Region must and will vote in protest against John Mahama who has denied them the Presidency and given them a joker, uninspiring Vice President in the person of Paa Kwesi Bekoe Amissah Arthur.

The Central Region deserves the likes of “Stubborn Cat” EN Arkaah, Dr. De Graft Johnson and John Mills not subserviency to John Mahama.

If the case of the Central Region is pathetic and unfortunate then that of the Brong Ahafo Region is sad and regrettable. If there is one Region that has suffered most during the Mills/Mahama and Mahama/ Arthur regimes then it is the Brong Ahafo Region. The NDC regime has victimized the Brong Ahafo Region more than any other Region in the last four years. Rather ironically, the NDC regime has misused citizens of the Brong Ahafo Region to undermine the democracy, unity and economic advancement of Ghana more than any other Region in the last four years.

Contrary to the provisions of the 1992 Constitution, Article 35 (on Directive Principles of State Policy), Brong Ahafo Region currently does not have a Cabinet Minister. Currently Brong Ahafo Region has only two Ministers-all not of Cabinet status. As a matter of fact, Collins Dauda is the only Minister of substance in charge of Transport. The other Minister is Mr. Alex Asum Ahensah, Minister of Chieftaincy. Mr. Collins Dauda was initially made a Minister in charge of Lands and Natural Resources only to be demoted in the only major Cabinet Reshuffle in 2010.

Even with Collins Dauda, it is so sad for people of Brong Ahafo. The animalistic instincts of Collins are there for all Ghanaians to see. This wicked, violent and barbaric person does not deserve an appointment in the name of the people of Brong Ahafo. He is visiting mayhem on the people in Acherensua, Nkasemu and Sankore with any justification. As his blood thirsty teeth and face show, Collins is a Vampire always looking for the blood of innocent law abiding Ghanaians.

On the question of dismissals, pre-mature retirement and victimization, Brong Ahafo Region has suffered most under the NDC. 

Great sons of Brong Ahafo such as Nana Owusu-Nsiah (former IGP), Mr. Felix Ferkah (former Chief Fire Officer), Mr. Gyimah (former MD of National Investment Bank), Nana Adjei-Mensah (former Director of Budget, Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning), Commissioner of Police, Mr. Ofosu Gyeabour (formerly Regional Commander-NR and Director General Technical Services), Colonel Kwadwo Damoah (former Director Manpower Planning, Ghana Armed Forces), Brigadier General JK Nkrumah (former Deputy Commandant MATS), Brigadier General JK Forkuo (former Director General Traning at GHQ), Colonel JK Kumah (former Deputy Director General Plans and Development) and Group Captain  Osei Kyeremeh (former Director of Administration, Airforce Headquarters) among others were high profile citizens of the Brong Ahafo who were victimized and pre-maturely retired, released or dismissed from public service for political and ethnocentric reasons.
It is for these and other reasons that the people of the Brong Ahafo Region would vote wisely against the NDC. While the NDC elevated, promoted and gave numerous appointments and positions to persons from their strongholds in the Cabinet, public and civil service and political positions, the few that citizens of Brong Ahafo had were taken away from them.

There were more cabinet and non cabinet ministers and deputy ministers from the Brong Ahafo Region in the NPP Administration of President Kufuor than the Mills/Mahama and Mahama/Arthur regimes. Stalwarts such as JH Mensah, Professor Ameyaw Akumfi, Kwadwo Adjei-Darko, Professor Gyan Baffour, Alhaji Moctar Bamba, Ernest Debrah, Captain Nkrabeah Effah-Dartey (Rtd), Agyeman-Manu, Andrews Adjei Yeboah, Thomas Broni, Cecilia Gyan, Ama Nyamekye and Ampofo, among several others.

Today, Brong Ahafo Region has only there Deputy Ministers out of which the likes of Dr Hanna Bissiw are rather a shame to the region. The Ghana Armed Forces does not have one Single Brigadier General or equivalent from the Brong Ahafo Region.  

The President and his wife are claiming that a vote for John Mahama means a First Lady for Brong Ahafo. That statement is true but the Brong Ahafo Region has seen a better and First Class First Lady in the person of Mrs. Theresa Kufuor. Mrs. Kufuor was a real mother of the nation. She was and is a decent woman by all standards. She represented real womanhood in Ghana and Africa like Nana Konadu.

Mrs. Kufuor was an accomplished woman in her nursing profession. She had trained academically and professionally in the United Kingdom with academic degree and professional skills, competences, experiences and abilities. Can the same be said of Mrs. Lordina Mahama, an Ordinary level School Certificate holder? Oh No! Brong Ahafo Region had Mrs. Kufuor for eight continuous years as the First Lady of Ghana with dignity, decency and respect.
What is the hallmark of Mrs. Mahama?

It is corruption!!! Where did she get money to go into estate development? Before the husband became the Vice-President of Ghana, what was Lordina’s business level? What was the capital structure and quantum of Mrs. Lordina Mahama’s estate development business? Is it not by the ‘grace of the deals and connections’ of John Mahama that Lordina became a real estate developer overnight? Can Lordina tell Ghanaians what she used her Ordinary level Certificate for? What had Lordina been doing between 1985 and 2009? Ghanaians and especially people from the Brong Ahafo are interested in that?

Did anybody in Brong Ahafo see Mrs. Theresa Kufuor sharing T-shirts, pieces of cloth, money, food items and other material things as Mrs. Lordina Mahama is doing in the Brong Ahafo and other Regions? Why did Lordina not start sharing those things from 2009 but waited until her husband’s bid to become elected President? Why is Lordina not satisfied with her present undeserving status?   
The people of Brong Ahafo have been cheated on two importance occasions as far as educational institutions are concerned. In the 1990’s when the NDC government decided to establish a Polytechnic each in the ten regions of Ghana; the existing Sunyani Technical Institute was converted into a Polytechnic without a provision for re-locating the original Technical Institute.
The location, premises and facilities of Sunyani Technical Institute (SUTEC) were converted into S-POLY thus denying the region any public Technical Institute. All cries for the re-establishment of Sunyani Technical Institute or a public Technical Institute any part of the entire Brong Ahafo Region fell on deaf ears.

As part of the propaganda of the Mills/Mahama NDC government, a sod-cutting ceremony took place in 2010 to establish a Public University in Sunyani (University of Natural Renewable Resources) alongside the University in HO.

Again, the establishment of a Public University in Sunyani has led to the denial of the people of Brong Ahafo the enjoyment of an existing public University. The original School of Forestry which was made a Faculty of KNUST as a Faculty of Renewable Resources under the Kufuor Administration has now been converted into a yet-to-be-established University whereas Level 400 students of KNUST are still on campus. The only thing that the propagandist government of the NDC has done is to paint the buildings a dirty cream color instead of the original beautiful green color. Not a single block or equipment has been provided. The existing structures are to be used. Thus, just as in the 1990s, the NDC government is deceiving the people of Brong Ahafo with the establishment of a new University whereas in fact the Region is worse off because they have been denied the use of an existing University while a dream of a new university has just been conceived.

In the event that the new university takes off, the net effect for the Region will be zero-i.e. lose one university-KNUST and gain another university-UNR. But at the moment, the Brong Ahafo Region is worse off as it has one institution less on its inventory.

Unlike the HO University where a real Management Team was put in place and some infrastructural developments have taken place, in the case of Sunyani, no such things have happened. Yet, the NDC is on top of the roofs trumpeting that it has built two new universities, one for Brong Ahafo and the other for the Volta Region.

As if that was not enough, the NDC is falsely preaching that it would establish a public university each in all the remaining reasons that do not have public universities.

An akan adage says that if the naked promises clothes for the wretched then the wretched should first look at the naked to decide whether or not to believe such a promise. The NDC is known for lies, deceit, deception, propaganda and mendacity. One trusts the NDC at one’s own peril.

The people of Brong Ahafo are reminded that their greatest enemy is the NDC. It is the P/NDC that made a lot of prominent chiefs, businessmen, farmers, academicians and professional of the Region poor or poorer. The Region has suffered untold hardships at the hands of P/NDC.

Several citizens of the Brong Ahafo were either killed or died as a result of the harassment, victimization, intimidation, brutalities and barbarism of P/NDC, their agents and officials.
Today, true to its policy of divide and rule, the NDC is using citizens of the Brong Ahafo Region to destroy the democracy, peace and security of the country. The likes of Yaw Boateng Gyan, Aseidu Nkeitah, Collins Dauda, Boakye-Djan, Eric Opoku, Hanna Bissiw as officials and Members of the NDC are deeply involved in activities that are destroying the peace of the country, creating instability, engineering and executing atrocities, barbarism, violence and harassment of all magnitude and levels.

If one listens to the tape of Yaw Boateng Gyan, the violence meted out on daily basis by Collins Dauda, Eric Opoku, Hanna Bissiw, Kwadwo Nyamekye-Marfo and Major Boakye Djan-all citizens of Brong Ahafo-then one is saddened that the NDC is using energies that could have been channeled for better purposes into barbaric, nefarious and negative purposes.

Again, Aseidu-Nketiah is using his position as General Secretary and influence in the NDC to launch verbal and physical attacks on all manner of persons and personalities. Aseidu-Nketiah has also been insulting former Presidents Rawlings and Kufuor with impunity. Aseidu-Nketiah has also been attacking Nana Akufo-Addo incessantly without provocation and justification. Aseidu-Nketiah has been threatening mayhem, fire and brimstone. He led NDC thugs and hooligans in the 2008 elections to attack the Electoral Commission and Security Agents. He has been organizing Ivoirians for violent atrocities and operations in Ghana. Aseidu-Nketiah uses his contacts and relations in the Ivory Coast for negative and violent purposes.

If the actions, activities and behavior of the NDC officials, members and Ministers in the Brong Ahafo Region are bad then those of Dr. Kwadwo Afari Gyan are most reprehensible, unacceptable and disgraceful to the people of Brong Ahafo and the region itself. Whereas the likes of the Yaw Gyans, Collins Dauda, Eric Opoku, Hanna Bissiw, Boakye-Djan, Nyamekye-Marfo and Aseidu-Nketiah may be disturbing, the peace, democracy, political and economic development of Ghana, the actions and omissions of Dr. Kwadwo Afari Gyan, the Chairman of the EC, goes to the fundamental roots and foundations of our 4th Republic status.

The conduct of free and fair elections may enhance and deepen our democracy and 4th Republican status or the partial deliberate gerrymandering and rigging in favour of the NDC by Dr. Afari Gyan and his EC would destroy our country forever. For some inexplicable reasons, Dr Afari Gyan has been unnecessarily stubborn, recalcitrant and unreasonable in the conduct of the 2012 elections. So many things have gone on wrongly and distastefully through the undemocratic and unreasonable conduct of Dr. Afari Gyan. The electoral register for the 2012 elections is not ready as at 26 November 2012 when elections are only days away. That is the danger being created by Dr Gyan.
The people of Brong Ahafo should vote for the NPP and against the NDC for all the above reasons, maltreatment and disgrace meted out to the Region and its people by the NDC and its notorious citizens from the Region. Brong Ahafo and Central Region should vote wisely for the NPP and not the NDC.