Tuesday, November 6, 2012


My dear General Peter Augustine Blay, May I take this opportunity to congratulate you with retrospective effect from March 2009, albeit in a belated manner. Most of us in this community accepted your appointment in good faith not because you were the best Brigadier General, on merit, at the time but because at least you were the senior-most Brigadier General, having been promoted with Major General SA Odotei on the same date.

We had been saddened by the appointment of juniors, who by merit and standards were inferior to the likes of E Okyere, R Debrah, DK Frimpong and CS Modey, as Service Chiefs. At least in your case, the traditions of seniority in service and ranks of persons of the same rank had been respected, even if merit had been subordinated to political expediency.

Our community was quickly reminded that the P/NDC government had appropriately rewarded you for serving on one of its bodies in the Western Region in the early 1980s as the Chairman. For investigations, trials, witch hunting and revolutionary justice not based on the rule of law but justice as seen by usurpers such as the Ahwois and Tsikatas. I was reminded that Lieutenant Issa Wuni was one of the members of your committee when you were also a Captain.

Your appointment, in a way, was analogous to those of Fiifi Kweteys, Benyinwa Does, Ofosu Ampofos, Omane Boamoahs, Hannah Bisiws, Twum Boafos and Opunis. All these persons were rewarded for their senseless propaganda and the lies they told about a sitting government including the selling of Gold Reserves, ‘non-existing’ Bank Accounts with the Prudential Banks and a Cocaine induced economy. Thus, the NDC knows its own and would reward them at the appropriate time.
We, in this community, have also been told that you were one of the principal staff officers of the former Army Commander, General JH Smith. According to the source, General JH Smith was more comfortable with your appointment as you were predictably more malleable and humble than the E Okyeres, SA Odoteis, CS Modeys, MM Tahirus and Quashies who are more principled and not as “eye service” compliant as your good self.

Events in the military between 31st March 2009 and 12th March 2009, at the time that you had been had made the CDS to terminate the Acting Capacity of Rear Admiral AS Nuno, and beyond to date have been very unfortunate, to say the least.

Ethnocentrism and political considerations have taken the best part of the military in all its activities-promotions, appointments, postings, transfers, recruitment, enlistment, training and courses.

Several officers from the Ashanti, Brong Ahafo and Eastern Regions were released either prematurely or just on time while their Ewe and Northern counterparts who are by far over-aged were allowed to continue in service. Thus, while Commodore F Daley (65 years old), Brigadier General PK Opoku (63 years old) and Colonel Kwashie (64 years) are still in the service, Colonels K Damoah and Adoteye Asare in their early 50s have been pushed out of the military on purely ethnic and political grounds.

You have also presided over the appointment of “Nyebros” and NDC members only as Commanding Officers and Commanders of our Infantry Commands Battalions, Regiments, Bases, Units and Sub-Units. The likes of Akou-Adjei (VR), Dawohoso (VR), Gbetanu (VR), Lithur (VR), Parbey (VR), Mustapha (VR), Agyapong (VR), Gameli (VR), Gagakuma (VR), Ntem (VR), Dzisi, Nagai (ER Krobo-Die-hard NDC), Ayisa (ER Krobo Die hard NDC), Kponyo (VR-die-hard NDC) and MKG Ahiaglo (VR-die-hard NDC) have given juicy and strategic appointments. At the General and Service Headquarters, several “Nyebros” are occupying appointments as Director Generals and Directors while Akans from the Ashanti, Brong Ahafo and Eastern Regions have been marginalized and are being victimized unnecessary and unjustifiably.

Officers from the Volta Region and members of the NDC have been put in strategic positions to ensure that the NDC is able to rig the forthcoming elections. Plans were initiated as far back as 2009, when you were appointed as the CDS, to position the Nyebros and criminally minded officers with NDC persuasion to control the strategic and tactical interests of the Ghana Armed Forces. For instance, Brigadier General George Partington was appointed the Director General Joint Operations at a time that he was a “vegetable” and was in a wheel chair.

Then Colonel DK Mishio was made the Deputy Director General (JOPs) and thus was the de facto Director General. A few months later, Colonel Mishio whose best friend is one Airforce Officer by name John Teye, was promoted Brigadier General and appointed Director General while Brigadier General George Partington was a Principal Staff Officer at the National Security Secretariat. Certainly, General Partington is being rewarded for his revolutionary justice during the PNDC days.
Members of this community should not forget that he was the officer sent by an Airforce plane to Sunyani to convey Cpl Halidu Gyiwah and others, who had been arrested in the Brong Ahafo Region, to Accra. All those persons arrested were killed extra judicially around the Airforce Bases in Accra and buried in unmarked graves to date. 

It is interesting to note that General Partington handed over the command of 64 Infantry Regiment to General Mishio who also handed over the unit to Lieutenant Colonel AK Gbevlo-Lartey. Straight away, the connections and relationships are clearly established. These persons were dreaded Commanding Officers of the 64 Infantry Regiment. But they should not forget that they are mortal human beings and may not always be allowed by God to be killing or meting out pain and suffering to innocent Ghanaians on purely ethnic and political grounds. They should not forget how Lieutenant Colonel Quashie, a former Commanding Officer of the then Forces Reserve Battalion (FRB), now 64 Infantry Regiment died.

General Dan Mishio as DG (JOPs) with Colonel SK Adeti as Director Army Operations, General ‘chairman of residents association and assassin’ IB Quartey, currently the Commander Support Services Brigade and additionally Special Supreme Commander of the Special Forces for the December 2012 elections partnering the Directors General of Police Operations and Criminal Investigations Department, COPs Kudalor and Ablor respectively are ready to do as directed by Lt. Colonel Gbevlo-Lartey and General Nunoo- Mensah to bring mayhem, violence and intimidation before, during and after the 2012 general elections.

With all humility and respect to you, General PA Blay, all the evil plans of the NDC using the military to intimidate, maim, kill, harass and victimize innocent Ghanaians because they don’t support your political tradition is senseless, wicked, most stupid and are being executed in phases under your watch as the Chief of Defence Staff of the Ghana Armed Forces. I ask only a simple question:  why not bury your political enemies so that you and your god-fathers live and rule Ghana forever?

Currently, persons from the various units in the Ghana Armed Forces have been selected based on their ethnic and political background to constitute the Special Forces and are receiving training at Asutuare, Achiase and other locations to be used for election violence and State of Emergency orchestration to enable the incompetent and irresponsible governments of Atta/Mahama and Mahama/Arthur to retain power against the wish and to the chagrin of peace-loving, peaceful, objective-minded and progressive Ghanaians. 

Gen PA Blay, you are the CDS of the Ghana Armed Forces. You have a constitutional role to perform. The 1992 Constitution of Ghana vests in you adequate and competent capacity to deal with operational and administrative command and control matters of the Ghana Armed Forces subject to only the directions of the Armed Forces Council on matters of policy. For the avoidance of any doubt, the relevant provisions of the 1992 Constitution and Armed Forces Act Act 105, are as follows: Article 210 (1) of the 1992 Ghanaian Constitution states that “there shall be the Armed Forces of Ghana which shall consist of the Army, Navy and the Airforce and such other services for which provision is made by Parliament (2) No person shall raise an armed force except by or under the authority of an Act of Parliament”.

Article 213 of the Constitution provides that “The Chief of Defence Stafff of the Armed Forces shall, subject to the provisions of this article, and to the control and direction of the Armed Forces Council on matters of policy, be responsible for the administrative and the operational control and command of the Armed Forces.

Article 214 (1) states that the Armed Forces Council shall advise the President on matters of policy relating to defence and strategy including the role of the Armed Forces, military budgeting and finance, administration and the promotion of officers above the rank of Lieutenant Colonel or its equivalent.

By virtue of Article 1(2) of the 1992 Constitution, the provisions of the Armed Forces Act, Act 105 should be read in line with the 1992 Constitution. Article 1(2) states that the 1992 Constitution shall be the supreme law of Ghana and any other found to be inconsistent with any provision of the 1992 Constitution shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be void.

The Armed Forces of Ghana are therefore to be run in line with the 1992 Constitution, Act 105, Regulations Orders and CSIPs, of the Armed Forces. So over to you, Mr. CDS, General PA Blay.
You have a constitutional mandate as the CDS to use the personnel and resources of the Ghana Armed Forces for legitimate and lawful purposes. General PA Blay, the sovereign people of Ghana are crying and calling on you to ensure that no single Ghanaian blood is spilled by the greedy NDC politicians, evil NDC dwarfs (old and new), arrogant and disrespectful babies with protruding teeth biting harder than adults and parading as ministers of state, corrupt baby and adult ministers, parliamentarians, MCEs/DCEs, Party Officials and functionaries looting state coffers left, centre, and right.

It is the desire by these corrupt politicians from head to toe in the NDC (never witnessed in the annals of Ghana) to retain power to cover their deeds and to enjoy their booty within and outside Ghana that they are leaving no stone unturned to use all the state resources available (including the Electoral Commission) to make the NDC win the elections.

Dr. Kwadwo Afari Gyan, the two deputy Chairmen of the EC, permanent and non permanent members of the EC working along the length and breath of the country are bent on satisfying the over-ambition of President by default John Mahama to become an elected President. Already, it is against public policy for a person to benefit from his criminal acts. Yet, President Mahama, who should have been satisfied by the fact that he was the luckiest Veep in the whole world and has become the second “Jonathan Goodluck unelected President” of Ghana, is bent on fulfilling his ambition as expressed by his late father to become the elected President of Ghana at all costs and by all means.

Already, ‘the tainted hands’ of President Mahama in the death of Professor JEA Mills disqualify him from becoming the elected President of Ghana on grounds of public policy. The Almighty God will not allow it to happen!!!

This inordinate over-ambition of John Mahama and the filthy hands of the ‘unseen rulers’ are compelling all the institutions of state, and most importantly, the Ghana Armed Forces, to rally behind the NDC to steal, cheat and rig the elections through intimidation, harassment,  victimization and perpetration of violence. But the evil that men do will surely live after them!!

Owing to one man’s insatiable and unquenchable quest for political power not to work for Ghanaians, as he is mendaciously publicizing on numerous billboards, he does not care about how many people are killed, maimed, disabled, violently injured, displaced, or made refugees in other countries. Rather hypocritically, the ‘never-to-be-trusted’ President of Ghana (courtesy the killing of Professor JEA Mills), is preaching peace while in fact and in deed he is preparing for war at all levels.
The NDC is using the military, which has the most lethal of the coercive and fire powers in the country, to prepare for a series of battles and wars in the round up to and after the elections in December 2012.

As the constitutionally mandated Ghanaian public office holder responsible for the Ghana Armed Forces, General Peter Augustine Blay is urgently being called upon by the chiefs and people, the religious leaders, opinion leaders, mothers, children, vulnerable and ordinary citizens of Ghana to prevent the execution of any diabolical, treacherous, treasonable, unlawful, illegitimate, unconstitutional and unorthodox plans means of using the Ghana Armed Forces to achieve political and parochial objectives of the NDC and President Mahama.

General Blay is to ensure that the Ghana Armed Forces remain loyal to the 1992 Constitution to serve the interest of the sovereign people of Ghana in an impartial, fair and just manner. General Blay is advised not follow the footsteps of General JH Smith, who as an Army Commander issued beautiful directives to troops to remain loyal, neutral and impartial in the elections and yet behind the scenes teamed up with the Gbevlo-Larteys, Anyidohos, NDC Ministers, Party functionaries, Professor JEA Mills and others to dabble activity in politics and the electoral process of 2000.

In spite of what General JH Smith, Anyidoho, Lieutenant Colonel Gbevlo-Lartey, Lieutenant Colonel PK Agudogo, Colonel Theo Tawiah and others did, the Lord Almighty liberated Ghanaians from the oppression and evil ways of the evil dwarfs of the NDC.

History is likely to repeat itself in the 2012 elections. God Almighty will respond to the cries of Ghanaians. Majority of Ghanaians are suffering at the hands of the incompetent NDC government. Poverty, disease, ignorance and lack of economic development are manifesting themselves in all parts of Ghana. Majority of Ghanaians cannot afford one square meal in Ghana today. Most parents cannot pay the school fees for their children in second cycle institutions as well as in tertiary institutions.

Ghanaians cannot pay the premium on their Health Insurance Policy and consequently are slowly dying because of inability to access medical care and treatment. Ghanaian traders do not have effective demand for their goods and are running at losses.

General PA Blay, the Service Chiefs, the Commanders of Bases and Commanders, Commanding Officers, Officers and men of the various unit of the Ghana Armed Forces are please requested to be patriotic, nationalistic and should think about Ghana first. Please do not allow this beautiful country of ours to be destroyed by politicians, who have acquired more than necessary and do not think about the worries of the ordinary Ghanaians.

General PA Blay, you have been on various peace support operations and know what war, civil war, civil disobedience, strife, insurrection and disturbances have done to countries such as Lebanon, Cambodia, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Congo and Ivory Coast.

General Blay, do you want similar incidents to take place in Ghana? How are you going to prevent that? Your predecessors-General Akafia and JB Danquah did it in 2000 and 2008 respectively. What are you also doing to stop the senseless carnage that have been planned by Dr. Afari Gyan and his EC, Yaw Boateng Gyan and his NDC, Asiedu Nketiah and his Ivorian mercenaries, Ofosu Kwakye and his mercenaries,Gbevlo-Lartey and his numerous groups sent to South Africa, Cuba, Libya and Venezuela. God is watching all those movements. Peace shall prevail.

Yours in Service,

The One who Saved You