Monday, August 1, 2016

Wonkye Ndi Promotions (2)

Is it not for same hidden agenda of the “Mad Man’s Eye” that Major General Samson Kudjo Adeti, an Ewe, is the Chief of Staff of the Ghana Armed Forces? Yes. The truth of the matter is that Major General Samson Kudjo Adeti is to play and coordinate the roles of hatchet man, master strategist and even master tactician. This wicked, insensitive and ‘greedy’ General is to be merciless, brutal and repressive.

He is to take direct command of some troops to undertake all kinds of nefarious activities with or without the prior knowledge of Service, Command and Formation Chiefs. He was able to undertake these types of “clandestine operations” in the Central and Northern Commands of the Ghana Army when in fact he was the General Officer Commanding (GOC) of the Southern Command of the Ghana Army until he was elevated to the status of Chief of Staff early this year.

The man ADETI has been so powerful and untouchable that all forms of allegations concerning his morality, sincerity, uprightness and integrity had to be brushed aside by the Armed Forces Council and even resulted in the termination of appointment of a Service Commander, Major General Richard Opoku Adusei.

He is believed to be more suitable for the criminally –minded operations that are to be undertaken between now and January 2017. That explains why Major General Bobson Gbemmieh Saagbul (the immediate past Chief Of Staff) was retired at the age of 61 years instead of the possible allowable 63 years for Major Generals and their equivalents.

Major General SG Saagbul had been appointed Chief Of Staff and given a two star General status to appease the Sissalas of the Upper West Region after the PNDC and its off-shoot NDC had humiliated Dr. Hilla Limann, the first Northerner to be elected as a President of the Third Republic of Ghana.

With Brigadier Generals Musah Whajah (no nonsense Ranger), Stanley Brian Alloh, Comas Bretu Alhassan in charge of the Southern, Northern and Central Commands respectively of the Ghana Army, members of this community are not in doubt at all about the changes that happened on 1 July 2016.

Other strategic appointments at the General Headquarters and Service Headquarters have been made in a well-crafted and coordinated manner.

For instance, the appointment of Brigader General Nicholas Kwami Kporku (my best friend…laugh out loud wai) as the Director General (Joint Operations) is very critical and relevant for the ‘criminal operations’ to be conducted against the enemies.

With Major General Adeti as the Chief Of Staff, Brigadier General NK Kporku will have the necessary support, assistance, encouragement and motivation to plan and execute these operations. Before this current appointment, my friend Kporku had been the Director of Army Peacekeeping Operations (DAPKOP) at the Army Headquarters for over three years (since 26 April 2013) where he showed his no nonsense but tribally motivated colours and got himself axed or replaced by sacked Major General Richard Opoku Adusei.

Another strategic appointment reserved for the Volta Region is the Office of the Military Secretary. This is the office that makes or unmakes an officer whether in the Army, Navy or Airforce.

The Military Secretary’s appointment has been given to Brigadier General Christopher Kwadwo Gyasensir from Northern Volta Region. The appointment had been in the hands of Naval Commodore Moses Beick-Baffour (from Central Volta) since 20 December 2013.

Naval Commodore Moses Beick-Baffour had been appointed Deputy Military Secretary in February 2009. He was deputy to Brigadier General Seidu Mumuni Adams, a friend of our leader of our community. When Brigadier General SM Adams was “rewarded” with the appointment of DMNAA Washington DC (USA) in October 2013, then Naval Captain Moses Beick-Baffour was made to act and later confirmed as the Military Secretary. Thus, since the Atta-Mahama and Mahama-Arthur regimes took power on 7 January 2009, the powerful office of the Military Secretary has been in the hands of the ‘Batakari and Agbadza’ fraternities only with the ‘ABEs’ being offered short-lived Deputy Military Secretary appointments intermittently.

As a matter of fact, Seidu Adams-Beick-Baffour periods saw the premature retirement of several officers from the ‘ABEs’ and the retention of the ‘Batakari and Agbadza’ dynasties. Over-aged ‘Batakari and Agbadza’ members were cleverly posted, appointed and promoted to undeserving higher ranks to ‘escape’ retirement while deserving ABEs were denied postings, appointments and promotions that could ensure their retention or stay for at least a few more years (such as three years).

Whereas very young in age and service ‘Batakari and Agbadza’ members were promoted to have longer stay in our community, several ABEs were deliberately pushed into the “relegation zone” to be retired. Three specific examples were the promotions of Brigadier Generals Anthony Komla Adokpa (GH/1957), Enusah Abdulai (GH/1915) and Anthony Kwasi Dzisi (GH/2334).

In the case of Brigadier General E Abdulai, he was promoted from Colonel to Brigadier General on 26 April 2013 when had reached his compulsory retiring age on 10 April 2013. He was promoted Brigadier General when he was the Deputy MILAD in New York, USA and seconded to the Controller and Accountant General’s Department in an unprecedented manner. This was at a time that there was a sitting Brigadier General as the Defence Financial Controller. 

Brigadier General E Abdulai was the only Colonel promoted Brigadier General in that Military Secretary’s publication. It was very clear that he was to be promoted to escape compulsory retirement on account of age while other ABE officers judged as politically and ethnocentrically incorrect were to be released contemporaneously.

Similarly, Brigadier General Anthony Komla Adokpa was promoted from Colonel to Brigadier General on 20th December 2013 after he had “over-stayed” his compulsory retiring age by nine (9) solid months.

Born on 20th March 1956, General Adokpa reached his compulsory retiring age of 57 years on 20th March 2013.  But because he is a member of the ‘Agbadza’ cabal, a member of several public Boards including the Divestiture Implementation Committee or Board and a founding member of the ruling party, he was given our leader’s ‘prerogative overstay’ and subsequently promoted Brigadier General at a time that several ABE officers were shown the exit.

Another manifestation of the hatred against ABEs and special favor for the members of the cabal was the promotion of Brigadier General Anthony Kwasi Dzisi. Just as it happened in the case of  Anthony Komla Adokpa (note both of them are Anthonys), then Colonel Dzisi reached his compulsory retirement on account of age on 10th May 2016 having 10th May 1959 as his birth-date.

Fortunately for him, he was promoted Brigadier General in March 2016. To hide this cunning act of the cabal, his senior in service and rank, then Colonel Constance Emefa Edjeani-Afenu (GH/2140), was also promoted Brigadier General.

General Edjeani-Afenu was not in danger of compulsory retirement by age as her brother Komla Dzisi since her birth date is surprisingly 5th March 1960 (a year younger than Komla Dzisi). But the two of them were promoted on the same day to the enviable and honorable rank of Brigadier General in order to hide the real intentions behind the “SPECIAL TREATMENT” given to Anthony Komla Dzisi who has been made the Defence Financial Controller. 
These developments were against the background of the unfair treatment given to some officers of the ABEs. Three examples would be very pertinent to demonstrate the discriminatory nature of some people in our community.

Colonels Alex Kofi Appiah-Agyapong, Anthony Kofi Asare and Cecilia Akyiaa Gambrah were in similar situations as the Adokpas, Dzisis and Edjeanis and yet were denied just and fair treatment because they are from the ABE zone.

For instance Colonel AK Appiah-Agyapong was made to “mark time” when there were several vacancies and appointments that he could fit into based on his professional development, qualifications, merit, experience and knowledge. But that was not to be. With 26th October 1956 as his birth-date, Colonel Appiah Agyapong was released in August 2013 just before he had his compulsory retiring age of 57 years while General Adokpa was given our leader’s “prerogative over-stay” from March 2013 to 20th December 2013 before he was promoted from Colonel to Brigadier General.

The Military Secretary ( a member of the cabal) was in a hurry to retire Colonel Appiah-Agyapong but was reluctant to give even an intended notice of release to the untouchable Adokpa.

Similarly, Colonel Akyiaa Gambrah whose 57th birth date fell in April 2013 was also shown the exit while Adokpa was enjoying his over-stay which eventually metamorphosed into a promotion to the rank of Brigadier General.

Is this not a case of the Animal farm? If the case of then Colonel CE Edjeani-Afenu was based on “Gender issues” why wouldn’t the powers-that-be extend the same criteria to Colonel Akyiaa Gambrah who was senior in service and rank to Colonel CE Edjeani-Afenu?

If it was a question of magnanimity, why couldn’t the authorities widen the scope to cover her too? Certainly the gender balance clause is invoked when its affects a cabal member but NOT when it affects an ABE.
Colonel Anthony Kofi Asare was in a similar tight corner as Appiah-Agyspong and Akyiaa Gambrah. 

Colonel AK Asare had been made to act as the GOC Northern Command in Kumasi when then Brigadier General Richard Opoku-Adusei was elevated from GOC and appointed Chief of Army Staff in March 2013.

Unfortunately, Colonel Asare was shown the exit a few weeks later and in his stead then Colonel JA Boampong was the GOC Northern Command and promoted Brigadier General. Thus, one leg of ABE in, one leg of ABE out!!! 

NB: Somebody extend my regards to Lieutenant Colonels Wumbei, Ayoringo and Attipoe-Dumashie and their lawyer for me….the issue must be revisited again or?

They claim you collected $5000 from every soldier from Southern Command who went on Peace Keeping Operations and now they claim our community’s rent deductions and 24% electricity and water charges on soldiers and officers are deposited in your account….ayoooo…my head is not BoG ooooooo
How many Brigadier Generals are from Odo baako p3, Madam Lordina Mahama’s home-region….any help members?