Monday, July 25, 2016

Wonkye Ndi Promotions

The real character of our Commander In Chief and his associates has been demonstrated in the military’s secretary’s publication of 1st July 2016 and the statement issued by the leader of our community in the “sacking” of Major General Richard Opoku-Adusei and the immediate appointment of Major General Obed Boamah Akwa (GH/1671) in his place. 

The withdrawal of the routine guards on duty at No 2 Roman Ridge (the official residence of the Chief of Army Staff) with those believed to be loyal to the UNTOUCHABLE Chief of Staff, Major General Sampson Kudjo Adeti in a very bizarre manner leaves much to be desired.

As if that was not enough, the quickly arranged and humiliating manner in which the handing/taking over between Major General Richard Opoku-Adusei and Obed Boamah Akwa took place vividly demonstrate the ingratitude of the umbrella and its entire fraternity. As long as one is found useful to the umbrella, one would be hailed and praised but as soon as one is seen or behaved to have outlived one’s usefulness (from the spectacles of the umbrella) one is disgracefully dumped in the dust bin as has happened to Major General Richard Opoku-Adusei. 

In other to achieve an undeserved “third term”, very strategic and tactical promotions have been made. Relatively younger men in service, poorer in military knowledge, maturity and experience have been promoted Generals and Colonels within a very short period of time during the combined Presidency of Mills and Mahama. 

Within a matter of four to six years, questionable characters have been promoted to and from the rank of Colonel and Generals. It is no longer a question of merit, morality, maturity and standards but a question of animal loyalty pregnant with wicked infections, atrocities, barbarism, callousness and vindictiveness. It is the likes of the Adetis, Adokpas, Fiawoos, Degbes, Mustaphas, Alhassans, Ntems, Oforis, Abus, Santrofis and Dzisis.
It is now the reign of politically corrupt, militarily wicked and ethnocentrically correct members of our community.

The postings and appointments show the wicked intentions and biases of shade that the politically and ethnocentrically correct ones  can have under the umbrella while the perceived politically and tribally incorrect ones are chased out of our community, victimized, humiliated and left to the vagaries of the volatile political and economic mess created and deepened by the P/NDC.

How come that all these fine officers have been found unsuitable for positions as Director Generals, Formation Commanders, Commandants but their juniors have been elevated to the status of Generals (one and two stars)? The fine officers include Brigadier Generals Samuel Yanyi Akofur (GH/1834), Alfred Issah Wuni (GH/1835), Emmanuel Tetteh Akunor (GH/1859), Joseph Kwankye (GH/1838), Comodores Seth Vincent Aidoo Coomson (GH/1969), Mark Ransford Nanabayin Yawson (GH/1974) and Group Captain John Emmanuel Kojo Ankah?

These fine officers have been shown the exit. Meanwhile a certain pattern has been established by the ethnocentric guys in our community. After the death of our former Commander In Chief, the current leader appointed his kinsmen, Brigadier General Seidu Mumuni Adams (GH/1782), as the Defence, Military, Navy, Air attaché (DMNAA) on 14th October 2013. 

On 1st July, 2016 the current leader has again appointed another kinsmen Brigadier General Alhassan Abu (GH/2023) as the DMNAA to the office of the DMNAA, Washington DC, USA.
Similarly in March 2009, the former leader appointed then Commodore Geoffrey Mawuli Biekro (GH/1668) as the Chief of Staff to see to the 2012 elections while the current leader has appointed Major General Sampson Kudjo Adeti as the Chief of Staff. The common denominator is that they are all Ewes willing and able to cause a lot of havoc to non Ewes especially those from the ABE Zone of Ashanti, Brong Ahafo and Eastern Regions.

What was done to then Colonel Kofi Asare under Commodore Biekro has been done to Naval Captain Emmanuel Kofi Ankamah. Under the same bizarre circumstances that then Acting GOC of the Northern Command of the Ghana Army, Colonel Kofi Asare was made to go on compulsory retirement when he could been promoted Brigadier General commensurate with his appointment, Naval Captain Emmanuel Kofi Ankamah has been retired while his closet friends and mates Naval and Air Commodores Seth Amoama (GH/2157) and Griffiths Santrofi Evans (GH/2027) have been promoted to the ranks of Rear Admiral and Air Vice Marshal respectively.

Is it not strange that while Captain (GN) EK Ankamah does not deserved even the rank of Commodore, his colleagues have passed that rank and are today two star Generals (Rear Admiral and Air Vice Marshal)?

What was the crime of Captain (GN) Ankamah?

He had risen with his close friend Amoama from A/SLT to Lt Cdr without any hitch. But the first hitch happened in 2007 when Amaoma and Evans got their ranks to Commander and Wing Commander respectively. Then came 2012 and 2013 under the umbrella and again Amaoma and Evans got promoted to the ranks of Commodore leaving behind Ankamah who got his Naval Captain rank in 2008.

In the cases of Kofi Asare and Kofi Ankamah they were supposed to be politically correct as the all fly under the umbrella but unfortunately they were found to be ethnocentrically incorrect. The two Kofis are all from the ABE Zone, specifically the Brong Ahafo Region.

Our leader pretends to love the people of Brong Ahafo presumably because his wife, Madam Lordina Mahama is from the region. However, it seems he hates military personnel from that region. I can cite many examples but I won’t because many members of this community are aware already.

Those who remember Kofi Ankamah and Seth Amoama very well know that both of them attended courses together especially in India and Pakistan where they move together as real brothers. They brought the same type of salon cars with diesel engines and bluish color (Navy biased) to match.

Today Kofi Ankamah has been retired as a Naval Captain while Seth Amoama is flying high as a Rear Admiral and the Commandant of the Ghana Armed Forces Command and Staff College. With 18 March 1959 as his birth date, Rear Admiral Seth Amoama can be in the Ghana Armed Forces until March 2022 even if he does not get promoted beyond Rear Admiral. What a demonstration of injustice and unfairness!!!

Eh, Ghana Airforce too…… so it is all a question of rewarding only those who are politically and ethnocentrically correct? 

I cannot think far about the appointment of Air Vice Marshal Griffiths Santrofi Evans as Commandant of KAIPTC. This combines beautifully with the appointments of Air Commodore Joseph Yaotse Morgan Nyadodui (GH/2181) and Group Captain Elvis King Arneson (GH/2606) as Defence Adviser for New Delhi, India and Cario, Egypt respectively!!

The common denominator is that both are Ewes and members of the cabal that exercises control over both the current Chief of Air Staff, AVM Maxwell Mantserbi Nagai and Chief of Naval Staff, Rear Admiral Peter Kofi Faidoo.

Again, the situation in the Airforce is close to that in the Navy. While there are very senior Naval Captains, the cabal was at Kofi Faidoo’s throat to send a member to London as a Deputy Defence Adviser. That explains the appointment of Naval Captain Francis AYITEVI NYARKO (GH/2618).  PLEASE DO NOT BE DECEIVED BY THE NAME NYARKO. 

And AVM Maxwell Mantserbi Nagai rewarded Colonel John Felix Nana Kwame Freeman (GH/2345). Colonel JFNK Freeman has been rewarded with the position of Deputy Military Adviser (MILAD) at the office of MILAD United Nations Headquarters New York. I know that the former Army Commander wanted him to stay at the Airforce Headquarters as the accountant or sort so I am shocked he is travelling outside. 

AVM Maxwell Mantserbi Nagai, can you tell us (members) something about this reward? Or are you afraid?  

NB: I hear the Ghana Armed Forces is going to recruit 3,000 personnel for the three arms and Colonel SK Adorkor is going to lead that…interesting I can say

And the contractor was invited by the BNI for questioning over what I don’t know…eh….

I just love Brigadier General Kporku…..whaaaat….you do all wai…power sweet and you really showed it on 1 July 2016….how dare he remove us from our ‘connection’ point where we get something small to help our side-chicks and friends, bravo man.