Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Comrades of our dear and lovely community, I salute all of you for the good job that you have been doing over the years even though some of us are bringing the name of our noble profession into disrepute in various ways. May the Almighty God bless all the service personnel and civilian employees who have been very nationalistic, patriotic and diligent in the performance of their duties and roles!

May such persons be shining examples to affect and influence positively the behavior, conduct and attitude of all the deviant service personnel who are not working in the national interest but are pursing selfish, parochial, ethnocentric and political interests while in the national colours. May the Almighty Allah, ever merciful, gracious and benevolent benefactor reveal Himself to such negative characters in order to change them from their dark ways to the light and good ways!!!

Comrades, you may be wondering why I have chosen to use the names of God (Allah) in this all important sermon. Yes, Allah, God, Prophet Mohammed and the Lord Jesus Christ are omnipotent and omnipresent. Their powers are beyond description and imagination. Their presence is everywhere and they see everything that goes on around us. Whatever is done in the secret places is always bare before the Almighty God (Allah). Let no human being therefore deceive themselves into thinking that they can hide and keep any secrets which are ordinary events before the Almighty God (Allah) or the Lord Jesus Christ.

Since the demise of our former Commander-in-Chief, several questions have been raised about the ‘mysterious circumstances’ surrounding the ‘unexpected’ or rather ‘shocking’ death. Several calls have been made by various groups and individuals for an inquiry to be made into the circumstances surrounding the death of Professor John Mills. The events leading immediately to and after his death are shrouded in secrecy, doubts, controversies, inconsistencies and conspiracies which may be clarified through an inquiry.

All the calls have fallen on deaf ears. The Presidency, the government of “Goodluck” John Mahama, the NDC party, the family of our late Commander-in-Chief have all either refused or failed to respond to the genuine and sincere calls for the death of our Commander-in-Chief to be explained better than so far and for an impartial inquiry to be conducted into it.
In the light of all the uncertainties and mysterious circumstances surrounding our Commander-in-Chief death, I still insist that there should be an enquiry for the whole truth, nothing but the truth to come out. It is possible that the call that I am making will be an exercise in futility as all the others have been. But alas, I shall provide some very useful information which may add a new dimension to the whole debate-to have a coroner’s inquest/commission of inquiry or not.

Already some Togbes from the Volta Region who are die-hard members of the NDC, have added some spiritual explanations to the cause of death and significantly the ‘action or harm before the death’ of our late Commander-in-Chief.

Well, before I do that there is a jargon that charity begins at home so I shall start my sermon from our community first.

I had indicated in my previous write-ups that the President, the Chief of Staff, over-aged ADC to our late Commander-in-Chief, Colonel EL Lawson, Lieutenant Colonel LL Attachie, Lieutenant Colonel Tanye Kulonyo, the greedy bastards, the ex-convict of one man-one-matchet fame in the Kutu Acheampong era, the Mafias and Groups, the body guards and all those whose roles included the protection, safety, security and welfare of our late Commander-in-Chief, all stand accused in this calamity and must therefore tell Ghanaians what really happened on Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th July 2012.

Statements from members of the NDC communication team especially Anita De Souza (the Atiwa terrorist) and even the President, John Mahama himself raise the need to have an enquiry to higher heights as it was a welcome relief to them.

The latest in our community to stand accused in the episode of the controversial death of our late Commander-in-Chief include the Chief of Defence Staff, General PA Blay, the Commander of the 37 Military Hospital and General Joseph Henry Smith, the Defence Minister who incidentally belongs to the Fanti Confederacy.

In terms of roles and professional skill, care and diligence, Brigadier General Kponyoh, the Commander of the Military Hospital is the first accused among the three public officials. Brigadier General Kponyoh was one of the personal doctors of our late Commander-in-Chief. Brigadier General Kponyoh was the eye specialist for the late Commander-in-Chief and Coordinator for various tests, examinations and “treatments” that our late Commander-in-Chief received at the 37 Military Hospital during his three and half year presidency that came to an abrupt end in a catastrophic manner.

It may surprise a lot of members of this community to know that Brigadier General Kponyoh and a few selected lucky ones accompanied our late Commander-in-Chief on his last trip to USA for “routine check-up” after which our late Commander-in-Chief announced, by himself, to all Ghanaians that he had been declared very fit for role for the past, present and future by his doctors. That was at the Airport on his arrival after jogging and dancing to Azonto tunes of the NDC.

Brigadier General Kponyoh knew that what our late Commander-in-Chief said was economical with the truth. Our Commander-in-Chief had been prevailed upon to come to Ghana prematurely with the excuse that his continuous absence from Ghana- two continuous months were recommended by the medical team in USA- would be exploited by the opposition to their advantage in the December 2012 general elections.
I must state on record that, even before our Commander-in-Chief went to the USA for his so called “routine check-up” that Saturday, he was in South Africa for medical check-ups a week before and I dare anybody to say otherwise.

Don’t forget that our Commander-in-Chief had said that he would hand over a peaceful country in January 2017 and not in January 2013 which would have been the end of his first term mandate. Perhaps the prediction-based on his abysmal performance-that he would be a one-term President only has come to pass but in a rather dramatic and inexplicable manner!!!

According to my sources, Brigadier General Kponyoh was among the medical team entrusted with the duty to ensure that our Commander-in-Chief would continue with his treatment (oh on, routine check-up) in Ghana and have enough rest to recuperate and regain his strength for the task of December 2012. It is also on record that Brigadier General Kponyoh was to arrange for our late Commander-in-Chief to be admitted at the 37 Military Hospital for continuous and close observation and management. 

What happened when our late Commander-in-Chief arrived in Ghana? The directive for his admission was ignored with impunity. Brigadier General Kponyoh could not insist on a professional directive –or rather advice-to be obeyed or respected by the politicians who were reckless and irresponsible.

The conspiracy to let our late Commander-in-Chief die by the end of July and have his funeral in “August” before the politics of September 2012 -as the congress in Kumasi for the luckiest Vice-President in the whole world to be confirmed as the Party Leader, Presidential Candidate and Successor of Professor John Mills rolled on during the last two days in August 2012- was quick-started on the arrival from USA of our late Commander-in-Chief.

As a military doctor and no less a person than the Commander of the Military Hospital and one of the personal doctors of our late Commander-in-Chief, I wish to state categorically that Brigadier General Kponyoh stands accused in this charge of reckless disregard for human life just as in the case of all the personalities aforementioned in earlier publications and this one for the reasons given already. 

Brigadier General Kponyoh stands accused again on his attitude, planning for and reception of the “dead body” of our late Commander-in-Chief at the 37 Military Hospital. Readers should remember that Tuesday 24th July 2012 was a week-day and Brigadier General Kponyoh was at the office when our late Commander-in-Chief was “brought in dead”.

The assertion that our late Commander-in-Chief was rushed to the 37 Military Hospital at quarter (15 minutes) to 14:00 was and is false. Brigadier General Kponyoh and those persons who were around the Accident and Emergency Ward, the Vehicle Park and other Strategic locations at the 37 Military Hospital knew that our late Commander-in-Chief’s body arrived at the Hospital between 10:45 and 11:00 hours-it was during the break period of the military. I dare say that Brigadier General Kponyoh was at his Coffee Break at the time and there are living witnesses who can testify to that.

In all the assertions that I am making, the Almighty God (Allah) and some honest mortal human beings who saw everything are my witnesses or better still are witnesses of God and truth.

I challenge Brigadier General Kponyoh by ANTOA and other deities in his ‘homeland’ Volta Region that I am speaking the truth and nothing but the truth and if he thinks otherwise he should invoke their powers to exonerate himself.

My sources also add that the attitudes of the Commander 37 Military Hospital and that of the CDS when the body of our late Commander-in-Chief was moved from the front of the Accident and Emergency Ward to the space between the Maternity/Gynecology Department Block, the Children’s Ward and the Old Dental Department were very unprofessional and distasteful to the doctors, nurses and officers around at the time.
Because of what I am told is referred to as eye service, the CDS and the Commander decided to push the trolley, on which the body of our late Commander-in-Chief laid themselves instead of allowing their subordinates who are used to pushing the equipment. 

According to my sources, the CDS and the Commander of the Hospital started to shout unnecessarily at the officers, men and doctors around to the chagrin of most of them. All that the CDS and the Commander of the Hospital wanted to show was that they were very much concerned and were personally directly involved in the belated  attempt to save his life-which was lost before the body arrived at the 37 Military Hospital-at a critical moment.

If the distance between the corridors of the Maternity Block and Children’s Ward was comical and theatrical then what happened at the entrance of the Accident and Emergency Ward was dramatic and pathetic.

The body guards who sent the former most powerful person in Ghana (remember his Red Alert- oh mortal human beings) were confused, purposeless and untruthful about the identity and the state of the patient (B.I.D?)  Here was the ‘dead body’, ‘lifeless patient’ in an automatically secured vehicle lying prostrate and covered with white cloth soaked with blood with nobody by his side to attend to him. 

….to be continued

Credit: In the Barracks