Wednesday, October 1, 2014

‘Agbadza and Batakari’ Promotions In Our Community

Unprecedented gargantuan ‘Kokofu promotions’ wearing ‘agbadza’ and ‘batakari’ have been made by the Mahama/Arthur administration. The Military Secretary’s publication signed on 29th August, 2014 with reference GHQ/18023/MS is a further manifestation of the ‘kokofu spirit’, ‘divide and rule’ and malicious victimization of ‘perceived enemies’.

While undeserving persons with low moral character and dubious integrity have been rewarded, others who are very efficient, diligent, knowledgeable, morally upright but not bootlickers have been humiliated and denied promotion. 

For the records, the following officers have been promoted to their next higher ranks by the MS publication signed by Commodore M. Beick-Baffour on Friday 29th August, 2014.


1.         Colonel M. Alhassan (GH/2204) (NR)                       -           Brigadier General
2.         Colonel R.K. Ametepi (GH/2284) (VR)                    -           Brigadier General
3.         Colonel F. Vib-Sanziri (GH/2184) (UWR)                 -           Brigadier General
4.         Colonel M.K. Akpatsu (Jnr) (GH/2038) (ER-Krobo) -          Brigadier General
5.         Colonel S.B. Alloh (GH/2024) (VR)                          -           Brigadier General
6.         Colonel F. Buliga (GH/2030) (UER)                          -           Brigadier General


1. Lt. Col I.L. Tamakloe (GH/2015)                           -           Colonel   (VR)
2. Lt. Col M.A. Tenkorang (GH/2207)                       -           Colonel   (ER)
3. Lt. Col G. Amantana (GH/2060)                            -           Colonel   (NR)
4. Lt. Col R.J.K Komlaga (GH/2497)                                  -             Colonel   (VR)
5. Lt. Col A.K. Dawohoso (GH/2545)                       -           Colonel   (VR)
6. Lt. Col J Hagan (GH/2548)                                                -           Colonel   (CR)
7. Lt. Col M. Mustapha (GH/2426)    (Fulani)            -           Colonel   (NR)
8. Lt. Col A. Ntem (GH/2434) (Mafia Member)        -           Colonel   (VR)
9. Lt. Col T. Ampofo-Gyekye (GH/2436)                  -           Colonel   (ER)
10. Lt. Col JK Baa-Tsiquaye (GH/2541)                    -           Colonel   (GAR)
11. Lt. Col W. Dzandu-Hedidor (GH/2435)              -           Colonel   (VR)


1. Major M. Salifu (GH/2800)                                    -           Lt. Col    (NR)
2. Major G.I. Sulleman (GH/2858)                             -           Lt. Col    (NR)
3. Major R.K. Adzagba (GH/2853)                            -           Lt. Col    (VR)
4. Major E.L.S. Gyadu (GH/2813)                             -           Lt. Col    (VR)
5. Major E. Annor (GH/2714)                                              -             Lt. Col    (AR)
6. Major S.G. Odei (GH/2912)                                   -           Lt. Col    (ER)
7. Major R. Narh (GH/2914)                                       -         Lt. Col    (ER) (Krobo)
8. Major BB Pantoah (GH/2915)                                -           Lt. Col    (NR)
9. Major M. Wumbei (GH/2916)                                -           Lt. Col    (NR)
10. Major I.B. Mohammed (GH/2917)                       -           Lt. Col    (NR)
11. Major E.N. Mensah-Yawson (GH/2822)              -           Lt. Col    (NR / CR)
12. Major F.C. Adzasu (GH/2835)                             -           Lt. Col    (VR)
13. Major J.K. Kumado (GH/2837)                            -           Lt. Col    (VR)
14. Major A.K. Oduah (GH/2839)                             -           Lt. Col    (VR)
15. Major H.K. Badasu (GH/2840)                            -           Lt. Col    (VR)
16. Major G.K. Wilson (GH/2841)                             -           Lt. Col    (CR)
17. Major N.C.D. Dei-Alorse (GH/2869)                   -           Lt. Col    (VR)



1.  Commander M. Arhen (GH/2742)            -   BAR            -         Captain (GN)
2.  Commander E. Wayoe (GH/2663)            - ER (Krobo)     -        Captain (GN)
3.  Commander W. Tay (GH/2664)                -    GAR            -         Captain (GN)


1. Lt. Cdr R. Kyaano (GH/2958)                   - GAR             -           Cdr
2. Lt. Cdr R. Bagoniah (GH/2960)                 - UER              -           Cdr
3. Lt. Cdr S.B. Nyam (GH/2872)                   - WR               -           Cdr
4. Lt. Cdr J.A. Agambire (GH/2873)             - NR                -           Cdr



1. Wg Cdr R.Y. Cole (GH/ 2597)                  - GAR             -           Gp Capt.


1.  Sqn Ldr S.A. Jiagge (GH/2863)                - VR                -           Wg Cdr
2. Sgn Ldr K.K.M. Atiemo (GH/2962)          - ER                 -           Wg Cdr

In addition to the promotions, there were very strategic and tactical appointments in the Military Secretary’s publication of 29th August, 2014. The Army of Ghana has been restructured without any extra funding or provision of resources and personnel. The two existing Commands (Northern and Southern) of the Ghana Army have now been divided into three Commands namely Northern, Central and Southern Commands with the same number of units and sub-units.

Another Formation – a Training Brigade –has been added to the Army just as was done for the Airforce and Navy to create “JOBS AND PROMOTIONS FOR THE BOYS”.

While it was found prudent to create more space for promoting officers from the Volta Region and three Northern Regions, officers from the Akan areas (Ashanti, Brong Ahafo, Central, Eastern and Western) suspected to be non-active NDC members occupying appointments and positions meriting promotions were maliciously denied their due.

For instance, the Army Training Brigade was created so that Colonel SB Alloh, returning from Operations in Liberia, could be promoted to Brigadier General. Similarly, a third Army Command (the Central Command) was created in order to create a vacuum for Colonel F. Buliga to be promoted Brigadier General.

While the authorities did not have any regret in playing the chess game of rewarding the ‘agbadza and batakari’ cloths they shamefully denied very upright, professionally very competent and intellectually very sound officers of Akan extraction purely because they find them politically incorrect because these officers have been acting very professionally and diligently without engaging in bootlicking and ‘eyes service’ (military jargon).