Friday, January 17, 2014


At spring, in a far away land stood a huge tree whose ambiance was like none other
Its radiance silently preached peace but more of love
Then I heard a soft yet high pitch perfect voice sing about the two
And lo!
On the farthest right side of this magnificent tree sat a petite maiden
Who she was and her duty? I knew not
Then I saw her climb down and started a journey with her hair pinned high

T’was on this trail that she met him
A fairly dark man who was too smart for his own good; she knew
T’was he who first insisted on a hug from her when no one else dared
Yet she genuinely complied when she ever refused others
Interestingly finding no ill in this new spirited friend
And adding him to her many branches from that scared tree
Where she fought and defended everyone in ways only she can tell
Mysteriously she never did; reasons best known her

At autumn I heard her sing a melancholic song
That which expressed her fondness for this new fellow
Yet being he betrothed to another, the encounter ended before it ever started
And being one traveler long she stood, until she finally took slow steps towards him
Standing yet again in silence for what seemed like eternity
She softly kissed him on the lips and walked away without ever looking back
And exactly what gift she left behind

Only he can tell…