Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mills, An Apostle Of Evil!

I have noticed something rather frightening about President John Evans Atta Mills, which gives great reason for concern. I have noticed that since he assumed power, he has developed a penchant for siding with wrong doers and the evil sides of the argument every time there is a contention issue under consideration.

In previous write-ups, I have had occasion to state that per my careful perusal of the President, I find him to be a man who often takes the line of least resistance whenever there is an issue to be addressed. In every single tough decision that needs to be taken, I have found that the President is liable to take a position not in the interest of right, but off his backers.

However, I am revising that opinion for the position that when he is cornered, President Atta Mills is liable to take decisions that portend evil and wrong doing.

For instance, that can be the only acceptable reason behind the decision to do away with Dr. Kwame Ampofo, the former Chief Executive Officer of the Tema Oil Refinery (TOR), who was stripped off his post a couple of days ago for reasons that are at all unclear.

Before his dismissal, the media was awash with information about a turf fight between him and mandarins at the Energy Ministry and the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) over the importation of crude oil for refining purposes by TOR.

As a reasonable man, I believe that TOR should be allowed to import its own crude oil. With the President being purportedly a reasonable person, I would have thought that he would side with those who insist that TOR should do the importation. What he chose to do was side with those who are pushing the GNPC deal.

Of course, I should not be surprised by the President’s decision. This is a President who allowed his District Chief Executives to be chased out of their capitals, who told the embattled DCEs that he would give them his full backing, and then ran to Accra to come and dismiss them. What can you expect from such a deceitful individual?

There are other reasons why you should not be surprised. This is a President who came to power on the alter of being a President for all, but allowed his fellow party members to heap all manner of hardships on Ghanaians. It is in his nature!

President Atta Mills, who made the entire nation to believe that he believes in fighting corruption, is currently superintending the persecution and prosecution of whistle-blowers who blew the lid on the corruption and abuse that was taking place at the Sports Ministry under the nose of Alhaji Muntaka Mubarak.

Although many reasonable and well-meaning Ghanaians have expressed grave concern about the treatment of the whistle-blowers, President Atta Mills and his government are bent on prosecuting them for blowing the lid on official corruption.

Meanwhile Alhaji Muntaka Mubarak, who engaged in the corruption and abuse, has been set free and actually has the nerve to go on the floor of parliament and on radio to make noise and to pontificate on the affairs of this country!

Our President is an apostle of evil. He is taking decisions on wrong and evil premises. He is not a believer in what is good. He does not mean well for the people of Ghana, and for me, this is wholly unacceptable!

The decision to get rid of Kwame Ampofo to please the mandarins who brought him to power should send a clear signal to all of us that our President is not out for the well-being of all of us!

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