Monday, November 30, 2009

Don’t Be A Coward Kobby Fiabge

Taking a cue from his cocoon boss Ayibgenii Koku Anyidohu, the editor of the Ghanaian Lens newspaper, Kobby Fiabge, another Ayibgenii last week embarked upon a joint attack against released Col Damoah and myself.

Surprisingly, Kobby Fiabge could not muster the courage to face me when I called him on phone just like what his boss did recently when he threatened an activist of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) on another radio station and quickly beat a hasty retreat the following day on another sister radio station. Kobby can go to town on Col Damoah wherever and whenever he wants but to decide to include me into it is something I won’t take kindly.

Again, it is funny how the desperate would just clutch at straws, after writing all the rot in his paper and sweating to defend the indefensible, he posted his article on this very forum but under a different name…Nana Biakoye (the true patriot)...funny paaaa!!!

This is Prince Prah writing, I am not a coward like Kobby and his darling boss Koku, who until recently could not even buy a bottle of Fanta and yessssss….cocoa on sale by hawkers.

They should go and ask their semi god, Raymond Archer, who claims he edits the most powerful investigative paper in Ghana today about how he went through hell on this very forum and the way he had to lie through his teeth.

Kindly tell Raymond Archer that am still waiting for the results of the Ace Ankomah imposter investigations being carried out by the outfit of another coward in the person of faceless Yaw Donkor, the director of the BNI.

Kobby is bitter because I wrote about his darling Koku’s daddy. I still stand by what I wrote and for him to say that the released soldier writes and I use my -by line as the author got me laughing side-splittingly.

If you have any evidence that the released soldier writes and I put my by-line under it, I urge you to provide the evidence if you have any and don’t keep your readers waiting…why, a Kyeiwaa in the making...ouch may be it might help you get some money since Col Damoah sells nowadays.If you want to engage me in your usual style of “I SAY YOU SAID SO” and YOU MUST PROVE IT YOURSELF”, then you are wrong because am too grown for that childish game.
Facts are facts and I want to repeat what I wrote about that glutton of a General in my first piece. “What about the man who is noted for stealing food items such as tubers of yams and fowls and also fighting with Other Ranks for food become a Major General”, Kobby and Koku can go and burn the sea if they want.If you talk of thieves, Koku’s glutton father is one and should be arrested immediately and brought to book.

I get sick anytime I hear Koku call others thieves without mentioning the name of his father… you see, he was fed with the stolen food items so you don’t expect him to complain.Coward Koku could not put forward his name when he was writing the Uncle JB column for the Ghanaian Lens newspaper when he was the so called sports editor, he calls onto a radio station to issue threats then beats a hasty retreat the following day, ha ha ha ha !!!I won’t drink locally brewed gin (apio) before going on radio stations or smoke wee…..hmmm!

I read in The Patriot newspaper that you are an alleged serial rapist…wow…!!! Not just a rapist but with an adjective too, it continued that you are a homosexual and a paedophile and that all your secrets are in the open.

Again the paper claims you are hooked on to hard drugs that dazed you and makes you write nonsense about people you cannot compare your self with….are these allegations true? Kobby, can I conclude that you were not dazed and it was the reason why you couldn’t master courage to face me…sorry boss and I pray is not true and if it is true, you get off it quickly because I don’t want to loose a friend like you though we haven’t met before.

The late Peter Tosh has a song and a line which goes like this, “if you live in a glass house don’t throw stones” and you of all people call somebody an immoral character…funny, besides Col Damoah was not sacked and if I may ask what happened to your police career…I don’t want to go there.

Koku and Lt. Col Attachie are good friends and work at the same place and you can get some education through your boss Koku from the chief thief at the castle (Attachie) about how I came into contact with him.You should ask Koku to find out from the thief at the castle the where about of a certain S-350-Benz vehicle with registration number GR 2742 Z and the GH¢1000 and the tape I have in my possession.

I still have the text messages he sent me and one thing that stands out is once a thief always a thief and his nefarious activities together with his friends namely Alex Segbefia and Carl Wilson was blown by the National Security Council as per the minutes of their Friday 28 August and 28 September 2009 meetings a copy I have.

On Lt. General Smith I still stand by what I said. He is a decorated Minister of Defence just as the Associate Professor President John Evans Atta Mills who is a decorated President while those running the show are at the background.Why is that the National Security Coordinator has to communicate everyday with Lt. Gen. Smith while Maj. Gen Blay follows sheepishly because he needs the rank of Lieutenant General suspecting that when Maj. Gen Carl Moddy returns from Liberia, he will be pushed out.

Hear Gen Smith speak when I called him onetime over an issue within his backyard. “You have painted the picture of what is happening in the Armed Forces to the whole world…I have been minister for all this while and you have never called me so why now,” he yelled and he has been running away from me ever since but can he hide is the question Lt. General Smith should ask himself.

Very soon the mother and father of all kokofu promotions and appointments are about to be announced and everything was done at Blue Gate and the Castle without his in-puts and that of the Service Commanders, imposition, yes imposition.On Major General Adinkrah, Kobby can again get some education from the Army Secretary, Col. P.K. Senchim, as to whether J.N. Adinkrah has discussed anything about promotions and appointments with him ever since he became Army Commander, this goes for all the other Services.

I dare Col. P.K. Senchim to tell Kobby to make it public whether he has never placed any call on behalf of his former boss and church elder, General Odotei, for his girlfriends to be taken even when they have failed medicals at the 37 Military Hospital.Why is the husband of the School-mistress trying very hard to get an Ayibgenii as the next Army Secretary and is it not also true that Brigadier General Owusu Ababio is penciled for Congo?

Let me sound a note of caution to the parliamentary caucus who meet at Airforce Officers’ Mess that they should be bold to come out and face me because threats and calls won’t help and to make their work easy for them; I pass in front of Burma Camp every day both to and from work.

I have spoken to Col Doamah’s lawyer and very soon a meeting would be scheduled for me to meet him in his lawyer’s chambers and when the opportune time comes, I will invite Kobby to just take one shot. As Joe Lartey always say over to you………

NB: Sorry to my cherished readers that am no more writing interesting features like “Ghana’s Cult of Corruption” and the likes but please bare with me because it won’t happen again.

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