Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Letter To Kwesi Biney

Dear Kwesi Biney

I read your piece that appeared in the Daily Guide of 30th October, 2009 tiled, “Stop the Ethnocentric Hatred toward Kufuor,” which touched so many issues right in the middle of the head.

You concluded and I quote, “Or is it because the Ewes have still not forgiven the late Victor Owusu for what he is alleged to have said about Ewes?”

Along memory lane, let me inform you that my checks indicate that Victor Owusu did not just get up to describe the Ewes as inward-looking.

It was the late Dr. Agama who, thanks to Rawlings, started as Board Chairman of Bank of Ghana who later, like a chameleon, turned into Governor at the Bank of Ghana who initially described the PP Government as a tribal one.

It was in the heat of the debate that the late Victor Owusu described the Ewes as inward-looking. Please, try to procure a copy of the Hansard of that period may be from my mentor, Uncle Malik Baako in order to appreciate what occurred.

Am told that two of the principal characters in the 1972 coup were Agbo, then Commander of the Army at Tema and Selomey, who was in charge of the Recce Regiment in Accra.

And yet, a Brong like Major Kwame Baah who was from Dormaa –Ahenkro in the Brong-Ahafo region helped the Ewes - Agbo and Selomey plus Acheampong to oust Busia.

Thus your statement, “If Kufuor had been an Ewe, no matter how bad he might have been, the Ewes would have allied behind him.” In 1972, Agbo and Selomey would never have allied with a Brong like Major Kwame Baah to overthrow Gbedema.

Significantly, if Acheampong were to be an Ewe, the Ewes would have seen Union Government as smooth as silk. And yet, the late Acheampong received the greatest opposition to that fraudulent concept in Kumasi am told.

Also, am told that at one football match in Kumasi, an international one with red carpet for Acheampong, he was heavily booed at.

Be that as it may, the PNDC came in. All the juicy positions in the country went to Ewes. Diplomats by convention were supposed to serve at duty station for four years.

But then, for about fourteen years, Kofi Awonor, now Chairman of the Council of State was our envoy to Brazil and the United Nations. It was during this period that he managed to secure part of the Atomic Energy land at Kwabenya to put up his Japanese type house. Try and get his book, read it and you will find “YEBRO” work.

During the PNDC era, the PNDC had/held legislative and executive powers. At a point in time, the PNDC consisted of Rawlings, Kojo Tsikata, General Arnold Quainoo, Ebo Tawiah, Enin, Alhaji Iddrisu Mahama and late Madam Alhassan.

Note that Rawlings, Tsikata and Quainoo are Ewes and out of population of about 15 million, three Ewes from the Southern Park of the Volta Region wielded executive and legislative powers out of seven hand-picked rulers.

With regard to Koku Anyidoho who studied Drama and Theatre at Legon, his father was Northern Army Brigade Commander in Kumasi from about 1996 to 2000.

Then Brigadier Anyidoho actively participated in NDC campaigning at that point in time in the Northern sector of the country. Indeed Brigadier Anyidoho stood on several political platforms with Rawlings and Atta Mills.

When Kufuor won, I am reliably informed that Brigadier Anyidoho wished to be the Army Commander but that was not to be hence his son’s dis-taste for Kufuor I can guess so.

I was listening to Oman fm and the host of the show, Fiifi Boafo asked what Koku did when Kufuor visited the castle when the President of Ivory Coast was in Ghana…hmmm!

During the campaign for political office last year, bastard Rawlings and no apologizes because I see no reason why he called some noble men around our President as ‘greedy bastards’ went to Peki and declared that the NPP government had sacked all military personnel from the Volta Region in the Ghana Armed Forces.

The Public Relations Unit of the Ghana Armed Forces headed by my good friend Col Nibo came out with a statement that indeed for officer crops and the men in the Air Force, Army and Navy, the people from the Volta Region exceeded any other region.

It was this in-balance in the Forces recruitment that Col Damoah from the Brong Ahafo Region tried to cure and I won’t go into it because I have received a lot of bashing and various death-threatening messages and calls.

Are we principled at all, the NPP did it some time ago and so it should continue when we are building a better Ghana? Should this system continue like that?

NPP is to Gbevlo Lartey and NDC is to Col Damoah in the Ghana Armed Forces, many Okaines are popping out like maggots and they will hurt the NDC like how the NPP suffered.

Today, the National Security headed by Gbevlo Lartey who was a victim of the NPP has another Ewe as his deputy, 5 of the DG appointments in the Ghana Armed Forces have gone to Ewes, the police have its Director of Operations as an Ewe and faceless coward Yaw Donkor of the BNI, an Ewe has another Ewe as his deputy.

Information has it that Akans recruited into the NSC and the BNI have either been fired or forced to retire voluntarily.

I wish to continue but I will want to end here now and may be write back later.

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this is well written my brother...the fools think they can take over anything

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