Monday, November 30, 2009

Re: Mills In Massive Abuse Of Office

RE: Eric Ametor- Ouarmyne’s Rejoinder

I write in response to a rejoinder captioned “Re: Mills In Massive Abuse Of Office” written by one Mr. Eric Ametor- Ouarmyne formerly the Features Editor of the Ghana Palaver.

Mr. Eric Ametor- Ouarmyne rather than addressing the issues raised by myself and published in the Daily Searchlight went to town and focused his absolute attention and time going in circles.

I want to state categorically that I called Mr. Eric Ametor- Ouarmyne when I heard the information for his side and did not go to town like many of his likes in the NDC stable would have done.

Again, he never denied using the names of President Mills and Mr. Ato Ahowi as his referees and further told me that “I will add Jesus if I get the chance”.

Again, he told me that referees are on curriculum vitae to attest to one’s competence and character and also asked for a copy of the newspaper to be brought to him personally by myself when the story is out the following day.

I also want to state categorically clear that there has being nothing like Deputy Director of Corporate Affairs and Strategic Direction of the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) since its inception. Perhaps the creation of the above is an attempt to create job for the boys.

Significantly, he has never denied this and I want to ask him whether the position he is enjoying now with his so called thirty years of professional practice in communications was advertised in any media be it electronic or print or at least any of the national dallies, I mean the Daily Graphic and the Ghanaian Times.

I did not expect the advert to be placed in the “eight-page political newsletter”? I work for as he claimed but was it ever advertised for many qualified persons like himself to apply?I want to know from Ametor how many people applied for the job and how many were short listed for interviewed and how many actually had the privilege of being interview?

If only you are interviewed by a so called strong team of five (5) top Management officials of the Authority for a considerable length of time and acquitted and discharged, won’t you walk away with a job in hand?

When the famous pissing In and Out mantra came out as a fallout of the Ahowi and Spio feud, social commentators from his party went on air to state categorically that he (Ametor) as a member of the Spio campaign and others have been accordingly rewarded by President Mills, has he ever challenged this.

It is obvious that Ametor have benefited from his closeness with the presidency therefore he should stop moving from radio station to radio station screaming and disturbing our ears.

“What must really be of concern to all well meaning Ghanaians is the fact that a top official of an organization who must uphold the integrity and reputation of the institution he or she serves would stoop so low as to be such a willing tool in the hands of an unscrupulous Journalist whose only desire is to impugn the hard won reputations of others either because of envy or hatred or both”, interesting I say. When did the above occur to Mr. Eric Ametor- Ouarmyne?

I can sense it occurred to him only when he got a job at the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) and with Professor Mills as President.

As for his description of the paper I work on as an eight-page political newsletter of no merit and consequence, devoted to mischief making and political blackmailing, I want to refer him to the paper he worked on before landing his current job.

Were they trying to blackmail a well-known Chief when the Kofi Boakye tape came up and what about the supposed state of emergence President Kufuor wanted to impose when he met their own, General Odotei and the late General Ayiku who got up from the grave for that meeting only.

Does he remember the story of somebody selling off our entire official Gold Reserves reported by the paper he formerly worked for and the reward somebody whose last official employment was selling of Christian literature landed a job as a Deputy Minister of Finance for championing that falsehood?

I can cite many examples but I won’t draw that newspaper into the mud because it is also playing its part in our young democracy.

As I stated in my text to you on Saturday after our short talk, I want to state here again that I don’t hate or envy you but I will do my work diligently and if that constitutes envy or hate than it is up to you.

May God bless us all as we continue to discharge our duties for God and Country

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