Thursday, June 17, 2010



It has come to the notice of the party in the constituency that the District Chief Executive of the Jaman South District, Hon Julius Atta Bediako has vowed to use all sources of intimidation to deal with our perceived supporters in other to kill the good image and spirit of the party in the constituency.

The D.C.E just yesterday used the police to arrest one Kwadwo Yeboa who operates one of the DSTV’S bought by the previous Administration during the Ghana 2008 African cup of Nation to enable individuals who will like to watch the said tournament in public.

The said Kojo Yeboa was given one of the DSTV’S to operate for the Public at Drobo Station which he did so on behalf of the Drobo community. He still keeps the DSTV because it was given to him by the Assembly member for Drobo and in the name of Drobo Traditional Council.

However, the rest to be precise three (3) of the DSTV’S were given to the other two Traditional councils including one at Adamsu to serve the some purposes mentioned earlier

The D.C.E without doing any enquires or checks from the Assembly to be precise from his handover notes tried to use all foul means with the persistent pressure from his foot soldiers to collect those DSTV’S and hand over to them.

It is rather unfortunate that the D.C.E will respond to the calls by using the police to arrest and persecute those who operate the DSTV’S by calling them thieves. He used the police to move to Adamsu, Dwemin and Jepekrom to embark on an operation “SATISFYING THE NEEDS OF FOOT SOLDIERS “to cease those DSTV’S

Again, just recently the DCE called and vowed to deal with the constituency youth organizer of the party for criticizing him on his idea of constructing a fence wall at the cost of ¢574 million at the DCE’S residency. The fence contract was award without following the procurement procedures.

From our point of view, we believe the DCE is using the police to intimidate the perceived supporters of the NPP in the District.

Upon deliberations we have come out with the following:
1. The DCE should have known better that the DSTV’S were acquired by the Assembly but not individuals.
2. The DCE should focus on developmental projects and stop these pertinent issues.
3. If there are no records of such DSTV’S how did he know that they are for the Assembly?
4. The DSTV’S were given to those communities through their Assembly members and their Chiefs but not those who are operating them.
5. The DCE should buy new DSTV’S for those communities which did not get.
6. If the DCE says those who are operating the DSTV’S have stolen them, he insults the Assembly members responsible and their chiefs.
7. We believe if the DCE is taking over those DSTV’S he should tell those communities where they can locate such DSTV’S to watch the world cup which is under way in South Africa

8. We also appeal to the Noble profession, the police service in the District not to stand low for them to be use by the Hon. DCE to achieve his parochial political interest.

In conclusion, if the Hon. DCE will stop all his diabolical intensions not to be pushed by his foot soldiers to take such actions it will help to bring and stimulate peace and unity in the District.

We also want to state here that this will not in any way intimidate our supporters.



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