Saturday, June 19, 2010

Handiwork of Koku Anyodoho!

Somebody Should Tell Abayateye To Shut Up!!!

What was Hon Abayateye, NDC MP for Sege saying on air?
Did I hear Abayateye say that the removal of Hon Bagbin as Leader of the NDC is going to affect the work of the NDC in Parliament because Bagbin is the only person who can match-up to Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu?

Is this what Abayateye is saying?

Somebody should tell him to give us a break! Yes, he should give us a break!!!
Uncle JB does not doubt the competence of Hon Bagbin in any way but I think that Abayateye’s submission is not an honest one.

Abayateye should tell us in what way the NDC Leadership in Parliament matched-up to Osei Kyei-Mensah Bonsu in the year gone by?

Has Kyei Mensah-Bonsu not taken over the role of Majority Leader and walking around like a peacock and insulting President Atta Mills just because the Majority has given him the latitude so to do?

He Abayateye, what contribution has he made on the floor of the House since he became an MP?
Abayateye and his colleagues; are they not allowing morons like Isaac Essiamah to have his way and making all kinds of nonsensical statements on the floor of Parliament?

Instead of making solid submissions on the floor of Parliament, the likes of Abayateye are quick to go on radio and make nonsensical submissions.

The voice that they use to say all kinds of things against the President on the airwaves, if they use it defend the policies of Government on the floor of Parliament, would it not be more beneficial to the NDC?
These our MPs, are they for the NDC or for the NPP?

Honestly, the attitude of our NDC MPs is frightening.

Because of the concept of free speech, NDC MPs are prepared to go on air and say anything about their President? Ei! Ei! Ei!

So, in the name of democracy, NDC MPs are quick to spit in the face of their President. Hmm!!!
Let us continue to joke with the power we have and when we make a mistake and allow the narcotics peddlers to snatch the power from us, that is when we will realize how foolish we have been.

Of course, most of the MPs who are misbehaving have convinced themselves that even if the NDC loses, they will retain their seats.

Yes, as far as the MPs are concerned, if we lose at the Executive level, they will maintain their seats and so they don’t care.

But I tell them that they will not succeed. O yes, they will not succeed.
And for their information, some of us will work very hard in 2012 to make sure that they lose their seats.

If they think they are in Parliament because of their own strength, we will prove to them that they in Parliament on the ticket of the National Democratic Congress.

No amount of wicked internal scheming by internal enemies will stop President Atta Mills from succeeding in his Better Ghana agenda.

Abayateye and the other NDC MPs who are selling themselves to the NPP should bow down their heads in shame.

NB: This is what our Communications Director does best!

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