Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Military Chief In GH¢30,000 Scandal

Brigadier-General Sampson Adeti, Chief of Staff, General Headquarters of the Ghana Armed Forces caught previously by DAYBREAK in a dirty car switch scandal, is in the news again, this time for digging his hands too deep into cash released to the Ghana Armed Forces to support their Christmas and end-of-year soiree for 2015.

A document in the possession of DAYBREAK establishes that an amount of GH¢74,350 was released by the Defence Financial Controller (DFC) to Lt Col A Kuyipua, Camp Commandant, to organize GHQ 2015 WASA or soiree for February 19, 2016. 

Instead of the Chief of Staff allowing the Camp Commandant to initiate procurement and organization processes, he personally got himself embroiled in cash matters, issuing unnecessary instructions to aides to come for monies out of the funds for the WASA. 

DAYBREAK learnt that he came for an initial GH¢30,000 through Group Captain (GN) W. Tay (GH/2664) on January 29, 2016. Tay is a Staff Officer at COS HQ, headed by the Chief of Staff without a memo. 

Subsequently, in making further purchases for the items for the WASA, DAYBREAK learnt that the Camp Commandant ran short of cash and was obliged to return to the Group Captain and General Adeti’s aide for more cash. After consultations on the part of the aide with General Adeti, only GH¢5,000 was released, leaving a total of GH¢25,000 with the General.

DAYBREAK has a copy of the accounts rendered by the Camp Commandant to the DFC, totaling GH¢49,910 out of the GH¢74,350, leaving GH¢24,440 unaccounted for when DAYBREAK last checked with the appropriate authorities.

DFC pay and audit staff, aggrieved over the matter, are quietly exploring what avenues to use to draw the attention of the political authorities to such cases of recklessness and violations of financial regulations procedures in the military.     


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