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Kokofu Appointments and Promotions in Armed Forces!

Intelligence picked up by this blog indicates that tension is mounting within the Ghana Armed Forces over the latest publications of appointments and promotions by the Military High Command through the Military Secretary dated 9th July 2010.

The combined effects of this latest publication and that of the 23rd December 2009 is to reward NDC sympathizers and their cronies in the GAF while victimizing and humiliating those perceived to be NPP or from the three

The only promotion to Brigadier General of the Ghana Army went to Colonel PY Kponyo (Volta Region) of 37 Military Hospital who was appointed the Commander of the Hospital on 23rd December 2009 instead of Col FA Apeagyei (Kwahu from the ER) who was the senior-most Colonel and on the GMA Selection Board that enlisted the former.

Lieutenant Colonels SB Alloh (VR), SMKAE Ayer (VR), AK Boimah (VR), M Atintande (UER), F Buliga (UER), CB Alhassan (NR) among others also promoted Colonels.

Lt Col MK Akpatsu Jnr, a former District Secretary of Manya Krobo District (Somanya) was also promoted Colonel and appointed Director of Administration at Army Headquarters.

The most disgusting of all the appointments and promotions was the elevation of Lt Col M Atintande to the status of Director of Public Relations of the GAF over Lt Col CB Ankomah-Danso.

Lt Col CB Ankomah-Danso who is one year senior to Lt Col M Atintande was cleverly posted to the Ministry of Defence by Gen JH Smith, who is a sworn enemy of this brilliant and hardworking lady, in order to deny her the appointment of Director Public Relations in the GAF.

Other insulting and humiliating postings and appointments centre on Colonels K Oppong Otchere and AK Appiah-Agyapong from the Eastern and Ashanti Region respectively.

Colonel K Oppong Otchere, who was appointed as the Defence, Military, Naval and Air Attaché (DMNAA) to Washington DC in the USA on 6th January 2009 by the NPP Administration, has been victimized and humiliated ever since.

Even though after diplomatic duties were cancelled, he was posted to Kofi Annan International PeaceKeeping Centre (KAIPTC) as the Deputy Commandant which is a Brigadier’s appointment, the NDC Administration has refused to promote him alongside his mates and even juniors but has decided to release him compulsorily. In order to hide the shameful act, the Military High Command with instructions from the Ministry of Defence and National Security Coordinator, has posted him to Liberia to take a Colonel’s appointment. This is obviously a demotion and humiliation.

The usual practice is to leave one appointment for a similar one or a higher one but not a lower one as in this case. The case of Colonel K. Oppong-Otchere is so pathetic and a clear case of unnecessary victimization, show of power, wickedness and ethnic discrimination. Why should Colonel B.F. Kusi, an Aide to Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings during the P/NDC era and a junior to Col. K. Oppong-Otchere, be given an Acting Brigadier General rank to go on UN operations in La Cote d’Ivoire similar to the UN operations in Liberia but Col. |K. Oppong-Otchere leave a Brigadier General’s appointment in Ghana for a Colonel’s one in Liberia?

It is an unfair, unjust, ill-conceived discrimination and ill-treatment to Colonel K. Oppong-Otchere and posterity will judge the NDC and the current Military High Command for it.

In order to be seen to be balancing the equation, the Military High Command has posted Brigadier Gen. G. K. Adjei (an Ashanti) to KAIPTC as the Deputy Commandant to replace Col. Oppong-Otchere. This act of the NDC is diabolical and a diversionary strategy. Just as was done to Brigadier General K. Oppong-Kyekyeku last year when he returned from diplomatic duties in the USA and Col. Nibo denied that he had been released, the same fate awaits General G. K. Adjei who would be released by the end of December 2010.

For the moment, Gen. G.K. Adjei is being used as a stop gap to deny Col. Oppong-Otchere his well-deserved promotion to the rank of Brigadier General. It is as predictable as it is as sure that another P/NDC sympathizer would be appointed as Deputy Commandant KAIPTC in place of General Adjei. No matter the assurances given and public relations gimmicks, General Smith will implement the decision already taken by the NDC Administration. It is a known fact that President Mills signed the documents of all the Colonels and above considered Pro-NPP last year, 2009, and their releases are being published in a piecemeal strategic manner.

That is why in spite of the chauffeur-driven Peugeot 607 given to Brig Gen. Oppong-Kyekyeku and the assurances given to him by General Smith that he would be retained in the Service, the NDC Administration went ahead to shock and release him in November 2009 at a very short notice.

Another case of selective and negative discrimination against Ashanti, Akyem and Brong Officers is the case of Col. A. K. Appiah Agyapong.

Instead of sanctioning Col. C. A. Nutakor for mismanaging affairs and causing confusion at GAFCSC, Col. A. K. Appiah Agyapong has been shifted from CI Army Faculty to CI Joint studies which is a “toothless-bull-dog” appointment on the “orders” of Col. C. A. Nutakor who is telling everybody around that he suspects Col. Appiah-Agyapong for leaking the information to a journalist.

The main issue about that promotion is that a very young Colonel, Col. A, K. Boimah, is being posted to the post of CI Army Faculty which is usually reserved for very senior experienced and knowledgeable Colonels.

Additionally, it is a way of strengthening the hands of the “Dzelukope Mafia” (Ewes) to control GAFCSC to enable them gives awards especially the “Honour Graduate” to only Ewes. With that appointment the “nng” is steadfast and strengthened.

The Deputy Commandant is Brig. Gen. Agbenuzah (Ewe), the GSOI is Colonel C.O.A. Nutakor (Ewe), the CI Army Faculty is Col. A. K. Boimah (Ewe) and the CI Airforce Faculty is Group Captain Dzokoto. These are the people who matter as far as grading and awards are concerned at the Ghana Armed Forces Command and Staff College (GAFCSC).

These appointments were preceded by the removal of two commanding officers of two strategic units – the Defence Signal Regiment and Defence Mechanical Transport Battalion. The two Commanding Officers who are all Akans – Lt. Cols M. Essien and G.Y. Adjei – were removed in very bizarre circumstances and replaced by Ewes – Lt. Cols Anthony Ntem and S. Gagakuma (all Ewes).

With these appointments, the picture of Commanding Officers for other strategic units in the Ghana Armed Forces as at date is as follows: 1. Commanding Officer 2nd Infantry Battalion at Takoradi – Lt. Col. A.K. Dawohoso (Ewe) 2. 3. Commanding Officer 3rd Infantry Battalion at Sunyani – Lt. Col. C. K. Lithur (Ewe) 4. 5. Commanding Officer of 4th Infantry Battalion in Kumasi – Lt. Col. S.W.K. Parbey (Ewe) 6. 7. Commanding Officer 5th Infantry Battalion at Burma Camp – Lt. Col. L. K. Gbetanu (Ewe) 8. 9. Commanding Officer Recce Regiment at Burma Camp – Lt. Col. J.K. Akou-Adjei (Ewe) 10. 11. Commanding Officer of Forces Pay Office at Burma Camp – Lt. Col. A. K. Dzisi (Ewe) 12. 13. Commander 37 Military Hospital – Brigadier General P.Y. Kponyoh (Ewe) If the country has six (6) Infantry Battalions and four of the Commanding Officers are all Ewes then, there is a problem!!!

These appointments married with several others such as Chief of Staff, Commandant KAIPTC, Chief Staff Officer at Airforce Headquarters, Director General Joint Operations and Plans and Development and several Directors (i.e. Legal, Education, Discipline, Resettlement, pay, Army Training, etc.) are really worrisome.

The Cohesion, spirit de corpse and unity in the Ghana Armed Forces are being eroded by the positive discrimination in favor of Ewes and Northerners and negative discrimination against Akans especially those from Ashanti, Brong Ahafo and Eastern Regions. Yet another posting that has raised eyebrows is that of Lt. Cdr D.G. Attachie, the junior brother of Lt. Col. L. L. Attachie. He has been posted to the Department of Defence Intelligence to be in-charge of vetting of potential recruits and officer cadets. This appointment is to help the NDC to continue with its fraudulent recruitment and enlistment of NDC foot soldiers, members and sympathizers into the GAF.

The promotion of Major C. K. Gbekle (an Ewe) to the rank of Lt. Col. is also another source of worry. Major Gbekle is only 12 years in the service and was promoted Major on 12th November 2004 (5½ years old in the rank). He is the only one picked from the very bottom of the ladder over several of his seniors. Eh! This is real Kokofu!!!!!

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