Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hot Ice

In the second phase of my journey

I walk hand in hand with her;
Not just any woman but my woman
She who entices and makes me feel like a king
She who listens, advices and pampers me
Her touch…? Ouch I cannot say
But what I can, is when united-
Well… we’ll surely have no ordinary family
But in span of events
I wonder if my true love really existed
Hence out of much grief
I sought for a brief separation
That which resulted in the biggest emotional battle ever sparked by us both
And now I ponder
With distance placing us worlds apart
I wonder
Who is behind the woman I know; or I thought I did
For in the deepest of hearts; I meditate
How can she with such wild passion-
Chill my heart with hurtful wording in rage?
Can I control such fury when fully bond?
I know not
But in the current-
I’m deeply involved in hot-iced passion

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