Tuesday, October 7, 2014

‘Agbadza and Batakari’ Promotions (2)

continued from last edition

The Armed Forces are no longer operating professionally with high senses of camaraderie and/or esprit de corps. It is now a question of show of power and arrogant victimization of opponents. It is very sad that the Voltarians and the Northerners with NDC hearts and minds are outsmarting, cheating, bullying, humiliating and victimizing very brilliant, promising, young and enterprising officers (Akans and Non-Akans) suspected to be politically incorrect.

One may ask the following questions:

1. What has Lieutenant Colonel JA Aphour done to undergo such a humiliating treatment?

2. Is it not a similar treatment given to Lieutenant Colonel Adjaye-Gaisie that is being given to Lieutenant Colonel J.A. Aphour? Was it not because he was the Commanding Officer of the 6Bn in Tamale at the time of the 2008 elections (just as Lieutenant Colonel Adjaye-Gaisie was the Commanding Officer of 1Bn) that he has been given humiliating and unfair treatment since January 2009?

3. Is Lieutenant Colonel JA Aphour not far ahead of the Komlagas, Dawohosos, Ntems, Dzandu-Hedidors and Mustaphas?

4. What is the crime of Lieutenant Colonel Agyemang-Prempeh? Why is he so much hated by Colonel Akou-Adjei?  Is it true that Colonel Akou-Adjei (the Army Secretary) has sworn never to recommend Lieutenant Colonels Agyemang-Prempeh, Amissah and Oddoye for promotion to the rank of Colonel? 

5. If it is not true (based on comments made by the ethnocentric Akou-Adjei) then why were the three officers denied promotion while all their mates have been promoted Colonels.

6. What about Lieutenant Colonel BB Owusu? Why was he not promoted Colonel?

Colonel Akou-Adjei has positioned himself very strategically just as Colonel Senchim did under Generals Odotei and Adinkrah and is using his position as Army Secretary to enhance the chances, opportunities and careers of his Voltarian and Northern partners while destroying Akans and Non-Akans perceived or suspected to be NPP sympathizers because of positions they occupied during the Kufuor Administration.

Colonel Akou-Adjei has found a willing partner at the General Headquarters as the Military Secretary. With Commodore M. Beick-Baffour, also a Voltarian from the same area as Akou-Adjei, Colonel Akou-Adjei is now a ‘tin god’ in the Ghana Army and is the one defining and directing the destinies of Army officers. Commodore M. Beick-Baffour pretends to be helpful and sympathetic and yet behaves as a snake under grass pursuing the policies and programmes of Brigadier General M. Seidu Adams (the DMNAA in Washington) who controls the Armed Forces from outside. 

Because Commodore Beick-Baffour was a deputy to General Seidu Adams and was briefed to continue the strategic plan of the current administration, he is leaving no stone unturned in pursuing the wicked agenda 2012 and 2016 as prepared by General Seidu Adams and approved by the hypocrite.

The current administration is preparing for war and is positioning its trusted officers and men in key positions. 

Patriotic, nationalistic and peaceful Ghanaians must take note of these developments to stop them now or have to regret later.

It is evident at the General Headquarters and Service Headquarters that the current administration has a war plan with the Military High Command helping the inefficient, incompetent, corrupt and bankrupt regime of our current Commander-In-Chief to stay in power against the wishes of the people.

All key appointments in the Ghana Armed Forces are in the hands of Voltarians and Northerners of wicked intentions. Analysis of the key appointments in subsequent publications will throw more light on the war plan of the current administration.

The current number of undeserving Brigadier Generals and Colonels is untenable. A lot of these officers do not deserve these enviable ranks. The ranks have become so cheap that thieves, criminals, dishonest and morally bankrupt persons are wearing them while very competent and professionally well-developed officers are being denied their fair share of the promotions.

Not even the British Armed Forces can boast of several Brigadier Generals, Colonels and Lieutenant Colonels based on the thin strength of the officer Corps and men of the Ghana Armed Forces.
Promotions have been given to officers as political rewards and not on sound judgment and professional competence. For instance, how many Brigades (based on the British strength of a Brigade (i.e. NATO strength) can the Ghana Army boast of?

When the two existing commands (Southern and Northern) were in place, they did not have the requisite strength (personnel) and Unit Equipment Tables (UETs). The two former Commands did not measure up to full Brigades by NATO standard, and yet they have been divided into three Commands just to flatter and appease the men in uniform. Is it not a mockery of the military profession?

What is happening in the Ghana Airforce? 

What does somebody want at all? Why should full blooded Ghanaians be treated this way?
What has been the crime of Air Commodore EO Obeng?

Why should health challenges be used as a crime against an individual? There is this saying that when you want steal or cheat, it is better to cheat death but not anything else and have we forgotten that both green and brown leaves fall? 

You were there when Lieutenant General P.A Blay visited Lebanon every six months and intermittently for medical check-ups after collapsing during a tour of the UNIFIL Area of Operation? Was General Blay not allowed to complete his tour of duty?

Is Brigadier General Adokpa not going in and out of the 37 Military Hospital owing to medical challenges? Yet, is Brigadier General Adokpa not occupying two Departments at the General Headquarters (i.e. DG DID and Director Resettlement) with the blessing of the Military High Command?

Was Colonel R. Nyaka not having serious medical challenges and yet got appointed Director Army Training and Director General Joint Operations at the General Headquarters?
Is Colonel RJK Komlaga not facing medical challenges and yet in your recent promotions and appointments he has been elevated to the status of Deputy Director General at the Department of Defence Intelligence?

Air Commodore EO Obeng, kindly ask yourself that where are the Smiths, Odoteis?  It is not a crime to be honest, God-fearing, humble and faithful to one’s wife so you should expect this demotion.
Is it a crime in the Ghana Airforce not to be a Northerner or Voltarian? 

As for the Kadiris (NR), Evans (VR), Nagais (Krobo), Wayoes, Dzokotos and Nyadoduis, don’t be shocked if same happens to you and to Evans in particular, if you think you can become Airforce Commander because of the war college nonsense which Nagai is yet to undertake and I doubt he will, forget your ambition. 

Nagai, you have smartly cleared the Narteys, Krakues and now is the turn of the Obengs abi? My principle of both green and brown leaves falling is a big lesson. As then Colonel I.K. Acheampong used the popular twi song – “ Towoboase o nafidiewurabeba, neaobe bowo maa ye a wo se obiara ntumiwo …” to overthrow Prime Minister Dr. K. A. Busia, so also will a day come when your godfathers won’t be there. Even Colonel Gadaffi is no more and President Hosni Mubarak is also languishing in close arrest.

Well, why has the Military High Command been selective in dealing with the issue of the Nurses (Female Nursing Officers) in the Ghana Armed Forces?

How come that only two of the Nursing officers (One a Voltarian and the other a Northerner) were promoted Colonel while several others (Gas and Akans) have been retired or are being retired?
Why could the Military High Command not treat the case of the Nursing Officers on Departmental basis as they did for the military Medical Officers so that they could also be promoted Colonels?

Is it not funny to promote Colonels Tamakloe (VR) and Amantana (UER) as Deputy Matrons (Admin Nursing) and (Clinical Nursing) respectively?

Was the same thing not done for Colonel CK Agbeka at the Obs. and Gynae Department in the early days of the NDC as a reward?

Hmm, the evil that men do lives after them . . . . . .

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