Saturday, June 14, 2014

Dating Manners

Quite a large number of guys take for-granted the essence of having a good date or courting a lady right. It is their assumption that a gift today and another tomorrow must be clues enough for ladies to know their interest in them without formally asking them out. However, if  you keep on giving a lady gift without formally asking her to go out on a date or be in a relationship with you, she has every right to assume that all the gifts you have given her or are still giving are on normal friendship basis.

Also, quite a reasonable number too believe impressing a lady is all about showing off flashy cars, showering her with expensive items every now and then and also giving her millions of cedis for her up keep. From a feminine perspective please permit me to hint you on what exactly ladies want. And by this I speak on behalf of the generally good and homely ones i.e the marriage materials.

All women need to be impressed and virtuous women are no exception. However to impress such, you need not be as extravagant as you would the others. These are usually satisfied with the little you offer them but crowned with love and respect. Unlike the others, all they want and need is your honesty, respect and time. A little gift here, a listening ear there and a good company is all there is to making them really happy or content. Remember that threading the life of a virtuous woman must be done with extreme care and caution.

You cannot do just as you please because they've been well trained and are with good morals.
Naturally, if you are lucky enough to find someone like that in your life, your first date and every other time you spend with her must be done with maximum respect to both her and her family (no offense meant).
For example, you cannot stand in a junction and request her to come join you for an outing. Neither can you walk through her gate and ask her out just like that without the consent of her parents.

No! A woman of such caliber can only go out if permitted to by her family but I am sure you already know that. For this reason, you might want to read the steps below should you find yourself in love with such a woman.

  • First give her a call and inform her of your upcoming date. The call should be done at least 3 days to the said date. [The reason for this call is for her to be well prepared and also inform her family of your outing. Failure to do this might result in you meeting an empty home or a full home but without a date. I am sure you will want to save yourself such an embarrassment. 
  • Whenever you go pick a lady for a date, do well to present to her a small present before taking her out of her home. It must not necessarily be an expensive or huge gift for the gift is not as important as the idea behind it. It is to set the right mood for a good date. To show appreciation for accepting to go out with you. You can get her a flower, novel , pen, movie, ribbon, hairpin, chocolate, juice, biscuit, champagne e.t.c depending on what she loves.
  • If you are going by car, open the door for her to sit before you take your seat beside her or behind the wheel.Upon reaching your destination, open the door for her to walk through before you do.After, close the door and walk beside her not behind her.
  • Walk like a gentleman; do not "throw" your legs here and there by her side.
  • Pull back her chair and allow her to seat comfortably before taking your seat.
  • Before you place your order, ask her if she likes the place you have chosen for your date. Then order a soft drink or water before the meal
  • When given the menu, try not to rush her into deciding on what to eat. If the waiter is standing beside you do not pay any attention. Their duty is to wait on you and that is exactly what they will do. If possible you can politely dismiss him/her until you both have finally decided on what to eat.[ Please do not pressurize her to choose from the menu. I am certain you can afford whatever meal she orders that's the reason you chose that particular restaurant.
  • Before the meal is served try to choose a lively topic for discussion
  • Eat your meal as a real gentleman would. Trust me you wouldn't want her to feel embarrassed. [If you are really famished your first order either water or drink should go down well to fill you up, so take your time and eat]
  • Do not be in a haste to leave after the meal. Relax for a minimum of 10-15 minutes before you both take your leave. During this time you can ask her if she enjoyed the meal or would rather eat somewhere else on your next date.
  • You can get yourselves some dessert or a "take away" depending on your style
  • Do not force a kiss from her neither should you steal it.
  • Watch her safely enter her house before you leave.
All these should well inform you that before you go on a date you must be well prepared. If not, you can go on a casual date such as walking on a park.

N.B In some instances formal date is done only when the two are set on going steady in their relationship.

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