Tuesday, April 23, 2013


The image of Ghana’s Armed Forces, which previously had an international shine when it came to peace keeping missions around the world, is in tatters today owing to an act of buffoonery perpetrated by one top soldier currently heading a Ghana peace keeping contingent in the DR Congo. 

Enter Brigadier-General EMK Yeboah, a Sector Commander appointed by the Ghana Armed Forces for the noble duties of assisting other peace keeping nationals at his level to design strategies to bring an enduring peace to the crisis-hit nation. It has emerged that, rather than work to keep the peace and hold high the flag of Ghana among his peers at the Command Level on the turf, the Brigadier-General revealed the stuff he was made off when he ignored all sense of military finesse, diplomacy and protocol and punched to pulp a junior rank (name withheld).

It is not clear the cause of the physical attack on the junior, but reports reaching DAYBREAK indicates that it was “nasty.” 

The victim did not reply but attempted only to parry the punches as the uniformed-by-accident Brigadier-General sent out a flurry of punches. 

When he had gotten drunk himself from the brutish act, the General after hoping in vain that the punch-drunk soldier would regain consciousness, reluctantly caused him to be moved to a first level barracks medical treatment. 

Information reaching DAYBREAK from DR Congo and the diplomatic community including files from Abuja on the incident revealed that when that also failed, the victim was taken by the UN Mission to a second level modern medical facility on account of the gravity of his condition.

That failed to work either. As we do this piece, the venomous punches of the Brigadier-General who proved he has little piece himself to offer, has ultimately landed the victim in an expensive South African facility. Diplomatic sources in DR Congo confirmed that the victim was sent to “Level 3 in South Africa after UN doctors in DR Congo (level 2) could not take care of the soldier”

Back home in Ghana, at the Armed Forces Command HQ, the matter is being swept under the carpet. When DAYBREAK called the Public Relations Directorate for a comment, however, the Director, Colonel M’Bawine Atintande, declined a comment. “I will not comment on it,” he stated.

Brigadier-General EMK Yeboah’s conduct contravenes Section 25 of the Armed Forces Regulations on quarrels and disturbances. Offenders, according to the Code, face imprisonment, after court-martial proceedings – even if the incident involved provocative words or gestures.


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