Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Time running out for President Mahama on Mills’ death

“Man that is born of a woman is of few days and full of trouble. He cometh forth like a flower and is cut down; he fleeth also as a shadow and continueth not …… Who can bring a clean thing out of an unclean? (Job 14:1-3).

The late President played his part and left the scene like a bad actor. In fact, his name has been expunged from the Dictionary of the Nefarious Destructive Cancer like a bad actor who frets and frets upon the stage and then is heard no more. Contrary to the Akan tradition, a “Thank You” tour was embarked upon not by the family of the deceased but by President John Dramani Mahama, sole beneficiary of Mills death. Nobody embarks on such a ‘tour’ without being accompanied by family members and the spouse of the deceased. 
Again, if we were to go by the Akan tradition, there should have been a “Forty Days” ceremony of the Mills’ death. But for some reasons best known to the President and his cabal, the ceremony was left out. But why are they determined to do everything to obliterate everything about their ‘man’ from human memory? But why and where did the former President go wrong?

Many Ghanaians have come to such conclusion because President John Dramani Mahama, the sole beneficiary of his former boss’ death did not deem it expedient to accord his master the respect he deserved. After all, he John Mahama is now the lord of all that he surveys. He has both the cake and the knife and can slice off any portion he likes. After all, they had used the man and when they realized he had become excess luggage and an obstacle to their retaining power, they looked for other ways to get rid of him. But the most pathetic aspect of the whole “chukwuchukwu” show was that the life of the late President was never allowed to reach its natural span. Yes, by omission or commission, they “murdered” John Evans Atta Mills.

Nobody is ever going to tell me that the former President was never ‘murdered’. Every action and utterance of members of the cancerous contraption, including that of President Mahama points to the fact that they had a hand in the untimely demise of President Ata Mills. Late President Mills did not die a natural death. They “did him in”. Every member of the Executives of the Nefarious Destructive Cancer, from the highest papacy to the lowest clergyman cannot escape blame in the unnatural death of the ex-president. Some deliberately acted in certain ways in order to have alibis. But their sins will surely find them out. 

In fact, President Mills ought to have been arrested if Ghana was to be a country where the rule of law prevails. I stated it in one of my numerous articles touching on the health of the late president before the unfortunate incident that Vice President under George Bush Junior’s administration was questioned when he accidentally shot a colleague during a hunting expedition. The findings were made public. Our President, John Mahama, sole beneficiary of Mills death has been prevaricating on different accounts relating to the death of his former boss. Yes, President John Dramani Mahama has lied to Ghanaians and the international community. He is not a man of integrity. 

His so-called shedding of tears on the day he was sworn in could be described as crocodile tears. Is he not the same person who said it was the death of former President Mills that opened a door of opportunity for him to become President? How could tears shed by this opportunist be genuine? I am convinced beyond all reasonable doubts that the President is not innocent of the untimely demise of former President Mills.

On two different occasions, the President gave two different versions about the death of his predecessor. On the day he acted Brutus and gained the ultimate, the day he shed crocodile tears, he told the nation and the international community that he had met the late President on the morning of his untimely demise. The late President sent him and the Chief of Staff on an errand at the International Conference Centre and that on their return from the assignment, both the Chief of Staff and he (President John Mahama) had reported back to the late President of the successful completion of the assignment. 

Nobody asked him to tell that to the nation. He on his own volition did that. According to the sole beneficiary of Mills death, both the new President and the Chief of Staff went back to their respectful offices. It was from his office that he was called by the Chief of Staff and informed that the late President’s condition had turned worst. He gave the time of death as 2.15pm.

But in an interview with Shaka Sasli of VOA, the President sang a new tune. He said he noticed that the President did not come to his office on the day before he died. He found a note asking him to represent him and the Chief of Staff to represent him at a function holding at the International Conference Centre the following day.

Haruna Iddrissu too would not be undone in giving his own version of how the former President died. He said President John Mahama, the Chief of Staff, Henry Martey Newman and his humble self were detailed by the late President to represent him at a function holding at the Arts Centre. According to him they left the venue of the programme at 2.45pm, long after the time given by President John Mahama as time of death of the late President.

Dr Kwabena Adjei, Chairman of the Nefarious Destructive Cancer had stated emphatically that the late President had died in the morning of that Tuesday, contrary to what the beneficiary of the former President’s death had told the nation and the international community.

The contradictions in various accounts by the Principal actors are too many for our comfort. Why did President Mahama refuse to tell us that Haruna Iddrissu was part of the delegation which represented the late President at the function? And why did he change his statement about reporting back to the President after they had completed the assignment? What did he hope to gain by this blatant lie? What about the time of death? John Mahama told us his former boss died at 2.30pm. But Haruna Iddrissu said he, the Chief of Staff and the current President had left the venue of the assignment after 3.30pm. How do we reconcile these different versions as to time of death? 

Haruna Iddrissu has told us that the assignment had taken place at the Arts Council. But President John Mahama says the venue was the International Conference Centre. Who is telling the truth and who is the liar?
You see the inconsistencies in various accounts about the untimely demise of the late President. If it were to be any other country but NDC Ghana, President John Mahama would have found himself in the interrogation room of the Homicide squad of the Police.

Out of the blues, Brigadier General Paul K. Kpornyo, Commander of the 37 Military Hospital attempts to exculpate the presidency from blame just as the head of EOCO did at the peak of the controversy generated by the “chukwuchukwu” award of gargantuan GHC58 million to Wayome by the trio of Betty Mould Iddrissu, Kwabena Dufuor and Barton Oduro. Instead of helping the President to clear its image, it rather dragged its name into the mud.

What does the Commandant do? Nearly two months after the untimely demise of President Mills, the man concocts a story that the late President was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance but not in a 4x 4 as was being speculated and that there was communication between the Castle and the 37 Military Hospital before the late President was rushed there.

Then came the mother of all revelations. And what was it? That the late President was accompanied by two pediatricians in the ambulance to the 37 Military Hospital! Hey, wait a minute! What am I hearing? Are my ears deceiving me?  According to Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, the late President was receiving treatment for cancer, and the late President said he was suffering from sinus infection. And you send not one but two “children doctors” to treat him! For which ailment?  In this twentieth century? Not even in Don Diego de Azambuja’s time would such a drama have been enacted.

And this is the very reason while this case deserves public investigation. At best, the culprits including President John Dramani Mahama could be charged with manslaughter. The Homicide division of the Ghana Police should be invited to look into the case. The ECOWAS, The OAU and the UNO must be involved to fish out perpetrators of this heinous crime against God and humanity.

What was the motive in bringing in two paediatricians to treat the late President knowing very well that the former President was an adult, not a child? The two medical doctors should be arrested for accepting to do a job for which they are not qualified. Maybe, maybe, they prescribed some drugs which might have exacerbated the illness, leading to the untimely demise of the late president.

I have said it before and will repeat it today. President John Dramani Mahama stands accused in the untimely demise of his predecessor. He has a case to answer because he has not been candid and consistent in his statements about the death of his former boss. He has concealed certain vital information which could have helped to unravel the mystery surrounding the untimely demise of the former President. In short, the President has lied to the nation and the international community.

The NDC realized rather very late that the late President was excess baggage and so wanted a way to ‘do him in’. And so making him jog/trot at the airport before his departure to the United States and repeating same on his arrival was part of the agenda to “do him in”.  When that failed, they brought in the two paediatricians to administer “children’s medicine” on him. That exacerbated the illness which subsequently resulted in the untimely demise of the late President. That’s the only logical conclusion one could draw from the presence of the two paediatricians at the bedside of the late President.

The need for an autopsy into the mysterious death of the former President has become more relevant with the recent revelation by the Commandant of the 37 Military Hospital. After all, were they not the people who sore against Heaven and earth that the late President was as fit as a fiddle? And those to appear before the international probe must include the President John Dramani Mahama, all those on duty at the Castle during the last four days of President Mills’ life on earth. All those at the 37 Military Hospital on the day they late President was rushed to the 37 Military Hospital including the Commandant should be thoroughly be investigated. Others must include Iddrissu Haruna, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, and Dr Kwabena Adjei. The dispatch book of the so-called Ambulance which took the late President to the Hospital should also be made available to the probe. 

Anita de Souza must also be made to appear before the probe. She said the death of the late President at the time it happened was divine intervention for if it had happened at a different time it would have dimmed the chances of the NDC. Such an utterance depicts criminality on her part.

Let President John Dramani Mahama not think he can hide under the cloak of executive fiat to deny the masses an investigation into the mysterious and untimely demise of his predecessor. How long he can forestall a public investigation into the death of his predecessor is a matter of time. Time is running out for him. Already, rumours abound that he, President Mahama had buried a live cow at the Castle at the time the late President was receiving treatment in the United States. The earlier he comes out to debunk such an allegation at a public probe, the better it would be better for him. 

President John Dramani Mahama has through divine intervention which saw the demise of his predecessor and opened a door of opportunity for him to become President has the opportunity to portray himself as a man of integrity by ordering a probe into the death of his former boss. But he can like a drowning man struggle against all odds and tides by denying the people their quest for a public probe into the death of his predecessor because he is the President.

But judgement day awaits him and all those who might have contributed in one way or the other to the untimely demise of our late President. The only thing that can save the presidency and give it a semblance of respect is for President Mahama to listen to the voice of reason by acceding to the demands of the masses.
The Presidency must not think that it can use the power of incumbency to prevent what the masses are asking from happening. After all, the President, together with the NDC as well as the Electoral Commission is hell-bent on forcing the illegal creation of 45 new Constituencies on Ghanaians. Ghanaians are unanimous in their determination to bring perpetrators of such a “palace coup” to justice.

As it was in the beginning, so shall it be at the end. The President has a good opportunity of writing his name in gold by ordering a probe into the death of his predecessor.  And if John Mahama loved his predecessor, what better way to exhibit such love by ordering an immediate investigation into the sudden death of the man.  Such a probe will clear all doubts in the minds of people. Failure to do so will be an indication that the President and his people have something nasty things in their cup boards.

 They either do it now or wait for the propitious moment when the masses will march them all to the judgement seat. Yes, that’s exactly what will happen after the Great Tsunami has swept them off from power in December, 2012. Who then would save them?

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