Friday, November 5, 2010

James Agyenim - Boateng's Secret Text Message Exposed!!!

I published an unedited text message that I intercepted last Sunday!
Private and confidential
Yesterday’s meeting did not go the way prof wanted us to conduct these meetings. If der is a new face around, we must be notified. Konadu has jerry's network dat gathers gud intelligence. I don't trust some of these hungry cpp guys we r using to form this AFRO pressure group! i am tracing one of dem to someone around Konadu en dis is dangerous. if de priamary goal of dis group is to scatter Konadu's ambition as uncle ato wants indicated, we can't afford any scandalous leaks. de bempah en dela boys hv de media en jerry's commandos sniffing around for dem. we must double check none of de cpp guys we programmed has links with nduom coz npp will know. see yu at castle meeting morrow. watch yur back esp these stupid foot soldiers. james Agyenim - Boateng
Received: 17:19:27
31 - 10 - 2010
Source:Dela Coffie

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