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Mr. Kosivi Degbor {Deputy National Co-ordinator (Ops)}, Flt/Lt M. G. Tackie (rtd) {National Security Council Secretariat, Headquarters}, Lt. Col Ben Agudogo (rtd) {National Security Council Secretariat, Tema Detachment}, Capt. A. R. Cudjoe (rtd) { National Security Council Secretariat, Tema Detachment}, Robert Kwame {Customs, Excise and Preventive Service, Headquarters}, Kuudaamnune John Vianney { Customs, Excise and Preventive Service, Headquarters}, Mr. Seidu Iddrisu { Customs, Excise and Preventive Service, Headquarters}, Mr. Frank Ebo Brown { Meridian Port Service}, Mr. Kwesi Tamakloe {Stakeholder Observer} and Mercy Coleman {Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority}


Mr. Alex Segbefia- Deputy Chief of Staff, Castle Osu
Mr. Carl Wilson - Chairman, Confiscated Vehicles Committee

Opening Remarks

Opening the meeting at 3:00pm, the Chairman welcomed participants and noted the absence of some principal actors invited to the meeting. He however, was of the view that the meeting could proceed to discuss matters objectively and dispassionately in spite of their absence.

The Chairman also spoke of public disaffection with the conduct and activities of the Confiscated Vehicles Committee (CVC) and underlined the need to streamline procedures at the Port.


The Chairman set out the agenda for the meeting as follows:
1. Profile and mandate of the CVC
2. Confiscated vehicles and related matters
3. Relations between CVC, Security Agencies in the Port and the general public
4. Other matters


2.1 Image of Confiscated Vehicles Committee

The Tema Port Security Co-ordinator raised a number of concerns, notably, the failure of the CVC to follow laid down procedure and their poor human relations and attitudes towards the general public. Also mentioned were

*Undue delays occasioned by the CVC claims to contact FBI and other agencies to confirm the origin and status of some vehicles.

*Request by CVC for additional documents to prove ownership of vehicles

* Unnecessary stoppage and obstruction of vehicles duly processed and cleared by CEPS and National Security.

The Security Co-ordinator recommended the wearing of a jacket embossed with the NSC to distinguish its personnel from other operatives.

2.2 Arbitrary Acts of CVC at Golden Jubilee Terminal
The GPHA expressed worry about the CVC issuing orders totally inconsistent with shipping practice and regulations to the Port Authorities.

The Port Authority representative noted for example, the way the CVC orders the seizure and withholding of vehicle keys from their bona fide declarants or owners.

2.3 Confiscated Vehicle Law and Administration
The Deputy Commissioner (Ops) drew the attention of the meeting to the Law establishing the Confiscated Vehicles Committee i.e. ACT 634, 2002, Subsection III, adding that the CVC comprise persons drawn from the under listed offices.
*Office of Chief of Staff
*Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning
*Customs Excise and Preventive Service

Mr Kwame pointed out that the role of the CVC is very well established in law but the problem is how to execute its mandate.

2.4 Sales Procedure
Mr. Seidu Iddrisu, a member of the CVC, briefed the meeting on some aspects of the committees work and how it deals with vehicles within its jurisdiction.

*Interested applicants apply to COS, CEPS and Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning. Applications thus received are sent to the CVC for necessary action.

*CVC issues letter to sector Commander, Tema Harbour, to assist persons allocated vehicles to view their allocation.

*Confiscated vehicles earmarked for public disposal are disposed of on the following basis:

Office of chief of staff-60%
Ministry of Economic Planning -20%

2.4 Office Location And Secretariat
According to Mr. Seidu Iddrisu, CVC member, the Committee’s office is located in Accra at the former office of the Food and Drugs Board.

Membership of the committee is made up as follows:
Chairman: Mr. Carl Wilson, Office of COS
Member: Seidu Iddrisu- CEPS
Member: Emmanuel Fordjour, MFEP
Meetings of the Committee are held every Thursday.

Mr. Seidu, lamented that the CVC was not working in the manner it is expected to operate. Aside not sitting, allocations are being done single handed by the CHAIRMAN without the knowledge of other members and revealed that he had recently informed the Deputy Minister of Finance and Economic Planning of his intention to relinquish his membership of the committee.

He also expressed surprise that CVC has set up an office at the Tema Port adding that the office was unknown to committee and its and entire membership.

Other contributors called for the immediate removal of the CVC from the Car Park where they have set up an office which is posing security challenges to the park and its managers.

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