Monday, January 25, 2010

Re: Extortionist Cum Blackmailer!!!

I write in response to an opinion captioned “Ken Kuranchie: Extortionist Cum Blackmailer!!!” written by Biakoye Nana and published on Ghanaweb on Tuesday January 26, 2010.

But for the crude and un-journalistic manner the columnist tried to once more smear my boss and myself and the fact that your publication gave a very wide publicity to a hitherto obscure and discredited publication whose stock-in-trade is to fabricate stories and smear high ranking political figures, public office holders and colleagues of the inky family, I would have treated that opinion with the utter contempt and disdain it rightly deserved, by completely ignoring it.

I owed it a duty of the highest order to clear my good name and that of my boss whose reputation, integrity and sense of fair play the very caption of the opinion under discussion sought to impugn, by setting the records straight.

I, Prince Prah did not call the Deputy Chief of Staff let alone send a damning text to the effect of killing a story; the reporter in question who was following that story was Kwadwo Yeboah Breman.

“Unable to cow the man into submission, Ken and his operative, Prince Prah, pretend to be doing Alex a favour by killing a foolish story and ask the Deputy Chief of Staff to find “something small” for them to kill the foolish story”, a lie which can only be found in your wee and apio choked head.

In the text message in question, Mr. Breman had written, ‘the investigations team has decided to kill the story based on security implications ur house may have if we made known ur house to the public domain. Thank you sir’.

The author of the text message and story is currently on suspension and it tells you that Ken Kuranchie does not condone wrong doing like the man you follow and praise.

I am cheerful that Biakoye Nana whose identity is Kobby Fiagbe and his colleagues in the ruling government are frightened whenever I write a story in the Daily Searchlight or post an opinion here.

My boss never asked the said reporter to send the text message Biakoye is talking about. Ken was not aware and come to think of it why would he kill a story because issues that are very sensitive to the state have been published in his newspaper with the Military High Command pleading with him and myself to stop it.

Because of our motto, we do our work without fear or favour.

I have not written a single story about the parasites and the hypocrites in your government building mansions but the only story concerning a building that I have done is the allocation of Bungalow Number C2 to Madam Lordina Mahama.

Come to think of it Kobby Fiagbe does not measure up in status with my boss whose newspaper is doing well on the market and has gone colour compared to your eight paged political insults rag which is hardly seen on the market when it appears on the stands.

May be in your attempt to smear me, you hurriedly got a prostitute of a single parent Minister together with a drunkard paid agent host of a political programme of your government to come and say things which got them gate crushing.

Kobby, please do some diggings so that you can smear me and stop being cheap.

Whist you are busy scrutinizing the Buttocks of others, your Buttocks is widely opened that nothing can cover it.

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prince don't waste your time on kobby cos they are there to get my brother

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