Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hypocrites & Bedbugs

Given the ‘high and mighty’ noises of truthfulness that our current crop of leaders in government took when they were in opposition, one would have thought we would not hear a single rumour or fact of official abuse about them, once they are in political office.

Now, we know better. From all that we have seen so far, it is too clear that the hypocrites and parasites we have in office today are much, much worse in terms of standards than the set of people they so bitterly maligned in order to oust.

Soon after the NDC came to power, reports of rampant profligacy on the side of the new people in government was rife in the media and still it exists. They were buying cars, building houses, renovating old and existing bungalows, and generally spending money as if there is no tomorrow. These reports shocked me, in that we had all been led to believe that these people were saints and that they did not believe in ostentation.

We have never seen a more two-faced set of people in power than the people at the helm of affairs today, and believe me and that is saying something.

In fact, I think that John Evans Atta Mils and his crew are bigger hypocrites than Rawlings and his team ever was. At least Rawlings makes the effort to be seen as someone who cares for the people. He makes the effort to be seen as one of the downtrodden. The same cannot be said for Mills and his crew, and now, even diehard members of the NDC are beginning to realize this.

For instance, during last week’s youth congress, many youthful members of the party were deeply shocked by the display of ostentation, signified by numerous Ford Explorer vehicles, and envelopes full of wads of cash being displayed as if these people owned a mint with a license to print their own money. The NDC youth are beginning to wonder; where is all this money coming from?

I laugh when I hear some people trying to claim that our President is a humble man who deplores ostentation. Nothing could be further from the truth. Have you seen the way he dresses of late? Have you seen the big three-piece agbadas and the spiffy suits? Atta Mills loves his fine suits and clearly, he loves the good living.

Since he became President, he has not renounced the Ford Explorers and the Mercedes Benzes and the wonderful bungalows and the attractive secretaries, all of which are the signs of alleged ostentation that he found so repulsive when he was in opposition, but which he finds very, very attractive now that he is in power.

When he was in opposition, Atta Mills said that he would not allow state money to be used on himself, that he would not amass properties. It is now public knowledge that he is putting up a fine mansion, and that he is renovating his father’s old residence, all at they same time.

And he is not alone. Many of his appointees are grabbing properties. I can name many. I can name the likes of Eric Opoku, Deputy Brong Ahafo Regional Minister, who, soon after his party came to power, paid a huge sum of money for a piece of land at Sakumono and is now putting up a storey building, into which he has moved his family.

I can name Madam Ama Benyiwa Doe, who is putting up two storey buildings at the same time.

There is John Jinapor, Aide to the Vice President; Tony Adioo who could not complete his building at East Legon and left it at the foundation stage and has started construction suddenly and near completion.

Enter the gourmet of a Major General’s son called Koku Anyidohu and his wife Mercy who have bought a new home and enjoying life and going on with his immoral lifestyle…. I hope he does not rape anybody there ooooo!

I ask where these people are getting all the millions of cedis to be putting up all these luxurious and buying mansions within months after coming into office.

My answer is simple; they are robbing us blind. They are picking us clean.

Times have changed, and our friends in the government have clearly arrived in the money. Indeed, for the observant, it is clear that each and every one of them have changed. They are all putting on weight, and acquiring the latest of power clothing. Even John Evans Atta Mills has changed, compared to December 2008, when he looked like death warmed over. These days he looks fresher, healthier, and his clothes are better, unlike when he was in opposition, when he looked like a clothes hanger. If one takes away the padding in his clothes, he is also quite well dressed of late, and there is no doubt, the suits are expensive.

One hopes that he would not deteriorate to his randy and happy cigarette chomping old days when he fathered a child outside of the marriage bed, but need I say this, he has already started bonking one of his female ministers and am sorry for Naadu because she is weak and Atta wants fresh blood.

I am glad that his oft-claimed assertion of austerity is having so little effect on him personally and on his appointees generally. It is clear that they preached austerity, but it is also clear that in the midst of plenty, they are finding it very hard to remember the gospel of austerity.

Hypocrites and parasites in deed!


Linguai, said...

Prince , Good piece though, but a bit stupid. Well, i always knew chaffs like yourself who had never had a good education would put up verbal dusts on a widely patronised website like Ghanaweb. I would have loved to reply to your article word for word but would like to tell u that i would rather put my time to a good use. Mills is still the same he was when he was in opposition. He might put on a little bit of flesh but that is not to say he is spending Ghana's money. I believe u were like a drum stick when u were in School( that is if u ever went to a good one).I really like the point u tried pointing out some flaws of corruption on the part of his ministers. I am not the type that supports parties but would like to state that evidence would be very great just as Anas the journalist has been doing.
Lastly, is Mills bonking the smelly pussy of your mum? She is not as young as u seem to advice Naadu Mills.Please forgive me for being nasty, but u really piss me off when u make alegations unsubstantiated.You remember posting an article about Anas, please follow his footsteps and i bet u, u would be very successful. I am waiting for your reply my "learned fool"...

Anonymous said...

@Linguai:This Prince boy thinks he can take on everybody at anytime and you are apt with your description of him.

@Prince:You are a fool and your cup will be fuel soon

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