Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Fraud Called P.C. Appiah-Ofori

Sometimes, one despairs. It seems that because of personal ambition, there are people on the face of this earth who would do everything possible and conceivable to advance their own interests.

So there are experts and one in our society who would like the world to know that he is an expert in fighting corruption is the person am focusing on today.
Over the past few years, the very honourable Paul Collins Appiah-Ofori (my MP because my mum comes from Brakwa ) has been throwing his weight about all over the place, claiming that he is an apostle of anti-corruption.

Some say he was sponsored by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) through patronage, Appiah-Ofori was responsible for making himself out into a nuisance on all manner of issues, but the matter for which he is possibly going to go down into the record books, is his allegation that his colleague New Patriotic Party (NPP) members took five thousand dollar bribes to vote for the approval of the sale of seventy percent shares of GT to Vodafone.

Now, the conditions around which he made this claim are very interesting. Apparently, and according to him, he had heard on the grapevine, through Deputy Speaker Edward Doe Adjaho, who was then Deputy Minority Leader, that the NPP members took the bribes.

Upon hearing this rumors peddled by a leader with nothing better to do than to spend his time spreading scurrilous allegations, Appiah-Ofori quickly wrote a letter to then Chief of Staff, Kwadwo Mpiani demanding his share of the ‘loot’, and when he was denied because there were never any such payments, Appiah-Ofori went public with the accusations.

When he was confronted, he said that he had never said anything like that, but in another breathe, he has proof and that if he is challenged, he would bring out this so-called proof out.

My brothers and sisters, would any serious campaigner against corruption wait to be challenged before he brings out proof against corruption? No.
Again, he says the evidence will destroy his party and so he is keeping it close to his chest and I cite with Randy Abbey that if he has any evidence he should produce it and not think of his party because Ghana comes first.

Now, the members of the NDC are screaming to the high heavens because he has accused them of corruption.

According to him, Associate Professor John Evan Atta Mills is unfit to rule this nation because he told him that some of his ministers and people around him have gone to take bribes…again he Never presented any evidence.

Should Atta Mills just get up and call Ayariga, Koku or the Communications Minister and hand them over to the Police or the faceless Yaw Donkor’s BNI because PC Appiah -Ofori says so?

As we the Akyems would say, otwea! They (NDC) have created a monster called P.C. Appiah-Ofori, and now, they are going to have to deal with him!

I was not surprised when I saw a news item on myjoyonline with the caption “Ayariga schools PC Appiah Ofori on fighting corruption”.

Ha! But what can you expect of a man who says that his wife infected him with gonorrhea and lives with two married wives in one house?

These are some of the experts in our society and the claptrap they serve us sometimes!

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