Tuesday, October 20, 2009


A typical Ghanaian football fan is that person whose temperature rise the highest whenever the team he supports plays. You will find in his heart the emblem or badge of either Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool Manchester United, Barcelona, Real Madrid or even Manchester City tattooed deeply.

On a Matchday, everything in his life stops; or otherwise built around the 3pm kickoff that his team plays. The Church on a Sunday suffers if it dares extends into kickoff time;the prayers in the Mosque groans if any are sandwiched between a Live game yet he is the 1st to pray for his team's victory when opportuned.
He would rather skip a meal or two just to watch Chelsea play.

He dorns the Man U memorabilia up to his boxers. He wants to wear all Arsenal's 3 jerseys for every season...In his room the posters of Steven Gerrard has taken over the sacred place that his Religious piece hitherto were.

He blabs the loudest before kickoff; celeberates the most when his team wins...yet he is so meek and obscure whenever they lose.Like most in his category, he stumbled on Football because his space was crowded by zealots who bullied him into the unstructured football followership and in order to make it structured; they organize meetings like you have of Associations; they buy clothes and shoes to match and celebrate with huge fanfares similar of baby showers or house warmings.

He is that person that is very conclusive without antecedence; He looks more at face values to make judgements and he is quick to the hilt to defend his club to the point of death. The death though is not his...it is for his opponents whenever his team loses and he is very angered by that fact, hence he is willing to kill an opposing fan or two.

He believes the Black Stars has the right to win every match or competition without hardwork but prayers yet he is the first to condemn, discard or bin the team after just 1 match.
His wife and children have joined the bandwagon...afterall the more the merrier. And together they form a formidable team against their neighbour who dared support Barcelona.

Outrightly a case of 'if you can’t beat them...join them' therefore every social commentators devoid of football knowledge have also deemed it fit to delve into terrain they knew next to nothing about.

They write articles and even make predictions of outcomes of tournaments that is just 1 game old!!!. The average Ghanaian Football Fan could be suffering amidst so many socio-economic woes and together with the rise in blood pressure provided by matchday anxieties, he becomes a carrier bag for various forms of heart diseases that terminates young lives.

These fans listen only to information that concerns their teams positively but they are more in tune with negative information on their team's nearest rivals.
He knows better and has wrapped his football fanactism with extremism therefore subjecting his neighbourhood into torrential anti-social-behaviour.

Egos fledge and flare on matchdays...and after matches some consider temporary relocation or contemplate suicide instead of facing and admitting defeat of their teams. They are the Ghanaian Football fans...clearly visible @ viewing Centres near you.

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