Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Disaster Called Koku Anyidohu

There are some people who are upwardly mobile. They are constantly looking to better themselves and to taste what they think to be the next best thing.
On one level, this habit is good, because it fuels ambition. On another level, however, it is harmful, because the upwardly mobile crew sometimes has the tendency of living many victims behind. A member of our parliament has been reported to have dumped his wife and little child because he thinks that the woman is an illiterate unfit for his new status in life. My question is did he not know that she was illiterate when he was doing whatchamacallit with her, enjoying her by heart and birthing a child on her? But seriously, if this guy is a dead-beat Dad, then he should not be in parliament promulgating laws to guide and guard our families! In panic, President John Evans Ata Mills have ordered radical increases in the supply of premix fuel to our fishing communities. He intends to flood the market to finally bring an end to the lamentations from our fishermen. I can understand why he is panicking. His administration has messed up a major economic factor in our nation, and it is leaving in its wake major political repercussions, and so he is in a hurry to correct the situation before it gets out of hand! The question I ask is, why did we allow things to get so far out of hand that the fishermen had to threaten all kinds of mayhem before their concerns were addressed? It is because we have incompetent people in control, that’s why. And speaking of incompetent, I think that my foe Mr. Koku Anyidohu, who is the Communications Director of President John Evans Atta Mills, a post he created himself to win favour because Ayariga is far better than he is is the single most incompetent communicator in our country. He just does not cut the grade, and maybe it is instructive that Atta Mills keeps him in on in office as his Head of Communications. As the saying goes, show me your friend and I will show you your character. If this is the best that Atta Mills can find, then I wish him luck! There is another saying that birds of the same feathers flock together. So when you hear Anyidohu spouting off some of his inane threats on radio, do not be surprised that he works in a Presidency. The president is his friend, and they think alike. Recently, when I heard the protestations from President Atta Mills to the effect that his critics should be bold enough to criticize him and that he welcomes such criticism, I thought of sticking my finger into my nose and giving a loud, rude fig! That is because I knew for a fact that Atta Mills did not mean a word that he was saying. Indeed, I was contemplating writing a piece on my blog and in the paper I write for but one thing led to the other and I put the story aside. I knew that in time, the President would be exposed for the duplicity behind his words. But I hardly hoped that I would be proved right so quickly. Imagine my surprise when, one Monday afternoon, I heard President Mills’ Communications Director Anyidohu threatening on Asempa Fm to take off his shirt to duke it up with anybody who dared to criticize his boss. According to Anyidohu, critics of the president were not intelligent and if they continued in their current paths, he would descend into the gutters with them to slug it out. Fortunately, some of us so-called critics and I am think one, because am not happy with the many breaches of the constitution from law luminary since he became president. Mr. Anyidohu is still very much in the gutter. In fact, he has been in the gutter for a long time, which is why he has made it a habit to target some journalists in this country for abuse, with the consent of his boss, with whom he is waddling in the filth! I have said it before and no doubt, I would say it again. President Professor Atta Mills is a man whose heart is filled with bitterness and bile, but he is smart enough to control it and to give off the proper but hollow noises. Anyidohu is not as smart, and where he needs to stay calm and lucid, he prefers to go off on a tangent to spew his anger. Unfortunately, the full effect of his actions is that many people are coming to know him for the truly erratic character that he is. It is interesting that he is the best that the NDC can find to do their communications. It tells me a story. The sad aspect is that we have to live with this person for four years as a spokesperson for our presidency. It is sad, indeed!


Anonymous said...

you are big fool, you and your boss are in the gutter already.shame on you

Anonymous said...

you see this is a wonderful write-up and I hope Koku the gutter man reads this for himself.
what are you doing about Sammy and his pal popo.

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